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Thanks for rating it, always really great to have comments x)

Yeah, I'm kinda annoyed by the floating platform thing, when I was testing it and running it in Unity's internal player, it worked as you'd want. The player assigns any object beneath it to the transform parent, so it follows transform, this prevents the constantly moving forward on the platform (I hate that too, don't worry) and the juddery movement of the rising platforms.

Really cool idea, others have mentioned the difficulty, perhaps it would be cool if the tutorial was the first couple of levels, and the first 3 levels must be done with 1, 2, then 4 kids. (I know you ran out of time, games are super hard x) ). Really cool concept though, nice and original, love the characters.

It was an interesting concept for a game, like the Gnome Chomski achievement in L4D2, but I think it falls flat with the puzzle usually being "Drop plant, do other thing, then go back to where plant was, and go through door." Would've been interesting to see some manipulation to get the plant back to you through puzzles. Promising base other than that, and an epic end.

I liked it, a shame at the end the laser puzzle was just keep going left, the timing is too well made.

Also I feel like the ending is a metaphor I'm too dumb for, unless its just meeting a partner.

Really great game, I love the level progression, it felt challenging, but never unfairly so, and constantly coming round the corner with new concepts for how to use your jumping ability. Really neat.

Thanks, that was the main reason for the slow movement, originally the player moved twice as fast, but I wanted to slow everything down so its a bit more chill.

I really liked the duality of the space bar being horizontal and vertical movement based on timing, it worked really well. I'm not sure if it was a bug, but the music seemed to cutout whenever I fired, which felt a bit off, music cutting out is usually a sign of a mistake (such as missing a beat in rockband, or taking damage). The different orbs were clever. I think:
Green - Standard
Red - Out of range
Blue - Fully charged shot only
Pink - Follows you for a bit (I think this one followed you for just too short, I never shot it, and just had to damage boost through it).

Great game overall, I really like the idea, works well with the theme.

A neat concept, I feel like the little fella moves a bit fast, maybe add in a crouch button that does parent you to the platform as moving left and right became a bit tiresome, having to spend 10-20s edging to a jump, before being able to attempt it for the fourth time. I really liked the idea though, it could create a really cool game (not in the game jam of course) with terrain, where the player needing to manage where the platform is, as well as where the player is when they're in different areas of the level.

Overall a neat idea, though I feel a quick tutorial at the beginning explaining what the individual colours are would've helped a lot.

I went 3D, it was a pretty good success I think, you want a pretty low poly game for 3D though, as its all run in browser.

I'm really sorry this happened to you I tested the map fairly extensively throughout the jam, and it worked fairly well (not perfectly I'll admit) but I didn't experience game breaking physics after the first day. It is possible the game could run significantly worse on lower hardware. I'm sorry if you had to put up with bad physics in my game, I'd never want to enforce that on anyone.