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Nuno Ribeiro

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Really cool! I would pay to play more of this.

Surprisingly deep game. Amazing to see the amount of mechanics and polish you manage to put into this one. I enjoyed my time with it!

Thank you. I will try to improve the game and fix those bugs once the voting period is over. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the great feedback. Some of your suggestions I already implemented, but there are others that I didn't know and need to take into account . Once again, thank you!

Thanks forthe feedback! I agree with you on the music, that's something I need to improve. The game is impossible to beat at times to force you to change galaxy (press spacebar) Once again, thank you.

The music is actually incredible. I didn't expect any made with the mouth to sound this good! You inspired me, thank you!

Me too

Same. I had it ready in the last 10 seconds but for some reason I couldn't submit my game in that time, the button wasn't there

You are right. I fixed it now.

Thanks for playing, that will be fixed in next update!

Awesome game. I thought this would be a generic game just with a different theme, but you proved me worng! The music, the gameplay and the level design made this an unique experience. Very enjoyable!

Thanks for the kind words!

This was a great experience. I don't think many games in this Jam can top this one. The grapichs are good and the level design is amazing (you introce well your mechanics and then expand on them in a great and unexpect way!). Sounds would improve the game and you can easily do that. I wish this had more levels because it was very fun. I'm excited you already told people in the comments that the game would continue to be updated and I already followed to know the improvements you make.

Excellent job! This is a Jam Masterpiece!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I don't see a good solution to make the game more playable in a trackpad, so I can't do nothing about it :(

But I'm already working on some of the features you suggested, so thanks for taking the time to play and comment my game :D

Probably my favourite game of this Jam. The visual presentation, the idea and music are all very well done. Good job!

I enjoy my time with this game, but in my opinion there are things you could do to make it feel more like a game (like a score system and losing). I know you said you didn't want some of these suggestions, but that's what I think. It's totally fine if you don't to implement these features, the game is yours and you have your own specific vision for it!

Keep up the good work!

Wow, this game amazing! It's very original, the music and the visuals are also really nice. Keep up the good work!

I liked your level design, but one big complaint I have is that the movement is unresponsive. Especially the jumping, because you give us a set speed and we can't stop mid-air.

All in all, that's something you can fix, so keep up the work!

Your cover art is interesting but your game gives me an error when I try to open it. Can you check is something is wrong? (It could be just my computer, I don't know, sorry about that.)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I agree with you: I will make the score system based on kills in the galaxies with the aliens and the meteors, and time based in the galaxies with the blackholes and the bullets. Adding a charge to the the galaxy change is also a good idea. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! Running JuiceFX as administrator fixed the problem :D

Sorry to bother you again, but I'm really not finding it. Should it be in this folder? Am I looking in the wrong place?

I make my animation, then click on 'Render' and then I click on 'Save as .GIF' and then JuiceFX just takes me to file where it is installed, instead of saving the gif. This doesn't happen when saving throught the other options. Am I doing something wrong while saving to GIF or what?


Thanks for the information!

Thanks for the kid words!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

That would be a really nice twist. Maybe it should become an alternative ending, who knows! Anyways, thanks for your feedback!

Aahahahh thanks for your comment!

That's very kind!

Thanks for the kind words!

I appreciate your comment!

Thanks for the comment!

Thank you for the kind words!


Your comment made me happy :D Thank you!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give me feedback, it means a lot! Most of what you said makes sense and would make the game better. The spinning/stretched of the bullets was fun to see but as it makes the bullets harder to see (as you say), maybe it's not woprth having it in. The alternative ending is a great idea! Thanks once again.

Thanks for your feedback. I will work on a intuitive way to explaind the controls, because some people might need it.

Thanks for the words!