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Current developer high score: 34 laps :)

Meant to delete that - the WebGL build doesn't work yet. Need to build a new version. I'll try and have that fixed today :)

Probably my favorite visuals of the jam so far :)

That's such a good idea! Thanks for the feedback :)

Love those ideas! Really appreciate your comments :)

Lol, you're 100% right. I had to code most of this in one day, so I basically skipped over playtesting. I was afraid people might be a bit confused, so I made it pretty easy (way too easy, in hindsight)

I loved the sound design on this - just standing there hearing "mmmm" and "ahhh" was kinda fun in its own right, haha. Nice work overall! Would have loved if I could drop through floors by pressing down (but I made a platformer with the same problem, so I can't really judge, haha)

Yo this game had viiiiibes :) Loved the music and visuals. The gameplay was simple but solid. Nice work on this one!

Hey, I made a city un-builder too! Fun to see your take on the idea - I like the concept a lot! Seems like you've already received a lot of great feedback from the commenters, so I'll just say that the music was really well-written :)

The less buildings there are, the more power/ability you have. Also, it's heavily related to ideas of minimalism (ex. cutting out bad food, distraction, and waste in order to improve quality of life). Thanks for playing!

I had lots of fun with this one! Also, the music is soooo gorgeous :D - was that custom made by your team?

The art is really unique in this! Great to see a pretty original style coming through :)

Really liked the art and polish on this! I think it could be even more fun if your field of view was a lot bigger and you auto attacked when you were near enemies. Nice job :)

I've made a ton of WebGL builds before, but this time whenever I export it's a black screen (still sound, but no graphics). I've Googled for hours and it seems like it's a somewhat common problem, but I couldn't find a fix which worked for me. I think it might have to do with URP or the 2D lighting system?

Also, thanks for the kind words about the game :)

Nice work! I had a lot of fun exploring the small world and watching it grow smaller :) Unfortunately I grew too big to fit through the gate to get to the ice cubes - classic COVID weight gain, am I right?

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Love the game! Hilarious, great story, and I feel like the puzzles were a good level of difficulty (although the memory card password took me a while). Really nicely done :)

Thank you for the kind words! I had never heard of P.E. Noire but it looks incredible, I'll definitely have to check it out! And I'll try and give your game a playthrough sometime soon :)

Woah! Incredible polish on this! Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out the antenna puzzle, but the voice acting, art, and humor were superb! Nice work :)

Hey! Nice work! The environment was very fleshed out, though I was sad I couldn't pick everything up :( But! Very funny, and it had a great vibe. Wish it were longer :)

I was really pushing the deadline with my game, and I've already identified a few bugs that I wasn't able to catch in time. What's the policy on updating games for bug fixes? Luckily, the ones I've found aren't gamebreaking, so I should be fine either way.

This was really fun! Love the polish and fun sound effects :)

Lol, yeah, the fire level was a bit of an unrealistic difficulty spike. Apologies :)

Sorry to hear the control scheme gave you trouble! I figured this would be the most intuitive way, but I'm not always the best at setting up keyboard setups. Any suggestions on how I could tune up the controls if I work more on this game?

Wish there were more gameplay mechanics to keep things engaging. It felt a bit repetitive as is. Very nice polish though!

This was incredible! Felt like something you would pay money for on Steam (maybe you should expand this into a full game?) Like others, I had trouble with the difficulty because of my minuscule squirrel brain - I got stuck on the first lever level. This was really a wonderful experience though! It's only 7:30 am and you already made my day :)

Mine's a pretty short puzzle platformer :)

Here's my game, it's a Unity WebGL puzzle platformer and not very long -
I'll try and play some of the other games on this thread if I get the time :)

8940! Lots of fun :)

Use the tree to boost yourself up to the bounce pad, position the bounce pad by the cliff on the right, then use the tree to boost yourself again after you've bounced up :)

The art style was really interesting! I got to 20/21 and I just couldn't find the last one :(

Most fun game I've played so far! Would be a bit better if there was a grid overlay so I could count out spaces, and would benefit from some sound effects. But other than that, this game was great, and a really unique use of the assets :)

I like the core concept, but I think introducing one or two more mechanics could have added more depth - right now it was mostly just seeking out hearts without much thought. However, the game works very well as is, and it felt pretty fun to play :)

Oops, I commented on the wrong jam submission page, lol. Nicely done tho :)

I like the concept and level design. The puzzles were interesting because it seems like there were often more than one way to beat them. If you keep working on this one, I'd suggest tweaking the physics to feel a bit less heavy/unpredictable and maybe making some of the puzzles a bit easier - I had a few where I accidentally pushed a box off a ledge and then felt like I couldn't beat the puzzle. But, overall, nicely done :)

Great work with the graphics and effects. The wall jumping was an excellent addition - it showed that the mechanic had multiple, interesting uses

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! The player controller took me forever to fine tune, lol. I wish there were more levels too, but I had a busy week so I ran out of time :(

It's a puzzle - you jump on top of the letters, since they're solid. I realized afterwards that I probably made this level a bit too hard.