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WHILE THE WHOLE WORLD laughsView game page

A story driven drawing game about recovery
Submitted by Portrait Prophecies (@noestringfound) — 17 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline
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I really love the drawing mechanic and the art style. Though like others have said, I spent most of my time wanting a bigger brush that draws without me having to draw the same line over and over.


Pretty amazing mechanic because even though I grew tired of covering every drawing, I couldn't resist finding out whats underneath.

Keep at it, I appreciate these kind of games, the style is weird and amazing, just how I like it.


Oh, and my wrist pain is back.

So, your idea is promising but in the way I see it, a game like these needs a really thought design work, so that the player can kind of predict where the drawing is going and such. Basically, more simplistic shapes.
I give you the originality on the story but can't really see how it connects with the jam's theme.

Overall, nice work!


The drawing was tedious, having to trace every line 3 times or more to get them done properly it got to a point where it was hurting my wrist (this might partially be caused by me playing the in-browser version). The left+right click didn't help enough as you can't draw while that's active. (Or was this meant as a metaphor for the frustration, hurt and anger of the protagonist?)

I have no idea how this game fits the theme of the jam. While the story has an extremely dark theme, which intrigued me, but I still have little idea what it was about. I believe the protagonist fell victim to psychiatric institutionalization and from the neverdream book I got that there's some conversion therapy theme going on. So I did like the ending, which was exactly as I hoped it would be. I also really liked to see someone trying to make a game around those difficult topics, so I do hope you continue to keep making such games.

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Love the way it tell the story.

Love the pixel-art sytle and the gameplay.

Like the idea that follow the music and actually the volume of music is getting louder.

Need a bigger brush!!!!!!!

I don't like the story very much and eventually I don't know what happened...The game ends with a black screen...

Overall, the whole idea is great! Maybe it just need a better story to be told I think! Still, one of my favourite of this Jam.


Definitely unique.

I can't say if I loved it or hated it though.

The drawing felt tedious (few missing pixels here, and game won't go through, but it's hard to see, as a human). The atmosphere made me feel what I felt reading The Metamorphosis from Kafka somehow.


I can't say if I loved it or hated it though. 

Thanks for sharing it!


Loved the whole aesthetic, and the music too, I didn't even notice it was there at first! I think the whole design formed really well around the story. It was tedious at times, and I'm not sure how it's related to the theme but I enjoyed it overall


This was a very different experience and i thoroughly enjoyed it... as first. 

Due to the smaller brush I began to find myself more annoyed than anything else. I did like the new concept of the brush but found myself stuck several times during the game unable to find the final small piece of white to reveal. Had it been easier I think I would have enjoyed the full experience. 

That all said I think this concept works really well for a mobile platform. You could potentially recreate it for IOS and Android using the player touch to brush the environment to life. I think this would work really well as it would be much easier to brush with your finger rather than hold the mouse button down and wave your wrist around :D


cool game but I would like to have a bigger brush or pencil it would be faster. At the start it is pretty boring because you draw just for a long time until the dialog changes a bigger brush would make It more exciting in my opinion.


I really love the mood and the art of this game, Gd is quite intense too, well done !


Love the art and the music. Really brings you into the world!