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I'm so glad you liked it, thanks for playing! :)

All keyboard controls :) hope you like it!

Interesting design and well made, a fun little game for sure, great job! :)

thank you, I'm glad you like it, I will be adding an assist mode in the post jam update to reflect the feedback :) and I'll be sure to check your submission out too!

Pretty trippy, but I like it :D great job!

Here's mine :)

Hope you enjoy!

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Amazing! Juicy and well made, great job! :)

A game you can only play once, very innovative! I died pretty early on haha but I like the execution and the idea, really well made :)

thank you! I'm really glad you liked it :)

Well they've already made some pretty hilarious art from mine so I'm keen to see what you come up with! :)

Looks really cool, I'll check it out when I get home tonight :) in the meantime, please check out mine, made with GMS2! :)

thank you for your feedback, I'm glad you liked it. My adherence to the theme was mostly by making the game entirely 1bit and with 1 screen per level but I see what you mean with the all seeing eye, I did think about letting the player only use it once but that would make the game far more difficult and it's already pretty tough 😂

thanks, really glad you liked it! And both of those suggestions are coming in the post jam update :)

This is brilliant, I love the satisfying "splat" an enemy makes when you take it out and it's got a lot of replay-ability - I'd love to see this developed further with more levels, weapons, enemies etc because this is done brilliantly! Great job! :)

Just downloading yours now :) please feel free to check mine out as well:

Very clever idea, totally trippy too which is brilliant, nice original concept :)

I think this is really clever, I like the style and graphics of it and it sticks to the theme, it's also really addictive and stands on its own merit as a great game! Good job! :)

Just giving it a go now :) here's my solo project: let me know what you think!

A really good concept, a tricky, challenging game but still well made and interesting to play, I like it, well done! :)

Great visuals and great concept, well executed too, good job! :)

Looks really cool! I'm just giving it a go now, please let me know what you think of mine :)

It was a little slow going and first trying to figure out what was going on but once I got in to it, I really liked it, cute graphics and an original concept, great job! :)

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Here's my puzzle game :) let me know what you think, hope you like it! - Just giving yours a go now :)

haha I love it! 😂

Glad you liked it! And well practice makes perfect haha :)

thank you, I'm glad you like it and thanks for the feedback! I'll be putting a skip in the post jam update as well as an assist option so look out for that :)

thanks, I'm glad you like it! Well since it seems to be something people want as an option, I'll put it in a post jam update :)

thanks, I'm glad you like it, I'll put a skip option in to the post jam update for sure :)

Welcome to give mine a go! :)

It's 5am where I am so I'm just going to bed but I'll catch up tomorrow when I'm awake again haha!

I've kept the original and also uploaded a version with a bug repair so the option is there to download either :)

So they both show on the page:

Though once the jam is over I'll be putting just the repaired version up!

Aah, I see what you're getting at - I think they both more or less achieve the same thing but yeah, I get what you mean :)

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Don't ever let it be said I don't deliver! :D

Have to wait until voting is over to upload though but stay tuned! :)

Brilliant, I got some asteroids vibes playing this one, I really like the execution, very well done! :)

Thanks! :) I did contemplate a grid but a solid white grid would've broken the theme with only one colour, maybe something to line up for a future update though :)

Thanks! And yeah, apart from the music which I was allowed to use but didn't make, the rest was solo! I'm glad you like it! :)

Cute style and funny idea, brilliant! :)

I love it, a great concept, a great story and lovely pixel art, I'd love to see this developed further into a full game because it's a brilliant piece! Good job! :)

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This is brilliant, easily one of the best games I've played so far in this jam! Really well done!

First jam of any kind and it's been really fun, I've surprised myself in what I was able to pull off! ( - I'll definitely be going again next year! :)