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The art was great and the game was tough which was something I really liked about it. 

Very solid game! The animations were great and the game was fun overall.

The tutorial was put together well. The game was interesting as well :)

Loved the style of this game, good job :)

This was a nice clicker style game. The gameplay was fun and the art was good!

-R.I.P. my phalanges

This was really good! I was confused for a second but realized I was pressing the wrong buttons. The abilities were cool and I like the character art.

The game was great and I really liked the palette. The jump was a little weird for me though.

The game did feel a lot like a GB game so you nailed that! Good job :)

I liked the color palette used here. It's an interesting idea and I hope to see more after the jam. :)

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Really? That's strange, I'll take a look today and get a fix out as soon as I can. Sorry about that!

Update: The issue has been fixed! The new version can be downloaded!

There wasn't much to this game to be honest. The concept was okay but it was too simple.

This game was awesome! The concept was great and I believe that there can be more added to this in the future as a commercial product! Great job!

Gameplay was really simple, which isn't bad but it got boring after a bit. The art was great though!

Cool game! I liked the idea and it was fun! There was some parts where I would get stuck but that was just my luck haha! Good job!

This was a fun game! The only thing I would say is to lower some of the sounds and the music too. There was times where it would be okay, then it would get loud. Good job though!

Thank you and thanks for playing! :D

Thanks! The blue bar is Howard's magic, it will begin to go down once it's getting really close to low. So if it's still filled there is a lot of magic to use. Once it goes down, magic is getting low which will require Howard to wreck some birds. I understand why it's confusing, it is a bug that I could not iron out in time so having the bar work like this was the only option at the time.

Yea it does take some getting use to before you can actually master the mechanics. I had a tester that had a similar issue but got to the top after some practicing. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this one! :D

To shoot, the button should be the control keys. There should be a txt file that contains the controls for the game.

Thanks! :D

Thank you! Yea I forgot to remove wrapping which is the reason why you end up on the bottom of the screen. Thanks for pointing those issues out! I am considering expanding this idea later on! ;D

Thank you! :D

Woops! Forgot to remove wrapping haha!

Thank you for your pointers! There was indications in the game for the enemies but I found a bug that wasn't allowing them to be displayed at all after it was submitted. Good idea for the cube!

Thanks for playing the game! I wanted to add a weapon to the game and decided on a hammer. It should have played a better role in the game but body slamming felt better in the end. I want to expand on this later and the hammer will probably be removed. Thanks again! :)

Sorry but there are no plans for a steam release

Thank you! :D