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Cute game!


Really fun! I wish the camera would scroll more smoothly though

Nice puzzle design!

Cool artstyle! I wish you could change directions while in the air

Great game! I loved the puzzles you made! My only complaint is that my head is wonky now because I have to rotate it 45˚ to play your game   .o.

It took me a second to realize how to connect up with the other object but then it clicked. I was surprised by how fun and well-designed these puzzles were! I finished the game wanting more! Maybe some puzzles where you can connect with two cubes. My only area of critique was the movement, which didn't feel snappy enough.

It is really inconsistent. On the slider on the starting screen, sliding the leftmost slider occasionally triggers the middle slider instead. I can't recreate it consistently.


Thanks for the tips!

Well, I mean congrats on making anything at all, many people never reach that stage, especially in just 2 days

Interesting game idea, I had to restart the level to realize that I could spit, though (somehow I even managed to spit out of bounds, which soft locked me). Maybe try putting the text in the game world? Not being able to move diagonally made my inner gamer die. Also weirdly whenever I tried to reload the page, sometimes I couldn't complete the first level.

There was not much point to the movement, maybe you could have tried removing it and automatically be connected to the other cube. Also not being able to change direction in the air felt quite jAnky.

For whatever reason, I can't change the volume slider

Cute game, I like the art style! Sometimes I would lose multiple or even all the pencil lead in one go, which was quite frustrating. Also, maybe you could just have the player automatically pick up the items/enter the door without forcing them to press E, I'm quite lazy :P.


I'm glad you enjoy my screams :P
Fun fact: clicking the 'hand in hand' picture on the title screen triggers a scream

Thanks! Yeah, we realized that quite quickly in the brainstorming process as well :P

Love the simple game, I wish I could move a bit faster though! Great attention to detail making the parachutes see-through when a box is behind them. Maybe you could simplify the text at the beginning, a wall of text is discouraging to many people including myself!

Thanks a lot! 

After 2 grueling days of editing, I have finally churned out a video about us making our game, Cooking with Colors:

I've done game jams before, but this is the first time I've documented and edited a video for a jam, I hope you like it! It was a very unique experience, but probably not one I would recommend unless you have a whole lot of dedication.

(I hope this isn't too promote-y, I have never advertised one of my videos before, I just thought it would be fitting to be here)


Cool game! The level exploration parts were great (maybe you could make the player's hitbox less rectangular, it felt weird being so  l o n g).  I had some more difficulty with the bullet hell section, very often I found myself trapped by the bananas' massive hitboxes and often got hit multiple times in a row. Maybe you could give the player invincibility for half a second when they get hit? Btw the character didn't turn left and right when in the bullet hell section.

I'd love it if you would try ours:

Great game, it was a lot of fun, so here are some tips:

Show the player the controls! When I played the game, I didn't realize that there were actually weapons, I just assumed that the gun did the damage. Only when I looked into your description did I see that you had to switch to attack. Most people don't really want to exit out of the game just to find out about the buttons that you need to press, instead just quickly put together a tutorial or a quick picture showing the functions of the 3 tools. 

Just make the portal instantly tp you to the next room when you touch it, that way the player doesn't have to find out that they had to press E

The party members should just automatically follow you once you recruit them, regardless of whether or not they are in your line of sight, I constantly had to backtrack to get the dwarves just to follow me because they got stuck

I was quite surprised by how fun this game was, so here is a review!
Things I liked:
The simplicity of the game
The massive open world with different biomes each with new music and enemies
That you could get supporting characters
The progression system with all the materials
Things to add:
Increase the mouse range; only being able to click within like 2 tiles of my character made me feel quite powerless
The mouse bugged out often, this should get fixed as it happened quite often for me
The other characters often went where ever they wanted to, sometimes offscreen, also you shouldn't be able to collide with them as they often get in the way :P. Maybe you can also somehow explain what the characters do when you click on them; I have no idea what the flashlight person does, for example
Add some more crafts! This was a really cool mechanic, maybe you have some armor or a projectile weapon you can craft. After playing for a bit I have countless sticks in my inventory

I was very surprised to see an apk, so I had to leave a review

What I liked:
The simplicity of the game, it was immediately very clear what to do.
It was quite fun!
The upgrade system, which definitely motivates me to play more :P.

Things to change:
The volume starts at zero, so I assumed there weren't any sounds, but after going back to the main menu I could see the volume options. (Using PlayerPrefs.HasKey you can check if the value has been set before)
Move the player a bit up, because sometimes, especially in the beginning, you can collide with the clouds even if you can't see them.

I liked:
The visuals were absolutely stunning! In combination with the atmospheric sounds made for a lovely style.
The morphing idea was very innovative. I liked how you had to match the animals to the stones.
Things to add:
It was unclear what the controls were, I had to look on your page to see how to morph. Try adding some text or a sign that more clearly shows that you can press space to morph.
I was slightly confused about what to do or where to go in the beginning. Maybe add an arrow or a text prompt; you should always give the player a goal.

Great puzzle game!

Very creative and unique game mechanic!

It is unclear what to do.


Cool atmosphere. It is a little unclear as to why you lose sanity and how to regain it.

Nice simple game! Maybe next time add WASD support?

Absolutely phenomenal atmosphere!

Thanks! I made the song myself in Garageband.

Try turning off your antivirus momentarily. I'm afraid there's not much help otherwise I can give. I've zipped the document if you want to download it and try again in the dropbox link, maybe it's a more acceptable format for your antivirus?

Just click the dropbox link and download the files, then just double click the "Out Of Place.exe" file.

Great puzzle game! Very addicting

Great game! I wish it had a few more levels!