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U-235 Cereal

A member registered 94 days ago

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what determines my velocity


nice game and it was balanced

you already need to type in your email to sign up anyways

we need a password reset feature

the sign in table

what is the Qa mean in that image i have 237.3 S

(1 edit)

i have no idea how to remove the earth from existence in this game

it gives you atoms

different dialogues

or worse things to get bad end.

please do not swear.

i have created a waffle tower that reaches the heavens

i have finally beaten that weird eyeball protogent guy

i have secret now :D

tradition is a not very hard achievement.

you could run in circle around him

disable pixel filter worked for me

a little not scary in my eyes

go see it on github.

this game is awesome but i need password reset feature because it is annoying that i can't sign in anymore because i forgor password 💀💀💀

the text for the number challenge is actually impossible to read. game unplayable.

but it was fast stick


I have 3 duck and rat.

i am not chinese but i scored 489

very well made game, however saw runs out a little too fast.

I basically have secret now.

please make sell 10, 100, 1000 and sell max

now I have 11 trillion moneys in game and probably will earn way more.

do we get to manually throw orbs using the mouse or just create a little shockwave to bounce them in the third one?

Congratulations! great job!

frame dragging= superhot

I have level 700 now.

+ 3 social credit

congratulations! I bet you have it now.

help I have 4.5 trillion cash now in game.

I am at around level 350 rn.

I already know what the secret is but I will try to not spoil it.

nvm it works now.