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Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it, and now I think maybe recreate this stuff with more details and puzzles, how you think? 

I am very glad that the project caused such emotions in you, it is a pity that it was not immediately clear with candles and a bug with a second door (it was open immediately, the spider key did not open anything else) gave the wrong direction. But thanks anyway for the video!

Unforeseen bug! Gentlemen, the first room is immediately against the one into which you appeared. Do not miss her!

:D ?

Tu-du-tu-du-tuuu :D

:D It`s so fun! Great work, visual and sound is great!

Wow, great work! 

So far the best I've seen! A lot of work has been done on the level! I like this style!

Unforeseen bug! Gentlemen, the first room is immediately against the one into which you appeared. Do not miss her!

О_________О How you access to second door!? :D Your missed first room TT_TT

Guys lets share a horror games! I want to know your visions! - for current jam - for previuse jam. The idea is continued from this game.

Nice work!  For a great sense of movement, you needed a character animation.

Your build is broken :( Check it.

Nice work. But i think you may set more delay before enemy start fire at you when game start.

Great work! You got to the point with the theme, i like it!

But music is annoyn sorry :(

Wow, its looks great! Shader with non-visible object is cool! Great work!

Nice work! Sound and graphic is pretty, but theme of jam is missing or I could not understand :(

Thanks for playing! I glad you like it, and i a "He" :D


Great work! Nice puzzle game!

xDDDD Nice!

A difficult game, I could not jump over the first wall, my hand just presses the button back to slow down. But overall the concept is interesting, good work!

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Can you try mine? ->


Thanks! Glad you like it!

Thanks! Rated your game too!

Great selection of sounds and fonts! The way light is made is amazing, so vibrant!

The movement of the fireflies is a little unpredictable, they can crawl out too much due to shelter when avoiding an obstacle. But in general, everything is very cool done!

I liked the style of large pixels and the choice of colors. Player control is smooth and clear. Since I also did interactivity with objects, the truth is not so detailed, I will remember something and will use it in my projects =)

Very interesting style! I like it!

Try my puzzle-horror too ->

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Wow! Great work! Sound, graphic, animation - wonderfull! 

Puzzle not hard, but not too easy. 5/5!

Thanks! I think if i had more time, puzzles has been more difficulty.

Thank you!

Like it! Sounds and mechanic very interesting! Good work!

Try puzzle-horror ->

Interesting idia,     json data is evil :D 

Good work!

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