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This game is quite fun! I love the randomness of it and exploring the area. The battle is quite simple and I don't know if there are other ways of attacking other than waiting but it suits the world of the game. I have to admit that I did not read what I could do in this game before playing it so I was clueless on how to use the energy and healing items and practically did a run without them. It was still enjoyable tho and would like to play it again when I have free time to explore new random areas! Love it :D

This game is insanely wholesome. It also is quite educational where it made me put myself into the shoes of a hedgehog and the troubles they have to go through daily. I loved how this game shows acts of kindness from the humans as they build items to aid the hedgehogs. Really wholesome and the hedgehog is really adorable

This is a really fun hyper casual game. It was really fun breaking almost everything in sight and running away from the massive line of teachers. I also like how there are items scattered around the school that increases damage and even get milk for breaking stuff(although im not sure what it does but milk is always a good thing). In one of my runs however I found the key really early on but it was from a tree so the key was stuck above ground and I couldn't grab it. Really fun game overall and also funny for some reason haha. (love the music too)

This demo is really polished. I don't think I have noticed any bugs or glitches in the game. This game overall is really fun. I like the real time battle kind of gameplay and the amount of branching upgrade paths I can take. The game's graphics is really good too! It was a very enjoyable experience and I can't wait for the full release! I hope development is going well!

This game is really funny in a sense that I can decide what is naughty or nice. Like I could make someone who spends time with their family naughty and someone who doesn't like Christmas a nice. Truly a game that causes chaos. I like it. Also I realised that this game is 5 years old but it still plays well and is a fun casual game which is really neat. I'll probably play this game every Christmas to simulate a chaotic Santa lol.

This game is actually a really neat developer/ programmer simulator and actually teaches about the different programming languages through the quizzes. I only just started learning c# in the last quarter of 2021 and this game actually gives me insight on the different languages more. The story is engaging and it was quite educational for me. Thank you for making this game!

This game is insanely fun. I have been very interested in rouge-like card games so I've been playing games like darkest dungeon, slay the spire or inscryption. This game is one of the best. I like the aesthetics of the game and the combat is quite simple to understand. The randomness doesn't feel punishing but rewarding actually. I love that there is 2 phases one being the battle and the exploring. It is unique on it's own and actually got me playing many times. Loved it and hope you continue making more games as fun or even more fun than this :D!

This game is really adorable. From the art style of the game to the cheerful music. I like the interaction with the characters in the small community. For 3 days this was a treat. Really adorable and actually somehow fits with the holiday season. The ending frame is also really wholesome and I absolutely love it. Thank you for making this :D

I am pretty sure this is the 1.2 as I managed to beat the wolf much more easily than when I did on the original. It just seems that the final boss might be more challenging. I could try a save file from scratch and see if it that might change anything.

Hey! I managed to complete all available quests and managed to reach the final boss. I have spent almost more than 3 - 4 hours on this boss and I feel that it is pretty unbeatable. I managed to defeat all the clouds except the blue and indigo and reaching out to them. For some reason when the blue orb was defogged after I defeated it once, it feels immortal. I did almost 4 or 5 double strikes and they deal 60 - 80 dmg per hit and I had good rng where it strikes 4 times consistently. However the blue orb doesn't seem to die at all. I'm not sue if the gimmick of this boss is to kill it traditionally (meaning attack it till it reaches 0 hp) or I have to reach out to all the orbs. The last try I did took me 53 minutes without dying and that's too long for a boss fight although I did not defeat it in the end. Hope you can change the game up so that the boss fight can be done in a reasonable amount of time!

Thank you for helping me with the glitch! It works fine now. Thank you so much. I am quite stuck (no glitches or anything). I have no idea on how to make Love and Poison potions and I can't find any NPCs that give me hints. I hope you can drop a tiny hint on how to make them :D

here is a video showcasing the glitch

I've been playing this game for almost 2 hours now and I think I've found a game breaking glitch. When I talk to the owl in the tent, it goes as usual and teaches me something. However it suddenly prompts another dialogue and I'm stuck in the tent. Stuck as in all the controls do not work. I'm unsure if this is because I carried my save file over from the original to 1.2 but I hope it can be fixed!

I just want to say I love your game. I like how the bosses are challenging but manageable and the gameplay is really polished and fast-paced. I like the mobility of the game where there is no stamina bar to limit the amount of times I can dash so it keeps the momentum going. The music is amazing. In the boss fights it really feels like my life is on the line with the orchestral background and the intense trumpets and bass. Loved it really adds a lot to the atmosphere. I also love the build up to the dr jekkyl mr hyde kind of optional boss and the boss fights have very cool gimmicks and are very fun. The jokes were quite funny too so this is a plus in my book. This has been an amazing experience and really can't wait for more.  I love this game overall and hope I will be able to play the full release soon!

This game is super interesting. I always love roguelike games due to the chance elements combining with skill. This game manages to do it quite well if the amount of branching choices and the wide map to explore. It gives the player quite a number of options on how to get to the end which means there is a lot of replayability here. I have never played Pachinko before but implementing the game mechanic as the battle system is an ingenious idea. The use of the different kind of orbs like the rock and the dagger having different properties made it fun and I enjoyed finding ways to maximise my damage output. Love this demo for the amount of time I have played and I can't wait to play the full release! 

This game was insanely cute. Not a huge dating-sim guy but this came of more as wholesome than cheesy. I love the puns and the dialogue between the fishes and items. The design or visuals of the game was minimalistic and actually enhances the simple and wholesome interactions of the game. It was fun catching fishes and seeing what their interactions will be with the frog! Enjoyed it thoroughly but I'm not sure if there is an end to this game. I think I caught all the fish I could so an end screen with all the fishes or items we caught together with the frog would be super wholesome. Loved it and its a wholesome/10

This game was really interesting. I have a feeling that this game is about the main character dealing with loss and goes through an unnatural lucid dream. If that is the overall summary of this game's story I am pretty down for it. The gameplay is simple so the story would play a major role. So far I loved it and the full game is released soon!

Marinette community · Created a new topic Demo Thoughts

This demo is amazing. It felt like the first chapter of the game and it is packed! I loved the ambience and how unsettling everything feels. I'm not the type to get scared easily but this game really gives me the shivers when playing it. The execution and the build up to the scares were perfect and I'm glad there were no cheap jump scares at all! I love the characters and how i feel I couldn't trust any of the dolls (except benny he a good boy) Sadly i did not manage to get the secret key as I was o busy surviving hahahah. Loved this game and hope development for the full release comes true!!

This game was dumb that it was so enjoyable to play. I have never played the prequel Mr. Krabs Tax Evasion but I bet it too has the crazy over the top plot and gameplay as this one. I enjoyed it and yes the anime boobs bump up this games score to 100/10. Masterpiece in every aspect.

I really love this game! The puzzles were quite manageable and the characters were really interesting! I have heard of touhou but never about what it is and if this is a fraction of it, maybe I'll have a look at it next time! Loved this overall and hope you continue making more games!

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This demo is really amazing. The moment the game started, I already new this was something special. The art and the music that accompanied it really gave me Hades vibes and it really fits this game. I love how this is a tactical rpg with a randomness aspect.  The gameplay feels really great and it actually is really fun finding new ways to finish the mission and approaches to enemies. I also really like how the dice physics comes into play as I once got a dice that was stuck in the middle of two sides and it counts both of them which was the coolest thing! I only completed the tutorial and the first 2 missions but would really like to continue the others too! If I had a suggestion, maybe you could add gold as a reward which can be used at a shop to upgrade cards to higher tiers? It was just something I thought would be neat! For a team of 3 people this is really magnificent. I actually really can' wait for the full release and hope development is going well :D!

This game was amazing. I managed to get all the endings and I loved every single one of them! The characters were interesting and I like how the little bits and pieces of lore were scattered and can be found instead of a direct story. Loved this game and hope you continue making more games like this!

This game was really interesting. I'm quite intrigued by the overall story because it doesn't feel direct at all. I think this is up to interpretation and I'm still trying to put the puzzles together. It was an interesting experience and hope you make more games!

I love this demo. I love the design, the characters and their interactions. I thought it would be like Undertale but it actually had it's own entity although I can see the similarities. I also love how self-aware the characters and the story are. The gameplay is absolutely fantastic. I love how instead of a battle system it is actually minigames that are SUPER FUN. They aren't a chore and I love playing them. This game also has alot of hidden stuff that never ceases to surprise me! This is currently my favourite demo and actualy can't wait to play the full game! Hope development is going well :D!

This game was amazing! I really love the characters and the plot. It was simple but very interesting. You also went out of your way to provide voice acting for the endings and the intro which was really cool! The combat although simple was enhanced as the game progressed which was a really nice touch and the final boss fight was also quite fun! The true ending seems like its pointing to a sequel of some kind and would actually like to see it! Loved this game and hope you continue making more games like this :D!

This game was actually pretty fun. I like the variety of choices given to the current situation and the rng. I managed to unlock all the idols and its an overall fun game! I rate this a classic/10

This game is insane! I really like the non-linear aspect of meeting new people and doing quests for them and getting some story or plot along the way! Eve though i recorded almost a tiny fraction of the overall game, I really would like to go back to it and explore this massive world you created! I hope you continue making games like this because this is really fun! 

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This demo was pretty short! The plot was also really interesting and can't wait to see another demo or the full game to see it being fleshed out. Hope Development is going well!


This game was the best. I loved the setting, the characters, the way they interact and the gameplay. This is actually the first time I've played a game based on word play in a long time. Also made me realise how I don't know some words lol. It was very enjoyable and I don't know if there are multiple endings based on the choice of dealing damage or not. Loved this game overall and hope you continue making games! 

This game is very fun! I replayed the demo a total of two times to see if the game can be played differently and it did! I first got Pluxa as a starter and then the yeti. This game's design is very amazing and also really cute. I like the battle system of only the keeper and one phantom and being able to strategise based on the playstyle. However one problem I have with it is that the minigames, when doing an attack, don't actually affect how much damage or hit chance it has. Not sure if it is a glitch or a bug but I hope it can be solved or fixed! Love the demo and am really looking forward to the full release :D!

This game was really interesting. The setting was pretty dark and the characters were all unique. I really like Ziva and understand her reason for not being fond of the sword. Rok and Dimas's conflicting reasons for having the sword was also interesting and really put me into a dilemma on choosing who to give the sword to. The gameplay complemented the story by being a tactics rpg genre. Enjoyed this game and hope you continue making more!

This game was amazing! It was enjoyable coming up with different plays and collecting more cards to make more plays. It is kind of difficult finding cards but it is the challenge the game presents. I also like the minigame of dodging the stuff thrown at Orange and Blue. Love this game and can't wait to complete the cards!

This game was really cool! The mechanic of shifting between 2 planes of existence was fascinating. I like how its basically a teleporting ability but with extra steps. The challenges in this game was quite manageable. However, is there an end game? I gave the soul fish to the chef and now there isn't anything more I can do. Another feedback I'd like to give is that music would be a relatively great addition to this game. It felt a little dull without any music. I enjoyed it and hope you continue making more games!

This game was really interesting! Very simple, short but was very enjoyable. I also like the aesthetic of the game. The combat loop was easy to understand but I feel that the exploration was the main part of the game. It was very fun going through the maze to get the item. I actually am not sure if I finished the game extra fast like a speedrun or it is actually the extent of the game. A feedback I would like to give is that you should try add music to your game. The lack of music made this game feel quite empty and dull. The music doesn't need to be long or orchestral, it just needs to be catchy and can be looped. I hope you take my feedback into consideration! Hope you continue making more games!

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I really like this game! I like how this game provides the choice in the end that has no choice at all. However, what impacts the game is the relationship with the creature "blurp". It's so cute and adorable to say its ugly. I always tried to avoid calling it ugly but had to do it to get the endings :| I find this game super fascinating and hope you continue making more!

I really enjoy this game! It had the suspenseful atmosphere and the feeling that something has to definitely be in the corner. It did make me jump once when I had to look behind! Really good stuff and since this is just a demo, I can't wait to see a full release or more games from you!

I really enjoyed this game! I've never played Cemetery Mary before but maybe as a spin-off or a stand alone game, it is amazing. I love the characters and even Sunny although I could tell the twist before it was revealed. I do wish a bit more music can be used to enhance the spoopiness at the cemetery as almost half or a bit more of this game felt very silent. Loved this game and hope you continue making more!

This game is really cute. I love the characters and how the story progression goes. The fetch quests actually don't feel like fetch quests as it feels like there is a cause and effect happening. I love this game and I hope you continue making more!