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Hahaha this is amazing, thank youu :)

Oh I like the idea. I'm gonna definitely try it out :)

Thanks :)

Haha Thanks for the feedback and for playing the game :)

Mine is here: (currently 13 votes)

Thanks :)

I like the style and the music. But unfortunately I had trouble understanding in which lane the blocks were. It's kinda hard to know where to move the block.
I guess this is cute :)

Hahaha this sounds fun:

Have fun :)

Really neat idea. Loved the game. The second level took me more time than all the others, maybe it should be placed after, or maybe it's just because I've learned from that level. However really good job :) (I liked also the portals)

Nice game. I like the art and the colors. It took me some minutes to understand how to place towers and how to activate them, but after a while it was clear and I had a lot of fun. :)

Thanks :)
Yes unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make new levels during the game jam. I made some new levels but realised that I cannot upload until the voting is over.

Another puzzle game :)

This is very cool. Love the animations and the idea. Good job :)

Thanks for the support. Sure I will let you know :)

Really neat way of using the theme. Good job. I took me a while to understand how it works. I guess that "The Thing" likes to use Concentration.

Yes I'll be trying to add new levels in the next days.

Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely show less of the trajectory for harder levels.

Thanks for the kind comments. Yes the 4th level is a bit harder..
The idea for the theme was that you have to finish the level in only one shot.

Thanksss :)

Thanks :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I might add some new levels whenever I find some time. I'm currently in the middle of an exam session. 

Regarding the placement, I thought carefully about that and I'm still not sure. I ended up allowing to move where you want so you can play around to find new interesting trajectories and have more fun overall. But I like your idea of fixed launch pads, I might add levels with constraints to see how it goes.

Thanks for liking the game, I appreciate it a lot :)

Here is mine :)