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:D Glad you liked it!

Glad you liked the game!

Unfortunately, there is no time left for a full-fledged menu with mute or its settings. I proceeded from the volume of my headphones and lowered the master sound by 20 dB. It's a pity that it wasn't enough for you.

Initially, there was such an opportunity, but the dogs are so stupid that it became a pity for them :DD

Glad you liked it!

Don't worry, his adventures are just beginning! :D Glad you liked it!

Thanks! :D Glad you like it!

I don't know if this was intended, but it turned out to grab things with the left mouse button and hold. Thus, it turned out to take items almost from 1 time.

Guys. I don't even know how to convey my hurt. Huge work with the atmosphere and general elaboration of the narrative. It's a upset that it all crashed by one mechanic. Don't worry, through the pain I almost made it to the final door! From our team - great respect for the work! 10\10

Wait, I re-read what you wrote, did you drag your dead body across the all level? :DD

The idea is great, the visuals are attractive, but the controls and interaction with objects need to be worked on.

 Well done!

:DD Glad you like it!

Much grateful! Glad you like it!

Special thanks to the artist, she is very pleased! Glad you liked it!

Thanks! Glad you like it! :D

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Yeah maybe but speedrunning is not always about running speed, the main thing is working mechanics and a possible variation I think.  In general, we tried to fill each episode in different ways, as much as possible on a small stage. 

By the way, how do you like the ending of the game? Very interesting to hear :D

Glad you like it! 

Yep, you right, character could be more faster. But the speed is due to the short duration of the game and the small amount of time to balance the gameplay.

Hey, glad to like it! :D Dead raccoon-brother always help you disarm minefield :D

:( Sorry to hear that. Most of the players had problems with dogs, not mines.

Nevertheless, thanks for the feedback! Maybe give the game a chance a little later :D

Yep we to cuted some ideas at final build :D

Cutscene is awesome!

Control is very well implemented, pleasant responsiveness. The visuals didn't disappoint either! Great job!

Good style, control is responsive, but I would like a little faster movement.

Good job!

Amazing! One of the best platformers I've seen here. A team of professionals! Quite complicated for me, but everything is great 10/10!

Gorgeous visual part, various tasks. Octopus top - that's what the raccoons say! :DD

Great job!

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Very good mechanic! Polished everything! Great job. I enjoyed the game 10\10!

Very beautiful platformer, the controls are simple and responsive. The visual is pleasing to the eye, but I would like the screen closer to the character. The music is great for every level. Looks like a finished game, well done!

Glad you like it!

An interesting concept, the controls are precise and predictable. This could be an interesting project!

Good work!

Bird control and animation is great! It is a pity that the topic of jam does not fit

Nice job!

Visual is interesting, control is quite clear, you just need to adapt.

I think that random levels are a bit unsuitable for such a game. I would like to remember the level and pass it as quickly as possible.

Nice work!

Very interesting implementation, both visually and auditory, and gameplay.

Nice work!

Extremely fun rides! Visually very nice, I would like the control a little bit more precise. But in general, everything is great! Nice job!

Good polished gameplay, visually simple but enjoyable. Good work!

I tried a few more times now, the jams are gone and the doors are triggering right away. Maybe we tried an earlier version? It's strange that the artist and I ran into similar problems on different computers.

However, jumping needs some work, I think. Each jump is different from the previous one. And together with sliding ladders causes difficulties.

I repeat the visual and the idea I really liked! Good work!

Glad you like it!

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I dont understand why i not set arrows on control, testers not said this moment, perhaps the majority played on controllers or WASD more familiar to them.

FOV settings set for best view to look raccoon and details around ,  dogs are very predictable indeed :D

Glad you like it!

Take your friend to minefield and boom boom boom :DDD

Yeah, AI is interesting vector available now in gamedev i think. Any gameplay ideas may appear when you look to many option work AI before find what you need.

Glad you like! 

Thanks for the compliment, glad you liked it!

Actually, all the weapons appeared only because I could not quickly find a normally drawn trap in the topdown, and the artist was busy drawing a dog :D Therefore, the old Soviet mine from the textbook gave an impulse towards militarization :DD

 Dogs  demanded more attention and time to their AI , so we made it as simple as possible to keep everything in time.

 Glad you liked it!

Glad to like it! :D Yeah,  modern unity makes it possible to make multi-input easy enough.

We try on two pc, in both cases chrome

As I already said - Dead friend is the best minesweeper :D