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This game was really awesome and somehow managed to find a brand new puzzle platformer concept that could have a LOT of depth to it! In later levels you could even have other objects that also freeze in time alongside the other players (like boxes from the past). The one thing I'd say to improve is the physics - I felt like once I was in mid-air, it was difficult to control where I would land. I'd love to see more levels from this game!

This was really fantastic! I spent a good 20 minutes trying to complete it - it was really fun to move around, the combat was interesting and tricky, and the art style is brilliant. I noticed two bugs when playing. Firstly, if you wall jump up to the top of the screen, you will loop around to the bottom and become trapped, allowing the player to just wait until the time reaches 0. Secondly, if you throw the hammer straight down, it will become stuck in the floor and you cannot obtain it again. Other than that though, it was a blast to play and I'd love to play a expanded version with different levels or even multiplayer!

The concept here is very interesting! I found a bug with the physics engine - the part with the blue/red bouncers caused me to gain so much speed that I went straight through the right wall.

This is an awesome game - the best I've seen so far! The concept perfectly fits the 'only one' theme, and you managed to pull off a one-tower tower defense game, something I thought wasn't possible. The collecting gems mechanic gives the player something to do whilst the tower is at work, and rewards the player for setting up a tower in a way that requires less movement. The art is really good and the game is overall very polished. The only thing I would say is that the enemies should be a little more varied - either different types of enemies in each wave, or make them move in different directions. There were a few stages where once I had put my tower in place and it was dealing with the flow of enemies fine, I knew that I was going to beat that wave with no more effort - having the possibility of a wave suddenly changing form would keep the player on their toes a little more.

The light mechanic has a lot of potential! I really liked how you introduced the controls at the very start of the game. I think the way of changing the direction of the light needs to be a bit easier/responsive - I found that it was at times difficult to get the light pointing in the direction I wanted it to. This game tackled the platformer genre in a different, interesting way - the focus is more on having a good understanding of the obstacles in front of you!

The art is brilliant! I encountered a bug where I picked up a weapon when it was in the middle of falling down, causing it to go straight past me and stopping me from moving completely. I liked how the weapons had a specific direction you had to hit from, like left or right - it forced me to move around a lot more.

I just get a grey screen after the Unity intro fades.

The concept for this game is really good! Only being able to turn around once made me stop and think about how I was going to complete the level before I touched the keyboard, and the game managed to be a puzzle platformer without needing to have the traditional puzzle platformer aspects like movable boxes and lasers. I did encounter some physics engine problems - one time when I walked across the left of the screen to wrap around, the box just fell off, and on the final level, when pressing up against the left purple wall in the top-right of the screen, the box was half inside the left wall.

I would love to see more levels of this game!