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 I did! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

That's so cute too! Just to make sure since I wasn't able to hear anything, there's no audio?

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This is so cute πŸ’œ

I'm not sure I got to read every story. Hard to keep track of every combo I picked previously, and it felt a bit wrong to go through this with a completionist mindset haha. Went with the flow and I do think I managed to get a new prompt almost every time.

Super cosy to read all these stories! I should've probably made a coffee for myself to set the mood as I played but oh well. Game itself does a great job at it. Super intuitive how to play with the white interactables and I like the fitting coffee/chocolate palette of everything else β˜•οΈ

Thanks for sharing this!

Played it and read the devlog! I liked it for what it was on its own but I really liked how the additional reading gave me your perspective on things. My own interpretation before that was quite different. I recognised that your intentions were probably more different and more personal than anything I'd be able to guess, but I also thought my own ideas made the game have a different meaning to me, so it was neat to see in the PDF that this was something you'd hoped for!

My thoughts kind of went immediately to anxiety or something like that so it was interesting to read how much more specific it was and it added a whole new context to everything. You conveyed those concepts in a nice, creative way. I liked how you had to poke around to figure things out which fits those themes as well. Took me a while at the beginning to get anywhere. I liked how much weight there was to the actions, with sound, graphics, and mechanics all contributing, all being really good. I did notice the dynamic music but not exactly how it related to events in the game as you outlined. Really good stuff πŸ’œ

I got all three endings but after about an hour of trying things I still haven't found the secrets unless it's something like having to grab a screenshot of the train station monitors at a very specific frame. I did actually take screenshots to be able to read the text in the eyes at the start πŸ‘οΈ

Speaking of the train station, it was fun to read about it in the PDF, I did indeed assume/assign meaning to that as well, thinking that for you it was probably either some personal place or an extension of the message (that I failed to guess), and that for me it could be all sorts of stuff, and that in general it kind of fit the breaking out into the light theme, a terminal to get away.

As for the irony of the final message given what happened at the end of development, hopefully it still applies at a higher level, to life as a whole. It certainly suits your achievement with this game! Always lovely to see something personal like this and I'm happy for you to have been able to finish it! πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ

Thanks for playing! I'll see if I can fix that visual bug in the corners of the vignette, didn't see that on my computer…

Probably a record πŸ‘€ Thanks for playing!

Guess I read too much into it, I've just heard so many HOA horror stories πŸ˜… Looking forward to any future fast and loose projects!

Thanks for this <3 Some bittersweet personal insight for us and perhaps meditative for you to make? Depressing final paragraph. Hope it doesn't stay that way forever.

Aww 🌻 Thank you for playing!

No reply yet unfortunately. But Godot is 3.5, as 4 didn't seem ready for this stuff yet (new web build troubles etc)

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Omg, incorporating the arrows into the icons is so obvious I can't believe I didn't think of it at all πŸ’€ Thank you!

Godot on web has been a little tricky. For LD51 I just couldn't do it, then for LD52 I figured it out as I went along and had to spend a bunch of time on it, and now finally for LD53 I basically knew what I needed to do (and not do) and it went smoothly. I wrote down what I found out last time in a reply to this post which also has some other info.

Someone got a macOS build to work for me on the M2 for another game yesterday, so I hope they'll get back to me on how they did it, and I can pass it on to you.

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Thank you!! I was really unsure about this one because there was pretty much no time to test it properly, implementing stuff up until the last minute, making concessions and having to explain it outside the game, so I'm glad it wasn't a disaster πŸ₯²

I'm glad the sound stuff didn't go unnoticed. Had a lot of fun with that, especially the chanting.

Maybe assigning a vertical row of keys would've been better. I struggled a bit too. And it's definitely hard to make real decisions so quickly!

Quoting myself from the LD page: my biggest regret is that I didn’t make it clearer how much a given individual favours you, which makes the kiss move a bit of a gamble. Another thought bubble that clearly stated P1 or P2 would’ve worked. Currently it's only shown—not so clearly—by the contrast of their silhouette (added this to the instructions now).

Really glad you liked it! As usual I probably won't work more on anything else at least before I can finally get Ao out the door, but this is definitely one that would be fun to try and polish at some point~

I did try again to build on Monterey M2 but I can't even get it running on itself… :c Reading online it seems like it's something Godot devs have thought of and it's supposed to do "ad-hoc signing" but I just wasn't able to figure it out. Altho reading this I'm not sure it would help on a different computer anyway. And with Rosetta, for me, the Intel build will open only to crash immediately, which I'm guessing is the same for you? Very annoying .-.

Thank you!!  πŸ’œ  I did mean for crops to be clearer and trees to fade out near the camera but ran out of time to fix, but I'm glad you feel those were features rather than bugs then haha πŸ˜

Suspected as much but it's good to have it absolutely confirmed lol, thanks!

Oh, yeah, size of the cards is something to consider too. Well, I'm excited to play some more and try out different scoring cards then! 🀩

We played it!  πŸ€© Took us a little while because we were sort of expecting it to be complicated so decided to save it for new year's, and it turned out not to be so scary πŸ˜… The short playtime for each game is actually really neat.

Monsters are super cute of course (even when they don't have the "cute" personality~) and the physical cards are really cool. So many pretty designs! It's nice to have the rules and example setup on cards too.

Once we figured out how to play, the game itself was fun too! The scoring cards are great for replay value. I think we both appreciated that in practice the maths never got too intense amidst all the other variables, similar to some regular card games.

It was also neat that there were just enough cards for one game. Took us a moment to parse out from the rules tho ("skip drawing if you just committed your third monster" sounded more like some exception than something that's meant to end the game every time) so we'd've really benefitted from a straight "every game lasts three rounds and ends with scoring" I think.

I don't think we every figured out "who can wear the most hats on their head" so we just alternated taking turns, still feel really thick about that one. Maybe it was a straight up joke but since the game is about accessories I'm still not 100% sure lol

Also really liked that every card type was distinguishable when lying face-down. Whole deck just feels so neat!! πŸ˜

I did notice neither of us every found a reason to attach accessories by personality but maybe there are relevant scoring cards that we've managed not to get so far?

We might have to play more to figure that last one out, but we're happy to do so either way as again it was very enjoyable to play. Really well done πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


Hey there, yeah, never quite know how much compatibility will remain with older Unity web builds as browsers develop over the years so it might just be too old :( It does still work for me on the latest Chrome anyhow.

Thank you! πŸ˜Š Depends on the game; for this one I didn't draw the characters (Marte in the credits did) but I animated them. I did do the programming.

😝 Added to the list of controls now, thanks!

Thanks for playing and making the video! 😊 Helps to see what people get stuck on etc.

Thanks for playing! Sorry for taking so long to reply  πŸ˜Ά Appreciate the appreciation πŸ’œ Glad the game worked, wish I'd had time to add more levels to have it make a bit more sense.

I've seen people mention that xattr thing since last LD, forgot about that. I wonder if it helps if I do it before packaging the file, or if it needs to be done locally every time anyway. I actually have an M2 (with Monterey) from work as of recently in addition to the Intel one I made and exported the game on, so I could test it out. Thanks for telling me!

Cursor lock can be toggled with space—maybe you accidentally hit it? πŸ˜…

Hey! Sorry for such a late reply: dig a hole, cry water into it, anger lightning into it for a spark of life, put your lump of dirt from digging back into the hole with the algae you just made to make soil, then rain on it to germinate a seed and finally smile sun on it to make it grow 🌼

AAAAhhH 😬 The true nightmare!! Thanks for playing πŸ’œ

Have a rrrotten day! πŸ₯Έ

Woohoo! 🌼🌼🌼 Thank you for playing!

You can make little flowerbeds with them but that's basically it πŸ˜… Didn't have time to implement that much stuff during the jam unfortunately. Thanks for playing!

Not bad! Thanks for playing πŸ˜

Thanks for playing πŸ’œ Yeah, it's tricky!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! C:

Thank you! πŸ’ƒ I hope there aren't unbeatable magnet levels, but there are so few variations I feel like I must have playtested them all.  :c Once you get the item hooked the magnet gets heavier and takes more time to turn, so you generally wanna start moving it ahead of time, if that helps!

They do give you something to do / look at! c:

Fair enough! I only really jam to get a break from other stuff and need the deadline to get anything done so the regularity of LD works well for me. c:

Thank you!! 😍 Bug should be fixed now, you're the second to report it and I finally figured it out.

DziΔ™kujemy!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ Marte's responsible for the colours, and I agree! And Ponyo is great 😻 We'd been playing Wind Waker, so it was on our minds too. Actually wondered near the deadline if people would follow the gulls and whether it would've been cool to make them actually gravitate towards treasure but they don't actually haha. But everything spawns on a grid and then gets offset a bit, so they probably often end up near it anyway!