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Jam's over and I keep coming back and listening, I really like it... it's strangely addicting...

God tier, nothing more I can say. This amount of work of this quality in this timeframe... whatever system you've got is working for you, that's for sure...!

I love future bass, and this sounds like future bass if you did a whooole lot of speed first

Crazy, but in the way that took me on a sound journey to another world :)

Other people have already suggested adding a limiter, definitely vital for the quality sounds underneath to shine!

I really like the composition on this!

I'm kind of curious how you pictured the final bossfight, it seemed like it was in a major key and uplifting, which is rare and interesting!

If there's one piece of feedback I could give is maybe an adjustment of drums... the kit felt a little off at times, maybe not as epic as the rest of the orchestra? Maybe a more orchestral drumkit, or some layering of drums with reverb could help.

All in all great job, this was a lot of nicely composed tracks for such a short period of time!

Oop, I think the soundcloud links are broken.

I love the composition in these! I really like the melody permeating Dawnlight, it's surprisingly catchy!
I think the percussion in Dusknight might be a bit quiet, but that's a pretty minor note, overall everything is really high quality! Groovy bassline, excellent orchestration, great instruments!

Intense sound choices, I'm digging the mood!

Great composition, I think you achieved exactly what you were going for!

This is such a cute soundtrack, I adore the composition!

Yummy breakcore vibes...! Really cool textures going on too, in both halves!
B section could use something to break up the repetition of the mono arp, if not extra instruments on top, maybe a key or instrument change?

Overall digging the vibe tho!

I am STUNNED this was AMAZING!! Had me bopping the whole time!! And there's so many tracks too!!!
I love the sound design choices also, like Dark Caves was a stand out track in that regard!

This is a really nice composition, I really love the chord changes especially, the entire orchestral section makes me want to replay it!

Wow, this is really high quality! Big respect for the time signature play, too!

This is cool! The part at 1:06 had me like "woah"

Love love love the texture! Great atmosphere!

This is stellar, you nailed this absolutely, take my money plz-
I have no words for the music, it's just stellar bgm for a game I wish I could play! Landed the aesthetic handily. Really nice well thought out concept too, probably the most crystalized concept I've seen all jam.

Also that COVER ART is PERFECTION and I wish there was a category for it, because this would win that category EASY

Also OpenMPT? Absolutely based.

This is so WEIRD, I LOVE it!!

I can imagine the game having a very unique feel thanks to this OST, really unique flavor! Interesting set of instruments, interesting composition, good story stuff!

The one note I might give is maybe that in the credits, that bass is a bit overpowering near the end and could maybe take a backseat while the other instruments are SHINING but it's a pretty minor tweak. Fantastic work, I'm rooting for this one!

This was cool, I think there's a lot of good ideas here!

My one note is the lack of variation in percussion. One constant snare march roll for 12 minutes got a bit stale... I think shortening the tracks by a few bars per section or varying up the percussion would help a lot! Even just breaking a bit and building back up. Varying them between songs would have helped solidify the separate worlds even further, too! Marching worked well for nature world but it would have been really cool to hear some more modern or futuristic percussion in the cyber version.

I think the way you weaved things together in the final track worked really well, and I'm guessing from listening and looking at your screenshots that you composed one final song and then broke it down and exported it as the two, which I think was really clever and certainly the final song works together BEAUTIFULLY, but I think the two individual songs could have been pushed even further apart from each other. Strong memorable melodies/motifs are all you needed I think to invoke the individual worlds, and you definitely have those!

Also thanking you for bothering to come up with a game concept, too many entries didn't do that 😭

Ahhh, crud. I was sure I had gotten all of it stamped out at the end... Thanks for the screenshot. Didn't test thoroughly enough it seems

Thanks for playing!
Mirroring went through a series of working and then breaking and then working as time went on and I changed and added things, I'm not sure what your recommendation is but I feel like I had a decent grasp on priorities after I started using ZGB (I started over on this game 3 times, once with GB Studio and once with plain GBDK). My primary goal was to get to the point that the game was mechanically functioning, getting the graphical stuff in order was secondary
Have you tried the post-jam9 version/compo version on github with everything fixed(or did I misunderstand and you're talking about a different mirroring problem)?

Really solid! I feel like this style of real-time rpg battle is really modern and yet you made it fit really well in a game boy! It's also a lot more challenging than it looks, nice work!

Lol. Fun rhythm game! Song was catchy, although I feel like I blew off the toupee too early since there wasn't much going on for the second half of the game/song(I almost thought it went on forever)

I haven't beaten this all the way yet but I'm definitely going to come back and finish it! It's an extremely good looking tactical rpg with a great soundtrack!
I think someone else mentioned the starting tile attack bug, my only other note is that it's super frustrating to try and navigate the grid, like it isn't picking up on diagonal inputs most of the time. Might be better to just opt for up moving to the upper-right square rather than the dpad skipping diagonally (Actually I think that was also mentioned already, oops)
Still though, amazing game!

Cute game, funny too! Also nailed the aesthetic really well!
I also really really like the shell mechanic! I think it definitely has a lot of potential. I think it would also be cool to have more interaction that forces you to use/find a particular shell, like a puzzle lever shot you can only make with the bullet shell or a super particular jump that only works with the dash shell.
(I'm also wondering why jumping up into spikes hurts if I'm wearing a shell >:T     )
Really though it's a perfect idea and nice execution for 10 days!
Also, crab dance is *chefs kiss* mwah perfect

Muchas gracias!

Fair enough! Thanks for trying it out nonetheless!

Wow, thanks! Yeah the music was definitely a struggle, making stuff in trackers isn't super intuitive 😅

Thanks for the kind words! The infinite jump ceiling glitch has thankfully been fixed in the post-jam version!

Thanks so much!
The glitches are a big pain. I have managed to fix a lot of the bugs since the jam ended but even now it still crashes on occasion 😔
Definitely hoping I can pull off that follow up!

Thanks for the kind words!
I have managed to stomp out a lot of the bugs with synthesis since the jam ended, sad I couldn't manage it before😔
Do you happen to remember what kind of synthesized creatures you made?
The moving to the left thing happens whenever there's a worm part on the right-most slot, the intended "solution" for the first room is either a worm left arm or worm legs (those move to the right)
I might have to encourage players to experiment more or possibly make a preview of the effects in the menu!

Thanks a lot!
I have actually managed to iron out most of the bugs since the jam ended, although I definitely still want to do a rework of the interface!

Wow! This is definitely my favorite game in the jam so far! It looks super cute, the music is great, the gameplay concept is unique and interesting, and I had a blast playing it all the way through and finding (all?) 4 heart pieces! I'm amazed you got out something this complete and polished in the timespan!
I don't even have any suggestions for improvements, this game is severely underrated!

This was a really beautiful game, masterful pixel art, made me nostalgic for old SNES rpgs. Unfortunately I ran into some bugs that made it unplayable, namely getting stuck out of bounds. As it stands there also doesn't seem to be much to encourage the player to fight any of the enemies either, there's so many of them and they don't seem to drop anything, it's much faster to run around them. Even with the teleporting sword boss, my instinct was to sprint to the statues, so he at least may have benefited from a strict closed off area.

Nonetheless, this is one of the most polished and complete feeling games in the jam and it's quite impressive! Nice work!

Visually compelling yet simple, can't really complain. Inverted controls mess with my brain though, lol. Also absolutely flabbergasted that you coded the music by hand as arrays, that sounds painful!

Nice little fps/rpg, great palette, solid music, all around nice job!
It was a little hard to make out where I was at times and the enemies often blended into the background but I suppose that's the tradeoff for pushing the graphics that far.

If only something like this could actually run on the Game Boy, ahah!

Cool concept, I think it has a lot of potential! (I don't have much feedback to add that hasn't already been said, unfortunately)

I'm curious how you did the art, were the comic panels drawn high res and then scaled down?

Really cute graphics! I like that rainbow palette especially. It also had some nice touches like the grass moving beneath the players' feet. Sad there isn't much to do! I hope you finish it later!

Cute concept! Actually putting it together by reopening the menu every time for each part was a bit tedious, but I understand GB Studio is pretty limited so I'm not even sure how to curb that. The Jam Boys themselves look nice though!

This was pretty cool! Also feels really authentic, it really feels like something I could have had on my Game Boy!
I also dug the music, nice percussion, although it did get a little repetitive during the length of the match.

I'm surprised by how easy it was to pick up the game! At first I was like "oh noo, that's a lot of text and a lot of different cards", but jumping into the game after a few rounds and stumbling around with the controls it all made sense and was a lot of fun in the end!

I'm wondering if there's a point to deck building given that there doesn't seem to be a difference in the cards aside from numbers? Given the sheer number of them it would probably be impossible to give them all unique effects during the course of the jam, but it's hard to get invested in deckbuilding if the only differences are dry stats. 😓I'm guessing that there's a bit of difference in playstyle depending on what stats you prefer? Like each suit has a preference for one of the 4 stats?
Although, the fact that they didn't have abilities helped contribute to making it easy to pick up, so tradeoff there!
The only other thing to mention is the turn end button. Holding down shift is a bit strange and feedbackless to me when everything else is so straightforward, was there a reason you decided against a selectable "Turn End" button on the screen or just automatically ending the turn when you get to 0 AP (there isn't anything you can do in the game at that point, is there? I always felt kind of like I was missing something when I had 0 AP, like I could be doing something else)
Some visual indicator might also work, like in more modern games similar hold-down to activate systems produce a loading circle so you can see how long you have to hold it down and that you're doing anything at all.

Not a big deal either way though, this was really cool, and impressive you got a whole card game (with working AI too) with this much detail done in the span of the jam!

Yooooo! This was so cool! Conceptually and atmospherically really interesting, solid puzzles. Really digging the music with the voice synthesis too, just the right kind of weird. Fantastic work!