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Submitted by lwaken — 1 hour, 11 minutes before the deadline
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Visually very pretty, but kind of confusing. The first few attempts the plants died from a lack of energy even though I turned on everything I could, next game same thing, the game after that the generator exploded when I turned on just a few things, and the game after that, I turned on a single wind turbine, and I won. Could be something cool, just requires a lot of weaking and more feedback. Good job!


A little confusing to understand whats happening due to lack of feedback. But there's the core of a good game in here. Would be cool to see if you expand it after the jam. 


I think I agree that the game could do with more information as to what exactly I'm doing. But its a real cute art style, I love it.


Not sure what to do, but I love the style and the way the map reveals itself.

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It took me some time to figure out the mechanic due to the lack of audio and visual feedback. I like how the player (the plant) moves, it's pretty rare to see this kind of movement. I suggest you can add an indicator to let the player know how many steps before dying, how many solar panels/windmills need to be activated, and a tooltip showing if a certain object is interactive or not.


The theory behind the game is great. The lore is awesome. The game play is lacking fun. You have the basis for a great game, love the ascetic. You just need to put some way to indicate where your interactive spot is, a selection white out line on the center tile, when it is over a interactive spot it turns green or red to let you know you can interact with it. A nice visual indicator that is on the screen while you are not near the plants letting you know that they are almost dead would be nice. Even a siren sound when power is low or is too high. More events like a sand storm that knocks out the power during the game play etc...  I think there is a gem waiting for the rough to be cut off all around it, then you will have that ruby! Good Start!


When i finally understood what was going on i won and it was over :( . It is hard to understand what's going on because of the low field of view. 

This looked really good, i loved the sprites and the music was nice !


Nice game! really loved the art style and overall vibe. Took a second to figure out the controls but enjoyed it once I did. 


Really really nice presentation all round. Good job!

I missed how it interacted with topic I think.

At the start I turned on everything apart from two solar panels that wouldn't turn on, and it stayed green for a while. I was waiting for something to happen but nothing did for about 30 seconds. I quit at that point.  So I would imagine there needs to be more events :)