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Just bought the game. It says that I'll get a steam key with my purchase, but I can't seem to find a "Get Steam Key" option on the download page.

By far the most creative and hilarious interpretation of "only one." .... my lef1t 1pin 1ky 1 fin1g1er hur1t1s.111!11!!!11 111!111111!!1 111111!!!1

I love this. It's a really interesting concept.

The potato salad level is the best thing ever XD

I love this! Seems like it could be very educational.

I really love the drawing mechanic and the art style. Though like others have said, I spent most of my time wanting a bigger brush that draws without me having to draw the same line over and over.

The controls can be a bit frustrating at times, but I still like this game. Very cute and fun!

This game deserves every award in the entire universe forever and ever.

I'm getting strong Pony Island vibes from this. I love it. I got stuck on "Don't break your own rule" as well. I like the text sounds and effects.