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Although I did not finish the game, I really enjoyed the multiple playthroughs I had to reach where I'm at! It took me a while but I'm glad to say I have finally reached round 5 once.

I enjoyed finding synergies between different cards and how I can mix and match them in the placement. Still trying to find a strategy to win the game but I really enjoy the buildings deck I made! Had a blast and I am going to continue to try and find a way to win!

This game is super fun and I managed to find a combo that dealt quite a significant amount of damage! However I don't actually know how it worked so unfortunately when the damage went back to double digits I couldn't figure out why. Really cool and addictive game!

This demo was really great! I enjoyed the characters and the different dialogue choices offered to the player! The gunplay although simple was really engaging and effective. It reminds me of Duck Hunt but without the lightgun. I can't wait to see what other encounters will be like!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game! The tense build up of the first 3 days was pretty well done! I also like how the clues start to unravel each day and find out what has been actually going on the entire time. Would like to see what is at the top of the stairs

This is really cool! I can see the inspiration from hollow knight and the art style is really nice! The only gripe I have would be the same as everyone which is the boss. It's kind of hard to find an opening or when to strike without losing health. However since this has been addressed before, I just want to say keep up with the development! Can't wait to see new things in a future demo!

This game is very pretty! I really like the art style and the designs for the characters and enemies. The mechanic too was really interesting! The demo really showcases the mechanics quite well and would love to see more puzzles utilising the mechanic more in the future!

Wow everything looks much better than the version I played! I can't wait to try it out soon

I really love the style of the game and the animation is so smooth! I would love a new spin on the punch out genre but  I enjoyed this game and can't wait to see what combat puzzles will there be in the full game!

I just came across this game and it caught my eye! I really love the 2d art style and the characters are quite lovable and fun! I like how simple the story is and connecting it to the gameplay was really smart. I do love the combat with the variety of weapons that each have different status and stats. You can also weapon cancel and skill cancel in the game! I really enjoyed the demo and am really hopeful for the development to go smoothly till release!

This game is really fun! I like how arcadey it is moving from one point to another and just levelling up is really satisfying! I really don't know what the upgrades do but I just went with the flow. Loved it and really addictive!

This is a pretty fun high octane game! I like how the core combat mechanic of kicking is really fun! Just running and jumping into kick is satisfying and i'm glad that it doesn't take more than 1 hit to kill an enemy and keeps the momentum going. It's just a me problem but I did get a little motion sickness playing all the levels in one sitting but nonetheless really enjoyable! Can't wait to see the full version on steam!

Ah.. I did not think of it that way because on my first play through I always paid the taxes but then still lost wat wave 5 and tried seeing if not paying taxes would be more worth it!

Thanks for the tips and I'll try again and see if I can get futher!

This is a pretty well made game for a game jam! It is very fun and enjoyed the gameplay. However, the most jarring problem would be the difficulty! I could mostly reach wave 5. its very hard to get the upgrades to survive when i have to think on using my money to pay taxes too! It is fun but I do agree that a rework of the difficulty curve could make this game more fun!


This game is interesting and could be even more fun with a bit more polish! I like how simple it is just going down the slopes and avoiding obstacles! However maybe you could add more to the game to make it much more engaging! You could do a mario kart style power ups around the map. You could also make it so that it is like a high score game where you gain score for how many flips and dips you do in the air! Overall very nice concept and would like to see the whole game!

This game is very fun! I enjoyed going through the levels and getting rewarded with money to buy more upgrades! I do like the enemy variety and some gimmicks like those with helmets are able to withstand a headshot. However since this is a demo, it has weird jank. One would be the hitbox of the headshots. Sometimes hitting a headshot does not really give you a headshot even though the bullets are hitting the head.  Overall enjoyed the demo and would like to see how the full version would turn out!

I had quite a fun time with this QTE game. It's very simple but short and sweet at the same time! Loved the overall art style and how arcadey it feels!

This game is pretty cool! I like the concept of whatever kills you makes you stronger and it definitely shows in this game. However, the mechanic itself was a little confusing. I am not sure what counts as permanent devouring. All I did was spam the biteback button until it gave me permanent stat boosts. Loved the game overall but would have liked to understand the mechanic more clearly!

I really enjoyed this demo! Reminds me of megaman legends and I love the movement in this game. The grappling mechanic is really fun! Would have loved more upgrades in this demo but overall fun!

This game is really fun and I like how the dices are used in the game. It's very creative how not only is it used to decide which summons can be placed on the field but can be used to damage enemies as well. I really like how the randomness is not only based on luck but skill at the same time! I did lose at 15 because I wanted to see if I was able to beat that wave with only red dices but it seems that it was quite hard. Really enjoyed it!

Did you know about your car's extended warranty? Constitution says you do and so do I

Managed to finally finish the game and was quite creepy! I really like the atmosphere and almost everything being dark really makes me think there is always something around the corner. The sound design also made me jump quite a few times! Really enjoyed the game!

This game is really fun and has alot of potential! I love the core loop of destroying, level up and destroying more. I managed to beat the game solo using sniper and had quite an enjoyable time! However since this was an alpha or early preview, I can see the jank and bugs during the run. 

One would be the spawning bug where enemies spawn in buildings so they can't really chase me and I sometimes can't kill them! I also actually cheesed the final boss because of it's navigation AI. Other than that had alot of fun and would love to see where the game goes moving forward!

Although this was short, the concept is really interesting! I like how you introduce the mechanics of the dice early on and progressively introduce the environmental mechanics! It was fun solving the levels and even more fun speedrunning them! It was not the best run but it was still quite cool! Overall very fascinating and fun!

Finally managed to play it and it is definitely the most unusual! The gags are so bizzare and actually everything about this game is bizzare. Would love to see what the full game would look like!

Hi! I tried your game but it seems that I have encountered a bug. It is about the bathroom key. The bathroom key is in the inventory but I am not able to look at it as it seems to be covered in a shadow. I am also unable to use any of the items with the left mouse button! I hope this can be fixed!

(I've attached a video for reference)

I really love this game but would have loved more customers and more ingredients to work with!

I really loved this comfy game!

This is so fun! I love the sega saturn aesthetics and the gameplay loop was very addicting. It took me a few tries but it gets easier once you understand what to do! In my opinion grenade launcher is the best secondary and lock-on missiles takes quite the work to make it usable. Other than that really fun and enjoyed my time!

This game was pretty fun! Managed to beat it first try but was definitely enjoyable trying to complete the tasks and finding where everyone is in the office. I like how each stage makes the office bigger and I would need to explore while keeping tasks to the minimum to find where everyone is! Sometimes I get confused between characters because their portrait almost looks similar with some slight changes. Loved the challenge!

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This game was so frustratingly fun. It took me 5 first tries and 11 minutes to pull out the entire sword. Sword was built like a damn hole there was no end to it. The amount of focus and patience it took me almost made ascend to a higher life form and I cannot believe it when I was crowned king for my over the top patience. All jokes aside a very fun game that is so intentionally frustrating with the pulling mechanic! Loved it and would also like to know the lore on who the people in the background are when I was being crowned king and will all the kings meet the same fate!

Also my wrist hurts thank you for understanding :)

I really like this game! I managed to grab onto the mechanic pretty well but utilising it in the levels was definitely tricky. This is not to say that the levels are mega hard but I do enjoy the challenge on patience and when to let go! Such a cool mechanic and the difficulty flow was really fun!

I really like this game. The overall aesthetic is very cute and comfy and the game utilises the 10 second really well! I really like how the more you explore, the more movement mechanics you find! Moving around in this game within the 10 seconds is really fun. I love how it's faster to sprint zig zag than to sprint in a straight line! Loved this game overall and I like the gates. They are the funny :D

I really love these arcade style of gameplay! Mowing through enemies and sometimes getting a gun power-up is super addicting! I also love that some enemies need a different approach in fighting them and not everything is shooty mcshooter! 

Loved the aesthetic and gameplay overall! Would have loved more levels and maybe even a boss fight!

It's a pretty cool concept and I did feel quite uncomfortable when they mention some prizes! This concept could work for an actual survival game and would love to see it happen!

I had quite a fun time with this game! I found the difficulty quite nice although I barely survived normal mode on my first playthrough. 

I did multiple runs after that to familiarise myself more with the game and explore the other biomes! The sprite work is pretty and the game is very polished. 

I also like how there are multiple ways to play this game. You can either play like a farmer or just go straight out slaying. Managed to beat it under 3 days too which is quite fun to do!

My only problem with this game is the controls. I had quite a tough time on my first playthrough figuring out the controls so it would be great if they were specified in the menu or when you just enter a new game! 

Overall had a really fun time and am going to try and see how fast I can beat it even more!



After playing quite a few of your games, I really have to say the art style is amazing. It feels so nice to look at while being cozy. The gameplay is honestly pretty fun. Eggs are an amazing source of power.

World 1:

A very enjoyable and funny game! It does feel easy initially but still feels challenging at the same time.

I enjoyed the game! I like how it rewards more for going fast so there is a risk reward to it. Great work!