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The Former World - OST packView project page

Some VGM for the OST Composing Jam of March 2022
Submitted by Hefka - The Chiptune Catboi — 6 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Long story short, these are energetic fiery tracks for a kinda energetic game. Everything is explained in the description in the page, even the story of each track! I used Ableton Suite 10.

Short version of the story: you play as a primitive human who steps into a modern society, switching between the real world and the virtual world. In the first time, you just have to find a way home, but you will realize you have something only you can do to brighten the future.

Full explanations are explained in the page. ;)

Artist comment:
I'm hungry.


Two Worlds

How does it fit the theme?
These are three tracks. One for the only former world. The two others are : one for the real world, one for the virtual world. Of course, even if they are linked (D scale, high BPM), these are different since these two interconnected worlds are still parallel.

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Intense sound choices, I'm digging the mood!


Track A goes HARD though I feel like the rougher sounds could have taken a break at points


Great work! Love the intensity of these pieces, I could totally imagine these being put directly into a game! Here's my more specific feedback:

Piece 1: (Real World)
The beginning (and end, as it loops) was totally cool, I was bopping my head along, ngl :D
I also really love the transition from 1:44,  Really, well done there! Something about the melody and the release of the bass just did it for me. The hammering places like 0:30 and 2:14 could have been shortened slightly as they got a little too on my nerves at times. Alternatively, you also could have done some sort of high/low pass filter that gets more intense until the start of the next section to increase tension.

Piece 2: (Virtual World)
This piece being in major was totally weird, especially after listening to the previous piece in minor, and Especially considering all the instruments and how they were used.
Honestly, I think if you just switched this to minor it would work way better, the first note in major was only at 16 seconds into the piece and boy! was I baffled when I first heard it!
Apart from that, I really like the two main melodic sections and the switches between them!

Piece 3: (Between the Worlds)
While this piece is rather simplistic, I do enjoy the descending bassline and the xylophone you were using. Not much more to say about this piece, as it was not musically very complex. Would definitely have enjoyed another musical idea here :)

Overall: Piece 1 is A-tier, Piece 2 is B-tier, and 3 is C-Tier!
Also great job on creating 3 whole pieces with 8 minutes, no idea how you managed that in this timeframe <:|
am genuinely baffled


Hello! Thank you for the constructive feedback!
Fun fact, actually, after the game jam I improved the second track to make it a standalone, this is not posted here to stay in the rules :)


What even is this genre? It's like alt-dark-techno-metal, or something. Never heard it before, but it's executed brilliantly, even if the tracks get a little repetitive here and there.


Truly energetic themes! You could strengthen all 3 tracks  with some more dynamic changes. Instead of throwing everything in at once, maybe build up the energy more gradually and then revert back to a calmer B section. Very consistent soundscape throughout. I can tell that the 3 tracks belong together.