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Yieaaaah !

The CRT effect is a bit much, but the game was a pleasant experience ! The challenge and difficulty progression is well balanced, rolling the ball feels nice, I had fun :)

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Very funny intro about knights and horses ! The game-play feels very good, great job ! :)

Nice level design ! it was fun to play

Dude ! Imagine playing a game like that in VR ! I would love it !! You definitely nailed the design and the cozy ambiance part, here is my thoughts :

Maybe too much direct dialogues and not enough cooking ? I think the fact that a random stranger talk straight to you is a bit distracting from the relaxing gameplay. I think it would be beneficial to also have random characters arriving at the table and talking with each others (voice acted would be best), and sometimes they would also interact with you but not all the time. Your actions (serving them something) could trigger an interaction with you. I think this would mitigate the kind of "social pressure of talking", it would be a lot more relaxing (at least for me) to just be there in the background, ready to help passengers with their needs without being the center of attention.

Great job tho, I hope you continue this project !

Awesome 3D ! But I can't find a way to invert the Y-axis arrow keys in the pause menu like the description says :/
(I tried the web version only)

The look of it is very good !! but if gun sounds where more low-pitched and powerful I think it would greatly help ! :)

Dang it ! I thought I was playing a silly little game... in my head I was already thinking about the silly little comment I would write afterwards... like "The castle is a lie !"... but then, the game bit me !! It ended up being a reflection of my own life lol

I've walked the "right" path for too long now, and I'm trying to go back to that left path and attempt to reach my own castle... I've succeeded inside the game, hopefully I'll do IRL ! aha

More technically : the limited amount of bullets recreated some of the feelings I feel (like the pressure to use my limited ressources properly, the need to aim well, the limited time, the long journey ahead, the easiness of just going right and forget about it, etc.). I think it's a solid foundation for the game, it could just use some polish around it :)

Hey thanks a lot for the kind words, It's very pleasant to read !! and thanks for taking the time to check this "less exciting" game, hopefully one day I'll also have some cool 3D games to show, like you do ! hehe :)

Damnn ! Of all the games I've tried today, this one was unexpectedly the most polished, memorable and fun ! I don't know exactly how, but it felt very nostalgic of my youth ...even if it doesn't resemble anything I've ever experienced before ahah. Maybe it's the PS1 look mixed with some N64, Zelda OOT, Majora's Mask vibes... Anyway, very good job !

free slomo ? I'will take it, thank you sir

If that game where an online multiplayer game, it would be the most chaotic of them all !! Good job, it's awesome :)

Scary af ! D:

I had fun with this demo ! ...well, until I got stuck in front of the unbeatable garrison #2 lol.. I had to skip ahead almost 100 or 150 days until my little team became good enough :/

Other than that, the skill trees are a bit too complex for my taste, but I liked the Warcraft 3 vibes coming from the visual and also the music.

And I'm super glad I have experienced a released three.js game !! ^^

I want automation stuff when I play a survival game, so I'm glad you put efforts into that !

lol this reminded me of school