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The Unstable GroundView game page

The Unstable Ground
Submitted by Mrinin — 6 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline
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This was interesting, I found it difficult to control both the platform and the character at the same time at first but once you get the hang of it, it does become easier. 

I do wish the character would move slightly slower though I found them constantly running off the edge of the platform when I tapped a moved button. 

Still, I enjoyed it, very well done to you. 

Submitted (1 edit)

I liked the idea of the game and enjoyed playing few levels until the game asked me to juggle my character. Haha! No way I am going to be able to do that! 

The current controls are too fast from me and for most of the other players too from what I have read from the comments. I get that you like the challenge of a very  fast platformer game and its only natural that you make the game like this but keep in mind that other people may not enjoy what you enjoy and they are going to criticize what they don't enjoy about the game.

Also I'm not saying that you should slow down the character. I think as a game designer you should approach it this way; "People are having problem with character being too fast. In what unique way I can fix this problem?" Coming up with your own approach to fix problems what makes the unique games in my own opinion.

Also also it doesn't hurt to look at other games too. I found this submission which is very similar to yours. I think you should check it out to see what he designed differently and what response he got.

Thank you for making this game! I really enjoyed it!


Thanks a lot for feedback! Now that basically everyone commented on the character speed, yeah I think an overall reduction in speed should be made. Maybe the character should automatically stop when near the edge. 


well this was interesting. I know there is a time mechanic , but wish the default speed was a little bit slower but it's ok. I made it to a level where you gotta collect coins and there is lasers coming from all directions and I was just not able to pass it. 

I liked the different usages of the one block


Thanks! There is an accesible, easy mode in the menu if you want to contunie.


A neat concept, I feel like the little fella moves a bit fast, maybe add in a crouch button that does parent you to the platform as moving left and right became a bit tiresome, having to spend 10-20s edging to a jump, before being able to attempt it for the fourth time. I really liked the idea though, it could create a really cool game (not in the game jam of course) with terrain, where the player needing to manage where the platform is, as well as where the player is when they're in different areas of the level.


Thanks! I already explained why the things you criticised are like in other comments, there is a reason for everything you said.

Fantastic idea and work! I don't think the player speed is the problem. It could be slower, but would really help the game is to have the PC stick to the platform. Maybe that would make it too easy, but I didn't really like having to juggle that guy around on the platform.


Thanks! The  character doesn't move with  platform, there a couple of reasons for it.

A, I wanted just going left to right to be a challange

B, Platform movement is too fast, which means player can easily clip through walls, and there is no easy fix for it.

C,  It feels very unresponsive and unfair in juggling segments.

There were like 3 required juggling jumps, they're like water levels in mario, or the water temple in OoT. People don't like them not because they're bad, unfair or boring, but because they test different skills.


I adore each level you made, as the idea is pretty simple, but well made. Good work.




Oh wow, that little guy move fast !




Really cool concept and fun to play, I think you should let the player figure out how to solve the puzzle rather than give them suggestions and some more music would be nice.


Thanks ! The new mechanics introduced had to be spelled out because the game is way too confusing for my friends who played it, and it didn't feel fair to them, for some reason. Balloons are the obvious example,they thought they were enemies lol. But I didn't say balloons launch you further if you land on top of them, that was basically the solution. As for music. I have no talents, I tried to make something, but no. Unlike the sound effects I can't just make noises with my mouth, and bosca ceoil didn't work.


I really enjoyed this one! It felt like an arcade game of some sort.The main mechanic fit the theme well and it fet like a minigame at times. One thing to consider, is how fast the player is. I sometimes felt like some of my deaths felt frustrating . Great Game!


Thanks a lot! The player speed is because I play too many platformers, which is why I didn't realise how fast he was because I was used to stuff like that ;)

This was a neat polished little game! I'm not quite sure how exactly it fits the theme, one platform? It was unique none the less! That little bugger moves too fast! Ah!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! Yes, the theme is one platform. Infact, this isn't new idea of mine,I wanted to this forever, But something always got into way and I gave up. Thank god I gave up lol. Remembering the idea took like 2 seconds. Yeah about the character, I play waaayyy to many platformers and the game was easy for me. I only added the left click action to make it easier to move, ;P

EDIT : No assets were reused btw