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Nicely done! The movement was a bit slow, but the level design was excellent :)

The sheer quantity of levels here is astounding for a jam game! I didn't finish, but all the ones I played were really fun and challenging - great use your your mechanic :)

Nice work with the mechanic, but I had a really hard time getting back to the playing area when I flung myself far away, esp when the targets got too small to easily aim at. Still, a well-executed concept.

Really fun. Reminds me a lot of Rocket League's KO system. Nice work with the AI too!

Not sure if it was just a glitch on my computer, but I couldn't hear any sound :(

Nicely done, very fun :)

Nicely done, my friend! Very creative and the core concept is great :)

I made a top-down game with climbing mechanics based off of Breath of the Wild. It's called HIKEBOY

Check out my game HIKEBOY! I tried recreating the stamina-based climbing mechanics from Breath of the Wild in a top-down game.

Feel free to check out my game HIKEBOY

Okay this is amazing. Nicely done :)

Excellent concept, although I ran into some bugs :( Still, incredibly creative, and I love the music!

I've had some frustrating encounters with Unity exporting for web too! It usually takes my computer about a half hour, with Unity all frozen up throughout :(

By far the best game I've played so far. LOVE IT :)

It was a bit too fast-paced for me to figure out what was going on at first, but once I got my footing I really enjoyed it! Nicely done :)

Honestly I really liked this. Good vibes, made me smile :)

Not sure if I fully understood the gameplay, but props for creativity and a really unique art style :)

Really well-done execution of the SuperHot mechanic! I enjoyed it immensely :)

Woah! The polish on this is astounding! Top-notch art and sound!

Not to mention the gameplay is really fun and challenging as well :)

Wish there was something vaguely one-player-esque with this, because the mechanics are really fun :) Nice work!

Super unique take on the theme - genius! With a little bit of work on the collisions and friction, this could probably be a commercial game mechanic! Nice work :)

Broooooo this is a GOOD GAME :D

Super unique gameplay! Honestly this is one of the most clever entries I've seen, concept-wise.

Lol sorry about that. I appreciate the review!

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What was the most frustrating thing you ran into while making your games?

For me, it was definitely all the pain that comes with making your own custom character movement system. For my game HIKEBOY, I created a custom climbing system, which required me to do all sorts of funky stuff with sorting layers, custom colliders, character sensors, and one long C# script featuring about 3 million else if statements, each with far too many && conditions. I'm honestly so surprised I got it to work, lol.

How about you?

PS: post a link to your game so that I can check it out :)

Mine's called HIKEBOY and it translates 3D stamina-based climbing mechanics (like from Breath of the Wild) into a top-down game. It features entirely original code, art, music, sound, and animations.

This was my second Unity game ever, so it took me a while to figure some of this stuff out. I had a ton of fun with it, although I feel like for the past 24 hours I've been writing the most nonsensical, confusing code ever known to humankind, lol.

Definitely like the idea of gravity gun in 2D! Also, the art is gorgeous. I think it was a bit frustrating gameplay-wise since it took me a while to figure out the controls, and those fast ghosts were really hard to kill. However, props for creativity and polished art :)

This was super fun! Honestly, this could be the foundation for a full-length game - the mechanics work great.

My only complaints are that Unreal games run realllly slow on my old computer and that it's sometimes hard to platform in first-person. Otherwise, this was fantastic :)

Love the visual effects! The grappling mechanic is pretty fun :)

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My game is called HIKEBOY

My second Unity game ever! I got a late start so I made it in like 24 hours, but I'm pretty happy with the mechanic :)

I fixed the game :)

I watched the video and I really appreciated the spotlight! I'm sorry that the fullscreen controls messed with your recording a bit - I'm still very new to all this game dev stuff. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

Polished until you can see your reflection in it! And a very clever idea! Only feedback would be maybe add a grid for easy space counting and allow players to skip the blinking "Wait" parts if they want. Also, amazing job creating sooo much content in so little time. Mad respect :D

I love hearing about your stories! I'm pretty busy this week, but I'll do my best to play and rate as many of your games as I can :) From the ones I've seen, they look phenomenal for first-time jam games

I've always been fascinated by game jams, but I've never had the guts to join one until now. I had a ton of fun making my game Echolocation, but I learned that it's super important to leave a good amount of time for play testing and balancing.

If this is your first jam as well, post about your experience! What was your favorite part? Least favorite? How long have you been making games? And, of course, make sure to share a link to your game :)

My game is called Echolocation. It's a top-down puzzler where you can only use your hearing to navigate the levels. Watch out, it's super hard :)

This is a sick game! The controls feel great, the difficulty is challenging but not impossible, and the concept is genius. With a bit more polish, this could really be expanded on in the future

Excellent polish on this one, with detailed sound and animation design. The gameplay is solid, and it's a clever take on the theme :)


Two regrets:

First off, I didn't even find out about this jam until the first 24 or so hours had already passed by. If I had known about it and started earlier, I could have accomplished way more.

Second, I added a timer to my game which vaults you back to the title screen. Then, for some of the levels, I gave hardly any time at all to solve them. Since mine is a top-down puzzler based upon navigating using only sound, this made some parts punishingly difficult. I'm afraid I made it too challenging and frustrating, meaning nobody will play until the end :(

I did, however, add the solutions to all the puzzles onto the game page. That way, if players want hints, they can refer back to it.

My game is called Echolocation. Check it out!

Super creative and original! I can't wait to see what this looks like at the end of the week *crosses fingers and hopes some people work together to make some great meme artwork*

For anyone concerned about the difficulty, I added some spoiler images you can access through the game page. I didn't have much time for play-testing and balancing, so I'm sorry that some of the levels are so hard :P