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You Are community · Created a new topic Future ideas

Share ideas for which direction this demo could go. I quite liked this mechanic and I would love to grow the game together with everyone!

You Are community · Created a new topic General

General comments or feedback on the game. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you! We put a lot of work into those simple interactions and I'm really glad you like it. :)

Oh K1R1A, thank you so much for your encouraging words! We would absolutely love to build the game further and tell a lot more stories through the world of irori!

It's tricky cause we're juggling life and our passion, as most people do, and finding time to work on the game can be hard. But it's comments like yours that help motivate us through hard times, so thank you again!

Thank you for your kind words stivens! A mobile version might be possible. I think moving the mouse (L and R clicks) input over to a touch screen can be tricky though. I think we'll focus on making a really good PC game first!

Thank you ScribbleDemon! That's a very sweet comment. I'm so happy you love the demo. It's huge encouragement for us to build a full game out of it demo for you!

You have a great name! Is it really Irori? Thanks for playing!

Aw, thanks Crazy Banana! I'm happy you love the game. Don't worry at all about your comment, it's very sweet. :)

Thank you your play through! Seeing you play the demo is super helpful for us when it comes to building the full game. I hope you liked it :) 

Thanks for your input. We'll have to think about more as we build the game. Coming up with a unique name can be tricky!

Thank you! I'll let Jewell know, she's the art mastermind behind this whole thing.

Thanks for playing! :)

Aw, thank you! So glad you like it. We would love to make more. What did you like most about the demo?

He’s but a wee bird who has gone adventuring! Haha, your good deeds won’t be forgotten so don’t need to worry about payment. Thanks for playing!

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Hi there!

The @pome_pomelo team is super excited to be sharing the launch of our Irori demo with you!

Irori is a cosy, story-driven game about cooking food for weary travellers.

The demo is about 3-5 minutes long. We hope to hear your thoughts about the game and grow the game together with players.

I've been enjoying my time sharing my games on itch so far and I hope to be sharing more updates/games soon!

I love this idea! To be able to create your own gacha items and share your stories with other people. 

I’ll definitely think about this more. Can’t guarantee anything yet, but if we made this feature, would you prefer to choose from existing images or draw your own for the prizes?

I'm so glad you like our little game! :) Thanks for playing and way to go collecting most of them! Also thanks for pointing out the typo, must have flew under the radar while we were rushing to meet the game jam finish time.

Hey there, I'm not sure what you mean by "record gacha". Do you mean record gameplay of our game, Gacha?

Thanks for playing, I look forward to making more levels and fleshing out the game :)

I'll try to adjust the level to be more intuitive but still as satisfying to figure out after the jam. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'll make a note about adjusting the sound effects or providing players with a setting to turn it off. I'm keen to create more levels and deliver the original vision to you folks :)

That's awesome! I'm really happy you finished the game :) A couple of players seem to be getting stuck a different stages. I didn't have much time to playtest and balance for the jam but since you finished the puzzles I would love any feedback you might have about balancing the puzzles to make them more intuitive and satisfying. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I hope to do some balancing after the jam.

Thanks for your kind words! Might bring some of these games to B&P next time ;)

I'm thinking of doing a playthrough of the game once the jam is over so people can still experience the game if they get stuck. I'll try my best to balance the difficulty of the puzzles too! Thanks for playing!

Be my guest! I was first inspired by the first Super Mario Bros to do such a jump.

I liked the delays when switching between ball form and normal form, the moment of vulnerability makes for intense moments. I do feel like ball form is too powerful (being able to push enemies around and be invulnerable). Also the controls feel quite floaty, making it feel a bit unwieldy,  I think it would benefit with better use of gravity.

Good job for this jam, keep it up!

Cute game! Surprisingly intense in the moment just before lighting up the bonfire. That one match makes it intense.

Thanks for playing! I have a few more levels I'm really keen to implement so I'll definitely revisit this after the jam. I'm glad you liked the sound, I got it in on the 11th hour of the jam but I'm happy that I did!

Thank you! Jewell always makes sure to give the art that extra love 😊

Thank you! Ah, I hope it didn’t bug out. You should be able to get more pennies by clicking the button on the top right when you run out of pennies. 

Thanks for playing! We hope to keep making cosy games people love 😊

Thank you for your kind words!

Thank you so much for your kind words and please don't apologise for writing so much, reading your comment brought a huge smile to my face! We're SO happy that you enjoyed the game and got such an experience from it. We were hooked by how the randomness in gacha machines paralleled the randomness in life and the need to use coins for a gacha just worked well with the LD theme.

Also thank you for saying you would purchase it if we developed the game further. It's really encouraging to hear that as a creator and we hope to release games for everyone to enjoy soon!

It's our honour! Welcome to and I hope this will be the first of many amazing games! Thanks for playing :)

I'm glad you got the concept! The theme for the game jam was "Your life is currency", so that was our take on it. We're totally open to expanding and exploring the gacha mechanics. It might need to be a premium game to ensure it doesn't have intrusive gambling elements though. Would you be open to buying a game that explores un-intrusive gacha mechanics?

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback about the bugs/typos! Certain toys have more toys in its series to it will automatically unlock them and fill the tubs.

I'm so glad you like it! Jewell and I like making cosy games so we hope to make more in the future.

Thanks for playing!