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creating textures from photos
Submitted by MikleTuapse — 11 days, 5 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How much I could potentially use it in the future#14.7144.714
How nice it is to use#34.4294.429
How original or innovative it is#113.8573.857

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I think this is my winner! I am sure, there are other tools like this out there, but still...this is like black magic, awesome!


Very impressive! I'm surprised by how well this works (especially for those bricks!).

There are still some patterns that can be spotted, I think you should try maybe rotating some of those splotches to get rid of those (there is a great video I watched which goes into way more detail about this and is definitely worth looking at for you ). 

I think it would also be cool to have different types of splotches , as the current one doesn't work to well with grids for example. While you're at it, the UI could definitely use some tooltips (what the heck does radius do??).

It would also be really cool if you could somehow add some functionality to crop out certain things in the image, especially if the shape isn't a perfect rectangle, as the way we take pictures (phone or screenshots) are in rectangular format, but some of the things I might want to tile could be skewed or a different shape entirely (triangle, hexagon, etc).

I've also noticed, that the texture look weirdly darker, but not really in a way that can be fixed with the brightness or contrast sliders :|

But apart from that, great work! All I want now is a mac version so I don't have to break out my old computer to use this :D


Thank you for the detailed comment.

This program uses brightness equalization of different parts of the original image, otherwise dark and light areas will not fit well. This alignment has a radius (the same one), if it is greatly reduced, the image becomes flatter.

At the expense of cutting off excess areas is a good idea, it remains to figure out how to make it as simple as possible for the user, I do not turn the program into a new Photoshop.

On the Mac, the program should work under Wine (I have no way to check) if you add there msvbvm60.dll :


It's straight forward and simple to use, I'm amazed by how good the result is. I searched for a seam, but, unless you challenge it with some tricky photos, it was impossible for me to see one. 

It solves a problem, that I had for years and spend hours in photoshop to solve it. Love it!