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Lyle Vs. Powermen and the BouncearoundView game page

Lyle has only one shot to clear every obstacle in the room before he's damned to a meaningless existence in space.
Submitted by daniel brackenbury — 3 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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Lyle Vs. Powermen and the Bouncearound's page


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Pacman - Pool Edition. Had a blast playing this! The graphics are cute, the sound effects are  crisp and while the game constantly throws new challenges at you, it never becomes unfair, as the limitation to only one shot also significantly limits the amount of possible approaches to solve a problem. Only wish the game would remember the last aiming angle on restarts to make finetuning a shot easier.


I've played already several games with the same concept but this one is the most comprehensive and best executed one. It has various mechanics which are introduced slowly over the progression of the game and the levels are challenging but fair. It has everything that makes a good game! Well done!


Some nice pico-8 game feel you got there!


Ohh always love to see PICO-8 games (we also did one). Cute and polished. 


Really neat idea. Loved the game. The second level took me more time than all the others, maybe it should be placed after, or maybe it's just because I've learned from that level. However really good job :) (I liked also the portals)


It's awesome!  I passed the whole level. 


thank you! hopefully the sparks show payoff was worth it!!


Couldn't pass the second level sadly, the bounces were too unpredictible for me; I would've like a ghost of the last try or something to help me aim. Really liked the playfeel and the global visual and sound design though. Thank you for this game!


i think tweaking that second level is seeming like a good idea given you're the third person to say this! the ghost idea is a fantastic one, hard to believe it never crossed my mind when i was making this.

thank you v much for playing and for the helpful criticism!


One of the best jam games i've played so far, feels nice to play and it's super challenging! good job :)


this is super kind of you to say, thank you very much!!


very charming and hard to put down!


thank you very much!!


Awesome game! Really gameplay focused. The SFX are amazing, the transitions between the levels and the retryes are real cool. Unfortunately, I just could pass the second level 2 out of 5 times. I think it would serve the game well if the player could tell what angle he/she already used. Like, the same bar, but with lower opacity, and just show the last 5, I dunno, but I think it would help, for finer eye tuning. But I really liked your game, from the concept, to the application! Congratulations!


this is an awesome idea and i think i'll actually do this! i've been thinking i like the core here and it would be worth refining it without the time limit (and hopefully getting some OTHER folks to play it too, since i tend to be a bad judge for how difficult something is when i know the solution from the get-go)

thank you for playing!!


It seems a kidnda of pacman pool game, I like this


thank you for playing! i definitely realized i'd inadvertently gone the pac-man route about halfway through but just decided to end up fully embracing it at that point, hah