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A travelling kitchen, a humble respite for travellers. 路 By pomepomelo, itsNemo, Jewell, zmcn

Share your experience playing! Sticky

A topic by zmcn created Apr 11, 2020 Views: 640 Replies: 19
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Hey there! If you'd like to share your experience playing irori, what you liked about it or what you would have improved, you're welcome to do it here.

I can't guarantee anything regarding irori's development, but reading all your comments and feedback helps me understand what you enjoy about cosy games like these, which I will bring with me to any game I work on for y'all. Thanks everybody for your support and playing our game. 馃槉


OH. MY. GOD... This game was FANTASTIC. I love the character and can't wait for the rest of the game. I love the cooking and It was really fun multi-tasking. Good luck!


Thanks for playing and your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo 馃槃


I would love a free-cook mode where you can cook anything and send people certain foods (sweet, juicy, etc.) and earn money for cosmetics. You should add new food and you have to order skewers and/or food. I will post here with more ideas as they come, if you don't mind.

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Yeah, this is exactly what I thought after I played the game. Maybe as you play you gain the ability to use different utensils, how you cook the food, and different foods you can use. The idea of you serving food on the train, and thus meeting many different types of people is great! Loved the atmosphere, and would love to see the background out the train windows change as you travel. 


I love this, and can't wait for more! I hope it is still free in the final version. One thing that I would suggest is making the instructions on the paper more clear. I was kind of confused at first.


cool game


but when the full realese going to come out

This game was really fun!

loved it. loved the clean mechanics and smooth gameplay. I would have added some ambient background music. Nothing to loud or mood changing but something that seems like it would be playing. Like on a radio for background music in the train but quietly. maybe jazz or something instrumental like that. I understand if it be too hard to implement this far into the development a new mechanic and how every thing is so perfectly spaced out it might mess it up. but you could have a small radio that the player can switch between a few "stations" that all play the music described or have the option to leave it off so that the original background noise is not lost. One other thing I think could be improved and I don't know if you were already planning to improve them or not was the character models. Just because the whole the feels so alive and warm and the model feels flat and cold to me. I'm not saying you need to make a 3D model but there are some thing to better integrate it into the environment. Firstly color can make a huge difference and by that I mean shadows and highlights, since everything else has nice highlights and lowlights adding that would make the character come to life and make it feel more like it belongs in the environment its in. Next, and this ones just an opinion, adding a little bit of subtle movement can really make it seem as if its really living or not. Because everyone moves, even when standing still, you move your chest, shoulders and lungs to breath. Its subtle yes, but every animated tv show or film adds that to their characters because it adds life to them. Sorry for rambling and sorry for making this sound like a intro to an augmentative essay. I really did love the game. I am also a creator, just not of games, I make art of varying types and I have felt the frustration of working on something and there was a peace missing and how brave you are to share something you made because that can be scary. 4/5 stars as I think you can do better.(p.s. I never really give 5 star much)

I do wish that this was longer.

this game is the beat out there I LOVE cooking games like this wow I wish you guys made more and a never-ending one as well keep up the hard work.


I LOVED it!Cooking in a cosy environment,talking with people and at the end getting a postcard was so sweet.It gave me warm feeling.I want to see full game T_T

This was really comfy and just what i needed to wind down.

I can't wait to see what's next. <3


El juego esta muy lindo, es muy adictivo, sigan asi <

Dude ! Imagine playing a game like that in VR ! I would love it !! You definitely nailed the design and the cozy ambiance part, here is my thoughts :

Maybe too much direct dialogues and not enough cooking ? I think the fact that a random stranger talk straight to you is a bit distracting from the relaxing gameplay. I think it would be beneficial to also have random characters arriving at the table and talking with each others (voice acted would be best), and sometimes they would also interact with you but not all the time. Your actions (serving them something) could trigger an interaction with you. I think this would mitigate the kind of "social pressure of talking", it would be a lot more relaxing (at least for me) to just be there in the background, ready to help passengers with their needs without being the center of attention.

Great job tho, I hope you continue this project !


Really cozy, straightfoward, relaxing game! I loved it! Took me about 6 minutes though

This is the best game I swear it deserves more attention 10/10!! LOVED IT

This was a fantastic game! I loved trying to balance making all of the three skewers at once, and I'd love to see more!