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I did it!! Good game!

Haha I loved the wide stretch at the end! Was fun, good job.

Very nice execution of the Lemmings concept. Difficult was just right to not be too easy or frustrating. Good job!

Ye definitely agree with this. I couldn't use my usual character controller because of the way the time scale can differ between each character. Thanks for playing :)

Great presentation! Love the music and the exploration narrative. ;)

These tracks are banging!!!

Oh nice, I get, pretty awesome! I really like the use of the theme and the different attacks. Art and music fit well together. Good job.

Well done! It seems like a lot of time went into the design and the related systems. Art looks pretty good as well. Simple to understand even from the first time playing. ;) 

Very creative and amazing overall game for a 48h jam. Well done! Cheers!

It's brutal, but a great idea. Great job, cheers!

Great effort for a 48h game! Well done, cheers!

I became the brave 6-sided knight dice! ;)

I'll give it another play then. I wana see this mechanic. I think I went through 6-7 levels then gave up

These are great and add more variety to such a common game theme thoughout the jam. Well done, cheers!

Amazing visually! Good job, cheers!

So pretty!

Nothing here.

Very simple yet it gave some meaning at the end. Good job, cheers!

Nice one! Really liked the movement, especially the trampoline. But I still kept losing the dice or never got to it in time to change the number and land on the tile I was hoping for. What would be great is if it was two player, one can reroll the dice and the other one can look at the pawn and board to get a good landing tile. Still had fun though! Cheers!

Great party game and visually it looks amazing. I would just try to integrate it into the theme a bit more than just dealing damage.

Seemed a bit buggy and I wasn't sure what to do at first, but I got it eventually. Should be good if I can someone find someone to play next to without them seeing what my moves are.

How did I end up playing this for so long...
Cheers :)

A lot of fun and great presentation. Just needs a little bit of balancing and I feel like the theme could be integrated a bit more systems. Well done, cheers!

This was great. When the eyes came out my panic started haha. The art style is amazing and it's a good job overall. Cheers!

For me it sadly broke after a while, the bullets didn't move and seemed to spawn only on the player. The AI also started shooting away from me. None the less, it has potential and 48 hours really isn't a lot, so keep at it! Cheers!

I enjoyed the art a lot :)

That was neat, I just felt like there are some technical issues. I think the camera being offset to the side made it weird. Other than that with some balancing it'll be a great tower defence game :)

The art attracted me to this game, but I think the gameplay was missing something. It's not that the combat mechanic is bad, I think it's the scaling and balancing that needed more tender loving care.

Seems to have been a common implementation for the jam. Most of them I could just brute force until the numbers match the floor, but you added a nice twist to that, which made me actually think about what I need to do. Good job!

Love it! Great minimalist art and gameplay, but I got hard stuck the moment I tried to reroll them but it's invalid so the dice don't change.

I thought it looked good. I just felt a bit diconnected from the gameplay.

Wasn't too sure how to control the sword or bow. But visually it looks amazing.

This was great well done! It felt very polished. Just took me a while to get used to what's happening and also understand the dice aspect beyond just the visuals.

Great job, loved the environment and the voice lines.

Thanks for playing! And also for understanding it's not always that easy within a 48h period haha. Cheers!

Gotta say I was very impressed by this one. Well done on the execution!

Thanks for playing!

Awesome! Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing!

Ye, I'll work on those controls, I had pushing planned which is why I wanted the jump input for the climb. But I'll rather give that a separate input and keep the climbing for fluid. And coyote time is one its way ;)

Thank you! Ye a roll would do the trick. I'll add it to the list ;)