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Really fun! I could see a whole longer game fleshed out around this idea.

Once it clicks, you really have to be clever with how you spend your time (or your "steps") to be as efficient as possible. And it's a cool feeling to be like "I'm going to do this to help my future self."

Great job!

Really cool game! Really original, I can't really think of any other game that has this kind of premise. Obviously if you had more time it'd be cool if there was a more extensive scoring system or way to "win" and proceed, but for what you had time to make this is really cool!

It makes me genuinely think hard about what my approach should be, where should I put fences, where should I place my character before they turn into werewolf, etc.

Love this! I love when RPGs do this kind of original streamlining, and this jam was such a perfect opportunity for that. Really cool idea that keeps you on the edge of your seat. And great art and music too!

Love this! One of my favorites. I love this execution of how to do a "1 dimensional" game by having the player draw out the path in a 2D world. Really smart. And the game is easy to understand and has great art/character design.

Really cool, would totally play a larger game with this mechanic. Good job!

Really fun! Great idea, great execution of the "one bullet" concept, love the feeling of the ricocheting and the magnetism/telekinesis. Good art and sound to boot.

My only nitpick is that the game feels really hard pretty early on, especially because of the sticky walls. But still, really cool game! Love it.

It took me a while to fully understand the concept, but I eventually did and this is fun! I love the idea of morphing into the enemy you shoot and having different intended targets. It makes you be a lot more careful about who you shoot. Really cool idea!

Cool idea! And great aesthetics. In the long-run it'd probably be fun with more dance moves and things you could have them do.  But it's nice to see something original that I don't feel like I've ever played anything like this before.

Really fun! I love that Crazy Tazi -esque gameplay, that dystopian setup, and very "oh geez i need to go faster" vibe. Also good punchline.

Fun! There's been so many fishing games / fishing minigames out there and I like how this one puts a whole new spin on how to catch rarer fish via skill and patience. Plus, great art!

Absolutely love this. Genius execution of this idea, the wall-running and shuriken add a lot to make "one jump" core idea so much fun. Feels like there are so many possibilities for levels here. Would love to play a full version of this, I had a super great time.

And the art and sound are great too!!

Loved this. I was hoping someone would make a deckbuilder with one card! And this was a great execution of that.

Really fun, would definitely play a game like this.

I got stuck around the first level of "Don't break your own rule" but I really like it! Would love to play a full version of this one, and there's so much potential for interesting levels and also cool art/humor stuff. 

And side note, I love the sound effects on the words! Adds a lot instead of having silence.

When the game releases, everyone who pre-ordered will get both an itch key and a Steam key!

Thank you!

Thank you! We are working hard on a full version that will be released on Steam. Hopefully we will have news on a release date later this year.

In the meantime, if you ever want another rhythm game to play, we released another game called A Dance of Fire and Ice:

I will send out an email to everyone asking for their name exactly how they want it to be spelled when we're a little closer to release! Thank you for checking in on that :D

We have another rhythm game! It's called A Dance of Fire and Ice:

And you'll see more levels of this one when we finish the full version of Rhythm Doctor! Thank you!

We don't have a date right now, but we are hoping before the end of 2019. We are currently developing the game simultaneously with updates for our other rhythm game, A Dance of Fire and Ice.  We will let everyone know when we have a release month in mind.

You can keep up with more detailed progress in the #game-updates channel of our Discord:

Thank you! We're currently working on the final, full version for Steam. You can add us to your Wishlist so you know when we're released:

We also released another rhythm game earlier this year:

Thank you! Yeah, the player-made levels have been incredibly interesting and fun, they've taken the game in new directions of gameplay and art that we never could've imagined or predicted. Can't wait for more people to try them.

Thank you so much! We're glad you like them!

Thank you so much! Saw your review, really appreciate it. Can't say I can promise TF2 style hats hahaha but I hope you'll be into custom hands/sleeves and Steam trading cards.

Feel free to make any avatars of the characters yourselves for free, all the character sprites are available on our Discord:

Fun! As it stands there's [obviously] some huge difficulty differences in some of the questions, but it's a cool concept and I would love to see this as like a bonus type of round in a trivia game. 

Also, nice writing and presentation! 

Really cool! I was just wondering a few weeks ago if anyone has made a pacifist tactics RPG. I think it's a great idea and would love to see more games like this in the future! Nice dialogue writing, cool choices of abilities, and good use of SRPG Studio.

Would love to see a game that combined the Escort and Defend styles of gameplay together. One of the bummers of FE-style games is sometimes you're just Ending your Turn over and over to quickly progress things if you're just walking forward or waiting around. Maybe another map type where you have to collect story-related items around the map, or pick locks, or something?

Overall really cool!

I agree with using the term "full-cross" or "screen-cross" in the instructions or tutorial!