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U-235 Cereal

A member registered Aug 29, 2022

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Level 18 is so annoying i don’t like how the jump out of the orange button is so annoying i basically can’t beat the level

yes they're all based on real concepts and science thingies if you click on their titles in the pause menu or on the experiments page it sends you to their wikipedia page

ok the main character caught me off guard

the ending was pretty cool

please add part 2

i thought it said no jumpscares

why this unlisted from itch

this is one of humanity's greatest creations

this is a pretty cute game  and I love the art style


funky game i like it

You can use a building without placing it


That is cool

Report it

Ok that’s cool


there is no gun obviously that was an april fools feature

1. don't use testing or experiment mode

2. get all required "undefineds"

3. beat final boss and enter next "level"

why can i not hold axe I literally just started, also the game keeps giving the wrong hair

how do I deconstruct

this game 10/10 in everything

what are the little portal looking things

nice that this one actually tells you how moving works

we need Santa Claus costume junk tech

simple game but really cool

what determines my velocity


nice game and it was balanced

you already need to type in your email to sign up anyways

we need a password reset feature

the sign in table

what is the Qa mean in that image i have 237.3 S

(1 edit)

i have no idea how to remove the earth from existence in this game

it gives you atoms

different dialogues

or worse things to get bad end.

please do not swear.

i have created a waffle tower that reaches the heavens

i have finally beaten that weird eyeball protogent guy