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Oh, i have to change the description then! You can use left shift OR mouse click to dash, but you don't have to use both at the same time!

Glad you liked the game, try it with a controller if you can. I also ran into the problem of the click not registering but seems Unity's problem from what I could debug.

try mine and tell me if you like it:

thank you! here is mine:

My game is Go Ahead. Try to fool the guards using the correct pass. browser-based.

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Gracias por el comentario! Sobre lo del vacío absoluto, ups, lo solucionaré post-jam jajaja. Quizá debería haber dejado claro que atacando a las vasijas te pueden salir corazones para curarte (como en zelda, como has dicho!); añadiré un tutorial post-jam también.

Buen runner! Los gráficos estilo voxel molan. Aunque se me ha hecho muy corto está interesante.

Un juego sencillo con unos controles sencillos. Buen trabajo! Me gustan el pixel art y los sonidos. Me ha faltado algo de feedback al impactar las balas, algo como una explosion o un parpadeo en los enemigos aparte del screen shake.

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Muchas gracias por el feedback! Estoy de acuerdo contigo, el feedback al jugador es algo en lo que flojea, literalmente me faltó tiempo para hacer sonidos ya que participé en una jam en medio de esta. Después de que esta termine pienso trabajar un poco más en este juego.

Thank you for your feedback! I'm planning on revisiting the game and design ir more thoroughly once the jam is over

Thank you! Yes, I'm planning on revisiting the game post-jam.

Hi! Im first jammer too! Im really happy some people enjoyed my little game. Check it out!

Glad you liked it! I'm planning on adding more content once the jam ends. So many more ideas come to mind when I give it more thought

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Good idea! I should definitely add wasd controls too. Thank you!

Thank you! Yes, I'm planning to design more levels and puzzle elements once the jam is over. As you noted I couldn't explore the full range of posibilities

Nice game! Had a ton of fun

here is mine:

Go Ahead. A puzzle game where you need to fool guards while holding ONE pass only. Browser based

Thank you! I iterated over those ideas until I came up with interesting rules.

Thank you! I'm planning on adding more levels once the jam is over. Couldn't do it because I ran out of time.

Thank you! Glad you liked it

Thank you very much!

Thank you! Yes, I have plans to expand on the idea and add more elements/levels once the jam is over

Yes! That's what I'm planning to do once the jam is over.

Thank you! I'm planning to revisit the concept and think of more ideas, elements and levels as I couldn't do it for this jam because I ran out of time.

I'm gonna try all of this games as soon as I can. Much appreciated if you try mine too

sooo many games this jam! im going to try all of them now.

Here is mine:

Thank you! Yes, you are right, I will correct it when I revisit the game after the jam. Thank you for pointing it out. I'm glad you liked the game!

Great idea, I love figuring out the dimension I need to be in. Great work! I have to say though that the transition between dimensions is a bit sharp and weird. Everything else is great!

Thank you! I will definitely give it more thought. I left so many ideas unexplored because I was running out of time... I will most certainly update it with more levels and/or mechanics.

Thank you!

I also made a puzzle game although I wish I had more time to explore the design and mechanics. Some people seem to like it though!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you! My focus was keeping it very clean and homogeneous

I really liked your game. The idea is somewhat similar to mine but you did it in 2D with gravity and jumps. Nice level and puzzle design, I really enjoyed playing it.

yeah there are too many submissions. I'll leave my game over here.

good idea, I'll leave my game over here too. I will play all and rate all ofc.

Very nice puzzle design! I didn't think about teleporters for my game and it looks like a very interesting idea worth exploring. The animation that plays when you open a block is a bit weird though, and when you walk as the animation plays the monkey "teleports" to the new location (as if you didn't stop modifying the position of the player while the animation played if you know what I mean). Overall, good design, very original. Good job!

Thank you very much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

Thank you for your extensive review! I will definitely try your game out. I am aware that the color of the guards or the passes dissapearing are two elements that need a bit of "imagination" to make sense of. Originally I designed it as you proposed, but I realized I couldn't design interesting puzzles, and no gameplay rules emerged from that. That's why I lost so much time figuring out the gameplay rules and couldn't make a lot more levels. After this jam I will probably make more; a lot of interesting ideas come to my mind when I give it a bit more thought.