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how come it finds you so fast how can we hide from it is there a way?


you welcom

sucks we can't play the other game I wanna see it

guys can you tell me if there are other endings please 

the game so cute I wonder if there are big cats like bosses you know that will be cool

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WHY... Do.. all the good games have to be on windows why not web sucks I'm not able to play this game 


I passed it :D

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this game is the best please make more or more EPS you know please pretty please. and is it possible to outrun him or it ok nevermind you can but he WILL be on your buttd

game lagy mouse sensitivity to high I can't do crap and my fps is too high 

love the game all about socks that go missing now I know where mines are 

this game is the beat out there I LOVE cooking games like this wow I wish you guys made more and a never-ending one as well keep up the hard work.

I do he's with vanoss and moo and the others he's funny i know them all 

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I throw away the guy who wanted 1000 fish in the water TIP: throw the guy who wants 1000 fish in throw water 

and I like the fact when you hover your mouse on the comments it shakes cool

the games ok its just when can we be crewmates

YO this shit is dope I love this game and love the guy who made this no homo

why is it in Spanish man the good games have to be Spanish

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I like how in the start it said ("BRUH") and I am stuck where it says hold shift and then hold space to bounce but it won't work and I can't move. nevermind I passed it and the moon talks? and when the game ended I said what was this game all about cookies I started to trip out on. the moon man this game love is maybe I can get my brother to stop eating cookies by telling him to play this game I'm sure he does not want a talking moon to eat him love the game keep up the good work 

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the game is so good but really hard to move but fun real fun my brothers are playing it non-stop I can't even get on my computer anymore but it's ok to love the game 

hey guys is the game suppose to close on me as a black screen because it happened to me and I don't know if the game is done or not

wow I didn't know that thanks

soo many rules man and u cant tell. if there is a bad ending are a good ending for me it seems to be none of those ending's

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yeah, I'm scared of the game now I didn't even pass it go ahead call me a pussy. you want but I'm brave it's just wow the breathing over my neck so... weird and I didn't get to see what the man said all I saw was three words. and the agent oh yeah I found a guy in the closet at least he's wearing green right... and it's a tiny bit to lagy for me but it's ok and THE MOMENT I SAW THE GUY IN THE CLOSET. I FUCKED UP so hard oh and can somebody tell me what that was on the floor next to the side of the bed I was thinking that was a scalp, oh it just got worse the agent guys. the face is on my screen ay at least he got a JAW Surgery to get it no... ok I know I'm talking too much but why does he look like PURPLE GUY you know and wow look at his forehead ok no more wasting your time. and can one of you get me a new computer? i... broke mines and if you're wondering how am I typing I can see off of my screen a little I really did punched the shit. out of my screen the second, I saw the red slob of meat look at me. I looked away for one second and I see this bich looking at me deformed bastard looking like the ugly guy tide up in a chair from the goonies man fieghipwhoiefioe I man ahhhhhh

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wow I got it wrong the first time then I got it right the second time can't fool my cats    loVe ThE gAmE keep up the good work                  oh and by the way you can cheat by holding your mouse over the cat and ice cream buttons

i... want... MORE of this game wonderful best funny game has ever seen this game have to be sent to some YouTubers promises they will laugh WOW this game best game ever seen on ICH.IO the game is soooooo cool they have to make more games like this you know like episodes oh keep it up man 

this damn cat got soooooooooooooooooooo FAT to the point where he ate the damn house like wow 

wow I thought the game was peaceful but the second i saw that thing I was shocked and just looked at it wow amazing

I got ladders in the underground level and I don't know what to do with them like I was thinking I should get up on the rooftop and use the ladders but I'm pretty sure that I cant go back and it is really dark I wish you can make the flashlight brighter that would help a lot anyway I'm stuck like them and I'm not sure what to do anymore  

I think that's the point of the game? 

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nevermind again let me play web games for a split second and I don't know why? somebody's going to have to fix this for other users like me. are I will be dead spartin like this guy on the pic I don't want to be playing other WACK games on another website   

thanks that made me feel a lot better

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I can't play it because this game browser doesn't support WebGL I need help, please or somebody that made this game please help me i can't even play the games anymore I going to have to find a new browser but I can find any I really need help :(

the boy siren head killing Juan the hores 

 don't get it?

what happens if you reject 

I can't do the train one but good game 

i love the gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

hahaha it was fun but not for girls