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thank you! hopefully the sparks show payoff was worth it!!

i think tweaking that second level is seeming like a good idea given you're the third person to say this! the ghost idea is a fantastic one, hard to believe it never crossed my mind when i was making this.

thank you v much for playing and for the helpful criticism!

this is super kind of you to say, thank you very much!!

thank you very much!!

this is an awesome idea and i think i'll actually do this! i've been thinking i like the core here and it would be worth refining it without the time limit (and hopefully getting some OTHER folks to play it too, since i tend to be a bad judge for how difficult something is when i know the solution from the get-go)

thank you for playing!!

thank you for playing! i definitely realized i'd inadvertently gone the pac-man route about halfway through but just decided to end up fully embracing it at that point, hah