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Hammer Time [GMTK19]View game page

Submitted by sralbertooo (@sralbertooo) — 1 hour, 17 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#14353.0003.000

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It's a really fun and colorful game. Part of the difficulty arises when there's a bunch of same colored sprites and splashes on the walls. Maybe if there were no enemies with the sprite that looks exactly like yours it would be easier to track your character. But that depends on whether on to you want that.

I started playing your game because it's titled Hammer Time just like ours ( and I was hoping the Hammer would play a bigger role in the game. Maybe it's better that it didn't because color changing in such a hectic enviroment makes for a fun game. Good work :) 


Thanks for playing the game! I wanted to add a weapon to the game and decided on a hammer. It should have played a better role in the game but body slamming felt better in the end. I want to expand on this later and the hammer will probably be removed. Thanks again! :)


This game felt amazing to play!  The physics feel just right, and defeating enemies is incredibly satisfying, whether you're shooting them or simply running into them.  However, one major issue I had was that there was practically no anticipation for certain events - without warning, enemies would spawn immediately in front of you, and also it was hard to judge when the cube would change colors.  It's not the randomness that's the problem, it's just that you have no indication when and where said randomness was going to happen!  Adding a spawning animation for enemies would help tremendously (it wouldn't have to be fancy, just having them flicker for a moment before becoming active would suffice).  As for the cube, giving it a visible timer (or maybe even having it sync up to the beat of the music) would have made it feel a lot fairer!


Thank you for your pointers! There was indications in the game for the enemies but I found a bug that wasn't allowing them to be displayed at all after it was submitted. Good idea for the cube!


Loved the art, sounds and playability! It's super fun! rated 5stars ;D

ps. If you jump high in the walls the character get stuck in the bottom of the lvl :)


Thank you! :D

Woops! Forgot to remove wrapping haha!


The enemies spawn on top of the player character a lot. Also, I couldn't tell how many hits the player can take.

I'm not sure how the hammer matters. It's not useful.


This was really fantastic! I spent a good 20 minutes trying to complete it - it was really fun to move around, the combat was interesting and tricky, and the art style is brilliant. I noticed two bugs when playing. Firstly, if you wall jump up to the top of the screen, you will loop around to the bottom and become trapped, allowing the player to just wait until the time reaches 0. Secondly, if you throw the hammer straight down, it will become stuck in the floor and you cannot obtain it again. Other than that though, it was a blast to play and I'd love to play a expanded version with different levels or even multiplayer!


Thank you! Yea I forgot to remove wrapping which is the reason why you end up on the bottom of the screen. Thanks for pointing those issues out! I am considering expanding this idea later on! ;D


This isreally polish and fun !!!