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It means I didn't get the teapot sprited.  :P Do you mean like a guide video?

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This is basically a point and click.  The objective is to light the two candles.   Edit: The candles light based on the ending you get. I made a little puzzle game during the jam.

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hmm.  It's worth mentioning that the method I used to get the mouse clicking is done with a ray, but I made the hitboxes for the items rather generous except for the chalk slots (you have to actually click inside the slot to pickup/remove slots from them).  The hitboxes for the door is the entire door sprite except for the hinges.

After updating the graphics driver, Tilemancer works like a dream.

Currently using OpenGL 4.4 on a GTX 570.

Can confirm that this app completely locks up on Windows 10. Using Technomancer 2.0- Starting it up locks up the explorer window.