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This was great! Thank you so much.

I enjoyed this game very much, well done to the developers! I'm looking forward to the next chapters.

This was so much GOODNESS in the one game, I'm going to have to go and check out the back catalogue. I loved it, thank you so much.

This was beautiful. The sounds felt like they were going right through me. Wonderfully sad.

really cool game, thank you to all involved. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

hahaha I was not expecting this!

This was a delight to play! I've not played anything like it at all. Well done to all involved!

This was SO much fun! I loved it, well done Dino. I had such a wonderful time <3

I just played it myself and love it!

has this role been filled yet? I'd like to apply :)

Thank YOU! I voted for you as well, good luck <3

Absolutely gorgeous art, and the way the painting changes is glorious. I was a bit confused by the ending, I hope I understood it correctly :D A wonderful game, thank you so much.

This was such a sweet idea! I managed to successfully hide everyone with minutes to spare, and I loved the interactions between the guests. Thank you so much!

This game was absolutely amazing! It lived up to the theme 100% and I laughed my way through it. Thank you so much, absolutely well done!

You're the best! Thanks, Jamie! I'll try and see if I can put your game in my second Unexpected video 😀

Thank you, Jamie!

Can I please ask how to reset this game? I'd like to record it for my channel :)

I started off with the best of intentions, but I quickly got quite cranky with this petrified prince! He doesn't need to feel slime when he has angered me 😂

A very fun yet challenging game, and quite a good length too. The first chapter took me 30 minutes to get through, so there's a few hours of gameplay here!

Thank you 💖

I loved creating her!