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I'd also love to play more in a series of these games - this was great and an interesting mechanic for discovering the whole story :)

No problem... I absolutely understand time crunch - had the same problem with my school projects when I was there... better at Uni. though! Or maybe I was more organised?  \^('_')^/

Also missed the Gamma setting, oh well! :) - thanks again :)

Beautiful game but very dark (no brightness setting in the game and my machine couldn't go any brighter) which meant the underground levels were almost impossible... the section with black ground was fairly easy just because I'd done almost the same the rest of the time. It's a shame it is so short though (and also hard for keyboard users to know which eys to use!) ... more levels would have been nice  though as I was enjoying it so much :) - Wonderful game, keep up the good work :)

Wonderful memories engendered by this game - particularly the D.O.T.T. disc (though I don't think it ever came in that format? I only saw it on 3 1/2"!) - having said that this game reminds me more of M.I. though neither character resembles threepwood in any way! :D - Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the final result :)

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Quick comment - I'm not sure how much can be done about the first thing; the mouse feels very "floaty", like it is taking rather a lot to process it... you're not running a software mouse are you? (much worse performance on those). The other one si there doesn't seem to be a quit button...?

Otherwise pretty good despite the few tutorial elements so far.

This is a wonderful game... love it!

Erika 2 is also my fav :)

Ditto - to it all :)

Linux build - version 27 - updated and gave the following error:

An error occurred during installation while applying patch 0/2 (build 118311): while applying patch: bsdiff-add: expected to copy 990 bytes but copied 901

Discarded the download but got the same error again...

Glad to see you'e had time to complete 1.25 in English :)

Amazing game with a very nice, haunting story... though I did find what appears to be a bug:


On the third day if you go from the grocery store back to your home instead of the ramen shop to eat you can't leave your home (it's too late to go out), nor can you do anything in your home... or maybe  missed something?

The text background that explains the permanent traits on the character creation screen makes it very difficult to read them at small text sizes and if you have more than four the background behind the text background makes them impossible to read.

That was the link I was using, seems you found the problem though - thank you for fixing it so quickly :) (and I had already checked spam; I presume it will work now - if it doesn't I'll reply again though :) - thank you again :)

Good, but I missed half the text because I was looking around, or because the text appeared too close and half off the screen or mostly off the screen and didn't last long enough... I think I might have liked it even more but there we go; your background was just too inviting to look at! Maybe have the text wait until the viewer has it entirely in their filed of view (or is centered on it) before counting down to removing it?

I have clicked on the "Verify my account" button that is supposed to send me an email but the email never arrives in my inbox... did I do something wrong? is there a hold up atm? is it a feature in progress? what benefit is verifying my account if I haven't purchased anything?
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Okay... the missing games are ones that have changed status or name since I installed them and but the old version is no longer accessible from the launcher - it was before the "upgrade". They include:
one that has gone into Closed Beta but for which I was in the Open Beta,
three that were free downloads but you now have to pay for,
four that changed directory names though the game's name has remained the same (technically, change of caps to small letters),
one has been had its download removed from (possibly temporarily),

they don't show up in my library but I have the files and saves in my config directory and can run them from there (which is rather an inconvenience).

Update: It finally updated with my list of games... it just took a looong time! Apologies. It does appear to have lost one or two games I have installed from the list - possibly ones that have updated in between when opp version 23 and app version 25 came out? Or something like that?
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This has also just happened to me when I upgraded from app version 23 to app version 25 (on Linux - I had to uninstall and remove the old repository)... the new version still has all my games in the directory along with details about them but the file that contains the list of games I have is empty - none of my games were paid for but I don't want to have to download them all again :( - thaqt took a loooooong time :(

Steam requests support for Ubuntu 12.04 although a lot of developers tend to aim for Ubuntu 14.04 these days since 12.04 is a little old and there are some big differences between the two (though mostly for 64-bit but that's what most people use on Linux these days).

Any chance of a Linux version?

Any chance of a Linux version? :)

Am happy to test but I should note that I don't remember the last time I used a 32-bit (desktop) Linux system... it's to the point that 32-bit libraries are optional installs now and some haven't been updated in so long they aren't compatible with current systems anyway so even installing them doesn't help :( - 64-bit only for Linux if I were you (though feel free to do both if you'd like too...

Afraid it's not... I get a warning message then the next screen is a crash... do you want the error message? (I'm running Linux if that's relevant).

Failed to run on my system... failed to work - did you build the Linux version as 32-bit?!?

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Apparently built for love 0.9.2 - so no longer maintained?

Built for Love 0.9.0 - so apparently no longer maintained.

Any chance of this being built for Linux (64-bit)?

How do you start this with itch? I've got love2d installed but itch just can't find the executable...