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According to those plundered at least... those less affected thought differently... has to be said that they definitely seem to have left a violent mark on the Russians though.

You want to watch trying things like that... I had my old men die and then I only had one man and he seemed to be able to only produce daughters...even with different wives... end of my village... at least the beginning of the end.

And i didn't even intend to cause havoc!

I'm presuming that the dangerous animals on Paradise are all snakes... :P :D

Sounds like you've played too often and have beaten the simulation... now to upload you to the seedship and have you save humanity for real... godspeed and hope we didn't forget to put anything into the simulation... ;) :P :D

My very next run I got:

Native relations (Immigrants, rich hybrid culture): 1000

This despite the fact that I just found the natives running a brutal medieval theocracy, landed with no invite and despite them being fearful of me, proceeded to cause a massive upheaval of their civilisation pulling them into a corporate run information age and upstaged them by building rockets to mine their metal-rich moon for the resources their planet (poor) barely had. I feel like native relations would, in this world, be rather worse both due to history and due to humans place in the power structure of the resulting civilisation here... but maybe I'm drawing too much from human culture... :P

I should note that my score was better by just under four hundred points despite finding a worse planet (worse planet score) and damaged construction gear - both cases my science and culture databases were 100% - and ended with "Information Age Corporate Rule" rather than "Engaged Information Age Democracy"... I feel like I might be better paying more attention to the stories than the score... also might I ask if a more complete story of what happened can be recorded? The story saved with the scores only reflects the final result rather than the (in the case of the first post here) many paragraphs of story that came with my landing...

Them's definitely some long odds... my runs are all between 8K and 9.5K and they feel pretty good - I even got a Gaia planet once (on my worst luck seedship) - so I feel like your fortune was definite in your favour!

This is the score I got on my latest run for Native relations:

Native relations (Immigrants, Earth remembered): 0

This **seems** to take no account of the fact my seedship was in contact with the natives from centuries out and helped the natives with their planetwide chaotic situation decades before arrival and then that the natives welcomed and set aside space on their world for my humans despite them already being a planetwide (information age - by the time that I arrived) ) civilisation... it left me wondering how good things have to go to get a positive score for "Native relations"!!!

P.S. This is not to say that this isn't the most additive, amazing game that I've played in a long time!

An amazing little game and well worth looking at, it is a shame it is so short but then it is only a demo... with luck more will come in the future!

Have you had a chance to clean up the instructions?

My setup changed a little so I did a test run of the new setup doing the Empire State mini-model - it seemed to turn out okay for me, I'd be obliged if you could download it from github and test it for me! :)

I'm sorry about the above, I just got very frustrated not understanding why I was being battled to a standstill by so few units when I should have had overwhelming advantage, even scouting with calvary I didn't find almost any artilary (which I then tried to kill and died) and I just didn't understand how the numbers were working at all (the icons are also deceptive as they seem to refer to a time period when the balance between units was not the one that the game has).

Overall I had a bad experience and that was more down to expectations and lack of understanding than the game itself... it's a pity that I had been given those expectations by the game but there we go... game dev is what people are learning on itch so I should expect this sort of thing as standard.

I would respectfully disagree since the battles are based on RNG and RNGod has a special place in hell for me... one involving me being beaten 99 times in a hundred when the odds are in my favour 99 to 100.

Three battles in one turn: one enemy infantry with one infantry support and maybe an artillary support attacks and kills my one infantary with four infantary support and one artillary support, another enemy infantry attacks with one infantry support and kills my one infatary that has two infantary support and two artillary support, finally an enemy calavry with no support attacks one of my cavalry that is supported by two calvary and two artillary and destroys it. (I should note that all of these play out in open ground). My own attacks on one enemy infantry with no support by an infantryman with four infantry support and one artillary support (yes, the enemy was surrounded) died, not retreat but died (as with all the rest) and my calvary attack with the support of three infantry and two artillary against an enemy infantry (who had no support) led to my demise.

Really games need to admit up front that the stats are no worth anything because it is up to the RNSatan - to call this game tatical is to call Risk tactical... it's not, there is only strategy and if you, like me, suffer terrible RNG then forget it.

Call me superstitious if you like but my boardgame friends always pick a dice game at some point so that I can lose for once... weirdly card games are generally don't cause the same thing but that's probably because most include good strategies and tactics for most hands and RNSatan can't be too obvious...

So... good strategic game for the average player, but tactical is pushing it given at the start most battles are going to be a coin toss and later tactics have little to do with murdering thousands on the battlefield.

I note someone more recently said that they have cavalry infront of infantry infront of artillary... this might be good for defense as far as the numbers go but it doesn't work for attack unless you're flanking. And in reality, it was an attack formation and infantry was used for defense... so I feel like that kinda breaks the "intuitiveness" of the whole thing... but who needs realism in games, especially when RNG is a bigger factor than another else in the game!

I tried to assign more time to the idea - thew first thing in the tutorial - but nothing happened and it just kept moving the yellow idea bubble over the half used highlighted space in the timeline... this seems to be a bug?

There is a huge learning curve to learn which things to pick from the sale menu but also a huge amount of chance - one run I needed honey for every intermediate I was offered but was only offered honey once it was too late to save me from debt... there were no other choices so I was dead from the start *sigh*

Veeeeery short demo and I couldn't move the screen so just had to wait for the slimes to arrive. Also nothing happened when I killed the fourth one...

Otherwise a promising start...

Opera doesn't come with WebGL any more?

Looks nice :) - have been on a bit of an enforced hiatus myself... should have something new soon given the chance! :)

Installed fine :)

Thank you for taking the time to reply! :)

I can understand your motivations, I guess some workflows allow for earlier versions to function as demos for games and other workflows don't lend themselves so easily (and I guess game style also has some impact, maybe?) - but I'm not about to judge! If I knew the best workflow for programming games then I'd be a billionaire by now rather than hacking around with mods, content packs and scripts in my spare time! ;)

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I was using the app and it doesn't seem to play the browser games it in... maybe I need Flash? (which I definitely don't have).

Edit: just tried it again and the app has me install it; the error is:

"Unable to parse Build/WebBuild.framework.js.gz! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: gzip" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug."

Hmmm... doesn't look like Flash, maybe Javascript is being blocked somewhere?

I have a feeling it might be easier to import sets in the standard game than in the VR version... but maybe there are shortcuts you can use? Oh and Smart Cull is really useful if VR has it! :)

My first time merging a pull request in github into my own repository but it seemed to go alright! :) Thank you :)

As for header editing I just use notepad... I'm also new to! :D

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I'm confused by your apparent problems as I've just started playing this too and had no problems at all, the arrows switch between units you haven't seen before and it assumes that you don't want them to do anything if you skip past them... just like Civi|isation does it; as for the tutorial I followed it to the letter and had no problems at all (if anything it was a little too fast but maybe it was because my first city was  far from a lot of stuff it assumed was around *shrug* - I started a random large map so that's on me!

[Edit: Have you played the civi|isation computer games series before? I've as much experience with the board game as the computer game... I don't know how that changes things but the board game interface is... intricate ;) :P

Ohhh, I didn't think about the system for collecting and placing blocks being different... can you at least use both hands simultaneously?

I suppose it makes it much more like the real thing - though I imagine manipulating the blocks is harder than real life... though in real life I always enjoyed the harder and bigger sets so maybe I'm biased in that way! :D - I got a maximum of one set a year around New Years and was done in a day - I spent a lot more time redesigning the sets I had than I did following the instructions so maybe that's why I don't mind fixing up these ones with missing blocks! :P - definitely some ingenuity needed but sometimes I just have to call the set undoable (about half a dozen so far) or else have a gap (I try to keep them small or inconspicuous!) If it means removing more one one block due to something being missing then that's not good news for its chances :/

Anyway, having said that, there are two more new space themed ones I just added today, plus some updates and fixes (nothing major); I reckon they are medium sized (some two hundred or so bricks) - one is from Classic Space (late 70s) and one a special from Legoland (early 70s), probably the earliest space set made and only just after the first moon landings so not so surprising! :D - still waiting for them to return after the end of the Apollo programme... bet they didn't expect it would take this long after the first bunch *sigh* Anyway, test moon space station is going into orbit and the rest is well on its way to readiness so... *fingers crossed* we might even see some set designs be more accurate than we might imagine! :D ;)

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Comparing the demo to the images above suggests the demo is way out of date though that might be a good thing as the demo was pretty basic since the people had little more to do than collect resources (which they did more than enough of) since you as the Lord placed all the blocks... maybe an update of the demo is in order?

Edit: should have said though that the demo is quite good fun anyway, very relaxing and low pressure - enough that I majorly redesigned my village at least four times on my first playthrough and had only just finished the final update when the quests completed!

Great idea for a game, and great implementation of the concept, it just needs a few more levels now! ;)

P.S. I found the controls and vision a little obscured at the edges of the screen which was a shame... and maybe shadows would help give the player more depth perception?

Ce petit jeu c'est si chouette! :)

Merci beaucoup :D

J'aime tellement ce jeu! C'est tellement basse pression et amical - ne me demandez pas comment!

Vous êtes si doué pour les petits mini-jeux mignons! :)

Heh, I got only 42 so don't sweat it on the score! :D

Love the video, I play non-VR so it's nice to see how it looks in VR... making me think twice about some of the taller builds though... do you find taller builds (like the "Pet Shop") to be harder to handle in VR?

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I set up the github, I'll grant, but without your enthusiasm I'd probably be doing fewer sets and maybe, one day, someone else might be interested in helping maintain the collection or helping to refactor them, if necessary, if there is a new version of Bricksperience in the future - after all I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't enjoy sharing! :D

Anyway, if you're happy for me to contribute to your files I'll do so but I'll ask before doing so for fear that you have already got better versions! :) - as it is I'll do what I have so far in the next couple of days and you can prod them in case I broke them! ;)

I just uploaded a few new sets to github and I think that included 918... great minds think alike! :D - I'm sorry to have replicated the work though) but I would be happy to see your version to find out how you dealt with the missing bricks! The others I did were three from Lord of the Rings (I tried another two but there were just too many non-standard bricks, I'm not doing any more unless I desperately like them as they're rough to get working), and a couple more from Classic Space and Town :) - missing the moon crater baseboard though :(

Have fun :)

P.S.  I plan on doing more Town ones at the moment as I find doing buildings quite satisfying and I'll add an option on the huge greengrocer building if I may - but that'll be at least a week to do I'd guess. Maybe some more space ones if I find some with fewer missing blocks but I'll update you with those later :)

I'm sorry to write so profusely :/ but... a few quick questions re: the github files:

By what author/contributor name would you like to be refered... the one in the bricksperience files? Or the one here? (Or both?)

Is it okay if the github Shark file is  a fixed one I made for myself? ;) :P

Do you mind if I fix up the headers of the .ldr files?

Do you mind if I correct the set ids of two of your creations (this would mean changes to the bs files and names as well as the ldr file names)? (One id had a five missing off the end and the other was a typo of the last digit of eight instead of five!)  - I just happened to notice as I was looking up dates to correct some of my files and opened one of yours by accident and the search brought up the wrong set; after that I checked the rest, to be safe :)

I haven't submitted anything to github so I can either sumbit your original files and let you cheange them if you want to or else submit the changes myself or sumbit the fixed files directly... no-one ever need now about the mistakes ;) - this post has an edit button too :D :P

Oh, and I tried to get another three Space themed sets in, one has lots of missing bricks that can't be replaced, one has one piece that is core to the whole model that can't be replaced and the third has a bunch of blocks that can be replaced but it is taking time to get it all sorted! (We could really do with the space baseplate being added *sigh* but anyway... I should have one more to add soon though :)

Un jeu adorable! :D

(2 edits)

Just a quick add to note that there is a file on my github repo (see the user made sets thread) with an updated list of needed brick numbers, they are currently in number order but I'm intending to add how many sets I have LDRs for are missing each block so they can be prioritised! (Also I have found that there is indeed a block in Bricksperience with a print on it... but I'll let you off since it is a for a milk carton! ;) - Are you made of the White stuff? :D :D

[Edit: To save hunting for this the URL is:

With the file being called "missing_bricks.txt" - it is a little out of date compared to the sets already available from the github and they still don't have how many blocks are missing but it's a start! ;]

I absolutely agree with Renar, this is one fo the best Lego games I've played and I'm having great fun working out how to get lots of interesting sets into the game; check out the dedicated thread for a link to my github repo and leave a comment if you like them or find problems :D

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It is really cool to know I'm not the only one appreciated this slightly older software title as well as to share what I've come up with... though I'd have done them anyway... particularly the Cafe as I was wondering how hard it would be to do something like that as well as the sense of achievement from having completed it is amazing (at least the house one was... I've yet to complete the Cafe... too much time setting it up and so I ran out of time to actually play it! :P

I'm glad you like how I'm doing the dependencies; I've been trying to imagine how you would do it if you actually built the build and working from the ground up (though occasionally I have to work it down which is less intuitive, harder to see in the instructions and the actual build and can make thing complicated but at least maintains consistency! ;) - the Cafe has at least three different sections of this which caused me a few problems but I got there in the end, please tell me if you find anything less than smooth though I feel sure I've missed something!

Thank you for agreeing to add yours to the Github repo, I'll get them on when I have the chance! And you'll notice that in the Github some of the older ones have a few commits as I've had to fix the first five or so a few times having discovered new and better ways to do things... the most likely future changes will be better replacements for pieces that are missing from Bricksperience, so far I've either just deleted the block (if it looks okay to do so) or replaced it with an almost identical block (there are old and new versions of quite a few of the blocks but often Bricksperience only has one of them and the ldr has the wrong one) and the reason some of the simple Space sets (and others) are not done yet is they are waiting on me working out how to replace more critical blocks that I have yet to find a reasonable replacement for - often new blocks or ones that are quite specialist - hence the work on the Town sets that tend to use more basic blocks (other than minifigs!)

Oh, and it seems that I might be able to add some minifigs in as long as they are the standard one and are not sitting as there is a single set of each block in the system... need to test a few things a little more but maybe, we'll see :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the sets... I also liked the Lighthouse... coll little set :)

From the name I wasn't sure how the X-1 would be, some of the later space stuff can sometimes be a bit odd (I think), but it was a pretty nice build so I'm glad i did it... I'm going to try and find more of the same series to do but I'm having trouble with the space ones as there are so my that have the hose piece that is a pain to deal with a some of the smaller models lose some of their coolness if the pieces are missing, however, as you noted, I was also working on a huge set as well so that slowed me down... (and sorted out some of the ldr and bricksperience sets to double up on authors and themes (Bricksperience doesn't strip whitespace from the start and end of those field in the ldr files so some of the sets had extra spaces and some didn't! - Fixed now, and particularly useful since the lists of authors and themes doesn't scroll so only a certain number can be shown :/

I guess I should write up a bug list somewhere so at least people know what to avoid! (I guess the blacklist will come in useful if you want keep all the models in one place but use the author and theme filters! - though for now I've reduced the number of theme names I'm using by merging similar themes (despite this breaking with the Lego designations :( so City themed sets are marked as Town and Classic Space as Space and anything using someone else's intellectual property (e.g. Minecraft) as Dimensions since I think this was originally the idea of that Lego theme, no?)

Downloaded and installed and I can'T launch it due to some sort of compression bug... the message was very long but boiled down to compression maybe being turned on despite not having a compressed file?!?

(1 edit)

The shark has a couple of dependency oddities ... the forehead piece does not depend on the eyes already being in place (making the eyes impossible to insert if it were a physical object), the same with the hidden one by two flat white piece under the rear back of the shark (between the dorsal fin and the tail on top)... this piece is very difficult to select however since the side pieces are zigzagged there are little triangles of the flat white showing if you look upwards into the space (and also use orbit and smart cull - top-right buttons!)

I don't know if you used "Smart cull" to do these models but I highly recommend it as it was recommended by DasMatze and made a world of difference for me; though I will admit it can be confusing on larger models with lots of repetition in different orientations or models that require some working down from the initially built block, rather than the standard working up only (some of the older vehicles often, partially, work down, weirdly).

Other than that they look great and were really fun to do... not sure I agree with the turret's stand due to it forcing a slow start to building the model but I guess I've got a lot more perks now and it wouldn't be noticed by people just starting out! (I really recommend the inventory upgrades before you try the Pet Shop! ;)

Have fun :)

P.S. If you are okay with me putting your models onto the github (with attribution of course) do you happen to also have the ldr's they were made from?

Not at all fun, a vaguely interesting experience... I assume it means something to someone but nothing particularly enlightening to me, maybe I know to little? Or too much? *shrug*

Oh, and there is a speed-run hack that completes the game about twenty times faster... ironic for a explicitly patience requiring, slow game!

Thank you for confirming they worked for you, I have to admit you're the first person I've heard back from so far... there are one or two updates I have to make and the sets I've been working on are more Town ones as my daughter likes those but more Space ones are on the list (though, from what I can tell, they suffer from a smaller number of regularly used blocks not being included yet :/ - the biggest problem is the tubular connector though, I think, looks like I'll have to exclude that one from all the sets it's in (along with the backhoe "snake" connector) which is a shame but even has issues with it *shrug*

If you have any more sets I'd love to try them; I can add them to my github archive if you'd like though if you've got your own website I guess it doesn't make so much of a difference.

Share and enjoy ;)