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Didn't consider how dark it probs is though to see the vines.

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love that you felt nothing was unfair. It's obviously difficult but we still wanted people to realise what was happening on a trap by trap basis. Also we have been discussing how to alter the boulder so it's clear it's there without being as difficult as the other traps.

Text skip is definitely a quality of life improvement we would add in a fuller version.

Yep go for it :)

It's like a super tense version of pacman. Wish there was a little more sound to regular movement. But I love that it's still doable without dying, really gets the theme and doesn't become a game about dying for dyings sake. The lighting effects are really cool and it's amazing how you've made what looks like the letter A into these super aggressive roaming packs of dogs. I'd find myself tucking into corners hiding from them. Super tense with real responsive controls.

There should be more games about peeling bananas.

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This game is so good tonally. Everytime I end up surrounded by enemies with the music swelling was freaking me out. You've managed to mix something genuinely creepy with something that feels good to play which is pretty rare. Might have the best sound of any of the games I've played so far.

The dialogue is pretty fun. I kind of like the visuals reminds me of playing far too much Candybox. Kind of wish there was a little more interaction in the dialogue itself. We get to make gameplay choices but there's very few story choices or at least initially. Which means there are large amounts of text where we have no input. Cool idea though and good character writing.

For a post jam version I think we would definitely add a brightness slider as we've definitely seen some people have the opposite problem of it being too dark. It's the kind of quality of life thing that being a jam means we missed. Glad you still enjoyed though :)

Love the flow of switching between worlds. A someone else mentioned it did take me a while to remember which colours were safe and which weren't. Also found that the switching while moving felt a bit laggy. But those are both minor polishing changes. The core of this is really good, having to think in two spaces at once to make sections of jumps is really fun.

Oooh picking old lanterns up is something we didn't even discuss, could be interesting.

Ah that's cool I'm gonna have to give that a try.

Great explosions. Worth it just to go around spamming them.

Very funny. Love how even some of the milder suckage options were still just as ludicrous as the bigger ones. Silently farting with a creepy smile will never not be funny.

I wasn't sure if I could only eat the last part of my tail or a specific part of it. Otherwise this a real nice game with some super clean visuals, would play more levels if there were some. 

Love the detail in the transition from being a seedling to a tree. The texture change feels seamless.

I had no idea what was going on gameplay wise. But that made it kind of compelling for me. Felt like this cool endless loop of getting rejected. At one point I felt in character as after so much rejection I looped through the different areas without talking to anyone as I didn't want to get rejected anymore. But then after spawning in the room by myself I decided I had to pick myself back up and brave it and ask more people. Cool game.

Would be cool if you could undo just your last death. A few times where I'd figured out where I needed to jump but messed up the jump ran out of lives and had to start the level again. Also the style is cool love the extra crispy toast when you burn yourself.

I wish real life vending machines were as friendly as the one in this.

One of the most pleasant games in the jam

Lot's of great details in the art would be nice if there was a little more sound, even just fake crowd noises as the sprites are so full of life it would really round the style out.

Best twist on having to kill yourself to progress. Ties in the platforming of choosing where to get splattered with the puzzle elements nicely.

A little confusing to understand whats happening due to lack of feedback. But there's the core of a good game in here. Would be cool to see if you expand it after the jam. 

Really cool idea and very bold to go for a multiplayer game in a jam. Some nice polished effects. Would be nice if the had a little more buildup so there's more time for both players to race to get it as currently whoever is closest is just way more likely to get hit.

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This is a really well rounded little package. The risk reward to get extra points is a great design decision. I also enjoy how each extra jump you unlock actually changes how I approached when and where to jump, it has a meaningful impact. I'm also an absolute sucker for this kind of visual design, this one has a similar visual design you should check it out (not my game). 

Would be cool to see this expanded so that there is more enemy variety introduced the further you get and for there to be an online leaderboard. Easily one of the best autorunners I've played in a while. Just noticed it has an android version, definitely going to download that.

This pretty cool like a single player Nidhogg. Love the simplicity. Think it would be nice to have a block button as a lot of the fights ended up becoming a case of waiting for the enemy to jump and getting them when they land. Still fun as is though. Great little sprites.

The music is really good. Would be nice to introduce the enemies with projectiles earlier on. They give a good bit of variety to the waves you face.

Think this would be cool if when you died you could see a quick glimpse of the traps so that its not all trial and error. Surprisingly really chill vibes though very happily sat and played because it felt nice.

The slow reload is great makes you really have to pick your shots. Loved each new consequence for dying and the new animations that came with it.

When you first respawn as a different set of blocks was such a good surprise. Would be nice if when you died it skipped the first two tutorial screens, as after my first respawn I thought I would have to do everything over again, you have to get past those screens to realise the levels are different. Fun game.

These animations are so slick and the song is really catchy. My only issue is that there were one or two times where it felt like the timings switched between the melody, the bass and the drums and I wasn't quite sure which to follow. Minor issue though as I did get the hang of it on my 3rd try or so.

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This game is incredibly tight. Gameplay, theme and visuals all work together perfectly. I like that there's a balance between making it easier for yourself by getting rid of asteroids or deciding to go for better times/more asteroids surviving. Loved it.

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Love the visual style. Wish there was little more information about player health. And a little more of a reaction on a hit. Fun though.

This has some real good level design, dodging the field of views is pretty exciting when dashing through the level.

The music got quite annoying would've been cool to have some ambient computer noises instead. Really cool idea though, makes us all look back on what we've spent our weekend doing. Unique. 

Would be nice if the enemies reacted a little more when you shot them. But fun idea

There's a lot of good puzzle variety here. Also a lot of good polish with some nice details, like the camera tracking your movement or that the levels have names which is really neat.

Maintaining the momentum is a very good twist on this idea. Makes it an interesting blend of both precision platforming and puzzle platforming mechanics.

The movement in this feels really good and well polished. Makes the weightlessness of the combat standout a little more, although I do understand how hard it is to make first person melee feel good. Love how bits of the level pop up when you defeat enemies, and the death counter is a cool twist on the dying to get better mechanic. 

Really wish there was an undo  for those moments where you've already figured out the puzzle and make a mistake along the way. But this is really chill to play, love the island aesthetic and being able to see your progress around the island. Best puzzle game of the jam I've played so far.