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a bullet-shooting, ship-flying game
Submitted by victoria lacroix (@arachonteur) — 11 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline
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Los gráficos y la música excelentes. Muy buenas ilustraciones. La presentación está bien y el gameplay también. 


The overall presentation is really great, but the character graphics are a real highlight. I like the different mix of ship abilities. Good game, good work! <3


The character designs in this game are awesome! The art is all around great but especially the boss and player character profile art. Gameplay wise I enjoyed experimenting with different character combinations, though I did find it a bit hard to switch while moving around. Would love to see more of this!


This is sooooo cool !
The level of details you were able to do is really impressive. I love when the bosses show up and you see their detailed avatar on screen. It's beautiful

Combining characters to have different abilities is really unique for this type of game and I appreciated using that.

Superb job on the game. I'm a sucker for shmups like this, I will re-visit this for sure after the jam (+1 in my collection)


Very nice shmup! The support characters are a really cool feature. Presentation is excellent, the boss intros are very stylish and well animated.

Great game!


Having so many characters with different abilities is cool. My pick was the engineer, I felt I could speed through the bosses with a fully charged meter and some clutch grazing.

The different characters and boss health bars make me wonder what a speedrun might look like. Which characters can take out which bosses faster?

The player's health bar is fairly generous, and I imagine this would be much harder with only a few lives of single hits. But I think it's well considered as grazing to gain meter is so important. The enemy design seems to be built around giving lots of grazing opportunities.

Great pixel art and interesting character and boss designs are really appealing. I like the little visual flourishes like the tail on the ship and the way the score lights up when grazing. Really well done!


This was really good! I was confused for a second but realized I was pressing the wrong buttons. The abilities were cool and I like the character art.


Super slick! The animations and artwork are all fantastic, music is jamming, and while there doesn't seem to be much variety in terms of normal enemies I think the super wide variety of special abilities and the bosses make up for that.

My only note is that it's a bit confusing the abilities are divorced from the icons. Even though the characters are really cool, mid game I have so many effects to keep up with and it's hard to remember which icon represents what since it's all arbitrary. Universal icons like bombs for bombs, shields for shields, and crosses for healing would help that, although it's kind of sad to lose the flavor. Maybe bringing up the character every time a SFX is used, similar to how the bosses are displayed?


Amazing GUI!