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Thank you so much, I'm really glad you've enjoyed it! It was a tough effort to get this made in 48 hours but I'm glad I got there in the end haha :)

Really fun and very smooth game-play, I would really hope you'll carry on working on this project because this would be amazing with more levels, more enemies and collectables and some sound and music! I feel like this is the start of a really great game in the making, please keep it up! Great submission :)

I like the concept and the blocky art style, I think I would have liked to have had more control over hitting the puck but I understand that was the idea with the theme, I just found myself digging it from the corners loads, but I think that's just something that some fine tuning would have solved with more time, other than that it's well made and a good submission :)

Thank you :) glad you enjoyed it!

I really like the concept you've got here, it really adds to the challenge of the game when you think you have the controls just right and then they change on you - very interesting idea! Good job! :)

Yeah more time would have allowed for more variety and bigger ships but I'm glad you liked it, thanks for playing :D

Cute style and a challenging game to try and beat your high scores, a nice entry, good job! :)

Thanks so much, glad you liked it :)

And they love you! :)

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Haha maybe the trip on our spaceship would crash less if we had an onboard mechanic rather than a little pug doing his best 😂

Really unique and interesting style and concept here! I think the timing was just a tiny bit off, but then that's something minor tweaking would solve, other than that though, really great game! :)

I really like the 3D styling you've got going on there, a modern take on a classic! Good job! :)

We seem to have both gone for a similar idea of repairing a space vehicle but executed in very different ways :) I like the style and the panic of "I've just fixed one thing and now another's broken" you've got going on with yours! And the gameplay in general, very well done, great job! :)

Interesting concept and fun to play, good job! :)

Thanks! Glad you liked it :)

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it :)

Haha originality is right up there on this one! I'm getting the Warioware style vibes from it, nice job, funny and definitely different :)

This is really well polished and really well made! I love the puzzle element, really gets you thinking, great job! :)

I like the idea but I feel that it was perhaps a little too easy to get stuck in a building, some polish would have gone nicely, maybe the scope with a 3D project in the time limit was a bit much? But I like what you've started here and hope you carry on and polish it up :) good job!

Interesting style choice, I like it :)

I like the cute art style and the difficulty really ramps up. By the looks of it, I can see this working well as a phone game, I hope you continue to develop this, I'd like to see some kind of score system and maybe some more enemy variation, it's a great start and I look forward to seeing more :)

I like the message you were trying to give off, I feel as though it looked like an old fashioned browser text adventure more than a game though, a little spruce and polish to keep the engagement I think is needed, but I see what you were going for :)

This is so infuriating, but by design haha, it's challenging imposing these additional commands when I just want to move and OH GOD THERE'S AN ASTEROID THERE JUST LET ME MOOOOVE! Haha, great job! :)

I see what you were going for there, I've found a small issue where firing towards the front of the vehicle will blow it up, I would have liked to have been able to fire forward, overall though, nice concept!

I saw this and I thought "oh there's the one about coronavirus!" haha, I like the text based style, I think maybe a little more polish and effects would have been nice but I see the multiple path endings thing you were going for, good game!

Very nicely polished, cute as hell and simply brilliantly executed, great one!

There's something almost meme like in this game, I like the idea and concept though, good one!

I like the concept and I see what you were going for, I would've liked a tutorial level or something just to help me get to grips with the controls, but I like the idea and if you work on it more, hope to see this improved upon :)

I like the concept of a random move being taken away every 6 seconds, really made you think as the enemies were piling in, great job! :)

I had a little difficulty getting my ship going, but that was on my part for not reading the instructions properly, once I got it going I can see how this was out of control, a lot of madness going on here! I really enjoyed it though, great submission! :)

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Thanks for playing, I've put the controls on the menu screen in game and the control panels explain what you need to do so if you go up to them and press space they'll have the instructions on them :) I'm glad you liked it though :)

EDIT: I have followed your advise and put the controls on the game page as well :)

I really like the concept of this, I think it's a clever idea to do the whole "programming the character" thing. My only issue is that the tutorial was very slow moving and, as far as I could tell, there wasn't a way to speed it up. I hope you carry on with this because it's a great concept, in my opinion it just needs a little increase in the pacing. Great job though :)

I think you've really got the theme down to a tee, I didn't feel in control at all, though I like the style and I hope if you work on this in future there would be some sound and perhaps a little more explanation in-game to go with it :)

It's got a really cool retro feel about it that I really enjoy! I like the style and I can see getting lost in this for hours trying to chase a high score. I would've liked to have seen a menu or a high score record so I have a number to know to beat, I hope you continue this project to add that - but that aside, this was really polished, well made and well executed, great one!

This is a unique concept for sure, I think some in-game instructions might have made it a little clearer as I was a little unsure what was going on to begin with but once you get going it gets pretty intense, I like it!

I really liked how zoning and cute this game was, I could have sunk hours in to this before realising where the time had gone! I really hope you expand on this! My only issue is that I think the boundary box for the capture area needs to be a little taller, some of the things I'd collected weren't adding up when I was dropping them in. Other than that though, fantastic game, really well done! :)

This is a very clever idea and well executed, good job :)