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I have a crappy computer and can't resize the window, so its stuck at rendering in full resolution and goes at 4FPS, please make window resizable

if you get stuck, you can press “R” to get unstuck - I used to get stuck in a ton of places so that’s exactly why I implemented that

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Sorry, forgot about that, I put the controls on the page now

needs to be updated for mac

When I run the


command on the executable in Mac, It says it is a 

Mach-O executable i386

Can you compile it for 64-bit?

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Please can you release for mac or web? It seems really fun but I don't have windows or linux

You can do that but all you really need to do is mark the executable as an executable. Navigate to the executable withing a file bundle ( and then run chmod +x on the executable. This is for the more coder-type so for simplicity you can also just download the itch app.

Out Of This World!

This gameplay is out of this world. Literally.
I managed to fall off of the world

Yes, I have  64-bit MAC.

This doesn't work on my laptop - I need to ask the developer to have it updated.

There are a few bugs and things I would recommend.

The main thing is the rendering quality - why is everything so blurry? I am sure that performance is not a reason for this low rendering quality.

One bug I have found is that collisions are missing some places. For example you can walk through the person and the shelves of skis in the ski rental area.

Very fun! One thing that would be really cool would be a fast forward button, because the start is kind of boring.

I love this, and can't wait for more! I hope it is still free in the final version. One thing that I would suggest is making the instructions on the paper more clear. I was kind of confused at first.