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Love the comedy and silliness! Here is my amazing pumpkin :3

Love the idea and story. Had some trouble remembering character names but I really enjoyed investigating and gathering clues.

Yeah. I actually wanted to include line and space highlighting when you press keys but didn't get time to implement it. I'll probably update the game when the jam is over.

Oh whoops. It's been a while since I've done music theory stuff. Thanks for the feedback.

Sweet game. Love the atmosphere. Very clever.

Lovely game with lots of nice artwork.

I like the game's sense of humour an accurate depiction of art directors.

Very punny. I love it!

Unusual concept. It's interesting that you need to give the players a satisfying experience instead of just beating them. And I like listening to the monologues.

Cute character design. And I like the player's head bop idle animation.

So cute and dark. Love how the tutorial introduces you to the gameplay.

Really like this concept and the theming of the game. Watching the eraser slowly disappear makes it feel more sad.

Thanks ^^

Very addicting. You don't see that many card games in these kinds of jams. This really stands out.

Love the sound design. It's makes the characters so expressive. Also lol punny title.

Yeah that was a mistake. Something went wrong when I built the game so the edges of the screen got cut off resulting in unintentionally hard gameplay.

The funniest game I've encountered in this jam so far. I love it!

Really addicting. Love how it progressively gets more chaotic.

Seems like quite the tripping hazard. Haha in all seriousness I really like this game. Very satisfying and relaxing :D Though I did end up confusing myself when I tried to plug it in upside down.

Love this concept!  A very unique challenge. And everything is cute

I like how chill this is.

Yeah. The game definitely has a lot of issues none of which are intended. I'm still learning. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks. Pressing "E" will switch to Island Moving mode which will allow you use WASD to move the island piece you are standing on. Then you just move the piece into other pieces. You should hear a sound and your score will increase if you've connected to the right piece.

Really nice! I love the live action approach and the quirky story.

Love the story and voice acting! Great atmosphere :)

Thanks for the feedback! Keeping things readable was definitely a priority of mine :)

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Just bought the game. It says that I'll get a steam key with my purchase, but I can't seem to find a "Get Steam Key" option on the download page.

By far the most creative and hilarious interpretation of "only one." .... my lef1t 1pin 1ky 1 fin1g1er hur1t1s.111!11!!!11 111!111111!!1 111111!!!1

I love this. It's a really interesting concept.

The potato salad level is the best thing ever XD

I love this! Seems like it could be very educational.

I really love the drawing mechanic and the art style. Though like others have said, I spent most of my time wanting a bigger brush that draws without me having to draw the same line over and over.

The controls can be a bit frustrating at times, but I still like this game. Very cute and fun!

This game deserves every award in the entire universe forever and ever.

I'm getting strong Pony Island vibes from this. I love it. I got stuck on "Don't break your own rule" as well. I like the text sounds and effects.