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A rule-based text generator
Submitted by Feufochmar — 2 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How nice it is to use#233.8573.857
How original or innovative it is#283.5713.571
How much I could potentially use it in the future#462.5712.571

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Hey, this is quite funny and there are real usecases for this. But we need some english rules for it to take over the world.


I didn't have much time to write this. While the code itself is derived from another tool I wrote (Phonagen), the thing that takes time is writing the rule files, so I stick mostly with French (because the sources I used were in French). I will maybe update that generator later with new rules, and translate some of the existing ones in English.


I could totally imagine throwing some of these blurbs into my games as easter eggs :D Imagine talking to an NPC that just won't shut up talking about nothing :))

All we need is a generator for weird metaphors or one for horrible advertising slogans :D


Salut les cyclistes glauques rêvant de troncs à raboter!

This project made me dragaŋ[0] as I made my merry way to Beaupont today, for which I'm grateful.

I believe it was Foucault who once said, "Pour réagir face à cette rigueur de l'époque actuelle, je vous demande d'expérimenter la simultanéité des décisions réalisables, avec beaucoup de recul."

Which is something I think we could all do today.


[0] dragaŋ: to sing; to produce harmonious sounds with one's voice
Submitted (1 edit)

Together your tool & my tool[0] can take over the world:

Ah, yes, here's a clip of that Foucault quote:

[0] Disclosure: I did not, in fact, use my tool to create these clips--I just used Larynx's built-in web UI--but I totally could have used my tool. :D




this is epic!