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Navigate levels using only one of your senses - your hearing!
Submitted by Dwight Davis
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Quite a clever idea! I think it's quite novel! It would be interesting to see how far you can push this idea!


Really nice idea. The different elements added throughout the game do a good job at keeping the game fresh, and I also like the art. 


Definitely one of the most unique takes I've seen on the echolocation idea. Could have been a bit clearer that the visuals weren't representative of my movement in the first level, but I  figured it out quickly enough regardless. Don’t think I've seen a game use sound in such an intrinsic way before - a very interesting approach.

If you have time, would love to hear what you think of my game;


Hey there, I played through some of your game in this video at around 22:00


I watched the video and I really appreciated the spotlight! I'm sorry that the fullscreen controls messed with your recording a bit - I'm still very new to all this game dev stuff. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)


Points for originality, the navigate by sound thing is really well done and has not been done often,  the fact that you can draw your map to keep track of where you were really makes it i.m.o it kinda gives it a "minesweeper" vibe to it, especially when you have the marker for the trap that gets added.

Nicely done i don't know what i could say more :)


Great jobs

Please rate our game too:


Awesome job on this game, definitely stands out. Being able to construct the map on your own as you play was a great choice.


Great game! It's really fun to rely on the sense of hearing and draw map.


I love games that work on removing one of the players senses and this one did it in such an excellent way! Great job grinding away so many levels (even if I won't get to beat all of them because of that timer) and still making the game look and sound great.


For anyone concerned about the difficulty, I added some spoiler images you can access through the game page. I didn't have much time for play-testing and balancing, so I'm sorry that some of the levels are so hard :P


Love this game, really engaging, and I'm fond of those graphics!


This was definitely interesting, although I didn't like the timer mechanic at all because I think the rest already works very nicely! After losing in level 6 I didn't want to restart all over. I really liked the ability to draw my own my and I believe this can be expanded further, congratulations!


Yeah, definitely regretting adding in that timer, or at least making it send you all the way back to the beginning. Oh well, too late to fix it :P Glad you enjoyed it still!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Fun and challenging! Bit punishing to be sent back all the way if you run out the timer even once  though :'(



Wow that is really challening for me D: Now I feel like my hearing is bad, hahahaha. Nice job!


omg, it's so fun and challenging! the timer made me try and guess randomly how to get to the goal though, it was too much pressure for me. but it's pure genius. 5/5


I love the idea and execution. Good job!


This is an amazing game for a game jam game. Really really well executed! Lovely crisp visuals! I'm super impressed. I liked having primary use of only one sense and drawing the map myself made me feel like a smart cartographer :P. Great work!


Smart puzzle. It would be cool if you saw the puzzle if you finished.


Really fun little game! The timed keys paired with killing blocks stressed me out though. :p


A really fun puzzle game! I've seen games that visually display sound as you walk or make noise, but none that let you guess your position by yourself based on the sound (kinda reminds of minesweeper a bit). Really simple and yet difficult puzzle. The 30 second timer was a bit extreme for me tho :D
I think instead of restarting the entire game after 30 seconds, it would be much more interesting if only the level restarts and the blocks you put disappear. That way you will not only have to guess, but to remember. Anyways good luck!

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