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There and Back AgainView game page

A puzzle platformer where you can only turn around once.
Submitted by TheNumberYellow — 2 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#804.5794.579

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Good job! Screen wrap was the perfect complimentary mechanic for your game. The arrow is a very good way to give feed back on your current direction. I would recommend that after the turn around the arrow change color to red so you know you've expended your turn. The next thing to add would probably be some sort of refill mechanic. You did a very solid job!


Oh the red arrow is a good idea! Along with some sort of count maybe if I went the "+1 turn" pickup route. If I continued this game I think I'd like to continue layering mechanics on like the screen wrap, and a pickup would be a good way to add complexity. 

Thanks for the feedback! 


Such a simple concept, but the excellent level design and pacing make it a great experience.  Nicely done!


Wow, this game really surprised me! At first the mechanic seemed like it would get old and run out of interesting puzzles, but with the addition of the edges teleporting to each other, the game has an absurd amount of depth and potential! Definitely underrated submission.


This a a well put together game with a good concept. I would love to see this expanded upon in the future.


Shame it ended so soon! The mechanic would allow for some quite interesting and complex puzzles, especially as you have the edge-wrapping. Even then, I still got stuck on some of the levels, move too soon without thinking and it's ... oops lol, time to restart. Good job!


Cool concept. I've seen the move in one direction only once mechanic but this is definitely a great implementation. Would like to see more complex level if you decide to develop it more.

Please check out my game as well if you have the time :)


Short and sweet! The level design was awesome, you reallly used your mechanic well. I would play it more if it had more levels.

The only thing I didn't like about it was that it has no music, so it feels a little bit empty/ feels like something is missing (and it is, but the sound effects were good). Not a huge complaint, but music would make the game better (I know you probably didn't have the time, but that's how I felt about your game)!


Yeah, funnily enough the only sound in the game (the clacking sound when landing) was something I recorded by hitting some blocks together and it was done pretty last minute. At that point I had absolutely no idea what to do for music since I had never made music before lol. But yeah music is definitely something I would have liked to have added.

Great to hear you like the levels!


A short, fun game!  I'd like to see this be expanded upon further.


Really cool concept. I remember thinking on the second level "There isn't really much you can do with this system",  and then immediately being proven wrong with the screen wrapping.


A great start to a game. Seems like it has a lot of potential.


The concept for this game is really good! Only being able to turn around once made me stop and think about how I was going to complete the level before I touched the keyboard, and the game managed to be a puzzle platformer without needing to have the traditional puzzle platformer aspects like movable boxes and lasers. I did encounter some physics engine problems - one time when I walked across the left of the screen to wrap around, the box just fell off, and on the final level, when pressing up against the left purple wall in the top-right of the screen, the box was half inside the left wall.

I would love to see more levels of this game!

Developer (2 edits)

Yeah sorry about the physics problems, I wasn't able to figure out the issue before submitting.

Awesome to hear you liked the concept though! :D


Oh, I loved this one! You should make more levels, add power-up or different tiles (reverse gravity? tiles that break when you step twice on them?)