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Great artstyle and gameplay !

I'm really into pets and Animal crossing theme games lately, so this one gets a huge plus ! Cute art style and characters ! :D :D :D 

I tried this game, i really like it a lot ! Great puzzles and cool art style ! :D great work dev

Really cute ! i like thissss :D

This really looks like a AAA game ! Love the style, reminds me of Pixar, Disney, Coraline art style ! I'm a big fan of these. I'm still downloading but I'll rate it soon ! :DDDDD Good work dev team

I like the color palette ! :D

real cuteeeeeeee

cool ideaaa! i wish i had oculus rift :(

The artstyle is really something ! I love it!
This comes from a digital artist :D :D :D 

Looool how did you made cursor to look like thiss :D really cute !

nice and FRESHH!

That's great news ! Keep working on this passion project :D We as a community are thankful 

For a simple game, this city block feels good ! keep working on this ! :D

Better than original Loooool ! :D

looks polished !

AAAAAAAAAAAA this is soooo cute and interesting mechanicccc ! love it so muchhhh

Unique art style !!! I really love it !

Really cuteeee !

Charming !!!


Srećno sa projektom !

I really love this pack ! Thank you for uploading ! :D

cute !

Language Serbian(Cyrillic)

CTRL + LMB             CTRL + Леви тастер - Цртај

CTRL + RMB             CTRL + Десни тастер - Бриши

LMB                                 Леви тастер - обележи елемент

RMB                               Десни тастер - додатне опције

MMB                              Средњи тастер - навигација екрана

Project Name           Назив пројекта

New Project               Нови пројекат

Load Project              Отвори пројекат

Save Project                Сачувај пројекат

Save Project as          Сачувај пројекат као

New Text                     Нови текст

New Map                     Нова мапа

Paste Image                 Налепи слику

Settings                         Подешавања

Language                    Језик

Cancel                          Одустани

Save settings             Сачувај подешавања

Make new folder     Направи нови директоријум

Ok                                   Прихвати

Cancel                          Одустани

Scale up                       Увеличај

Scale down                Смањи

Delete                         Обриши

Edit text                     Уреди текст

Clone                          Направи дупликат

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My native language is Serbian

I translated whole interface into Serbian(Latin)

I hope this will be useful ! :D 

CTRL + LMB             CTRL + Levi taster - Crtaj

CTRL + RMB             CTRL + Desni taster - Briši 

LMB                                 Levi taster - obeleži element

RMB                               Desni taster - dodatne opcije

MMB                              Srednji taster - navigacija ekrana

Project Name           Naziv projekta

New Project               Novi projekat

Load Project              Otvori projekat

Save Project                Sačuvaj projekat

Save Project as          Sačuvaj projekat kao

New Text                     Novi tekst

New Map                     Nova mapa

Paste Image                 Nalepi sliku

Settings                         Podešavanja

Language                    Jezik

Cancel                          Odustani

Save settings             Sačuvaj podešavanja

Make new folder     Napravi novi direktorijum

Ok                                   Prihvati

Cancel                          Odustani

Scale up                       Uveličaj

Scale down                Smanji

Delete                         Obriši

Edit text                     Uredi tekst

Clone                          Napravi duplikat

Uploading images only works if you copy config file and update with picture file name, but also it messes up the transparency. But as you said, its a work in progress.

Also, it would be nice to set default project on startup

Anyways nice app made with Clickteam Fusion :D :D :D


looks coool ! :D i'll try this 

This app is great ! I already tried to make some sprites for my project. There's one suggestion i'd like to add. Could you make Layers tab be in portrait mode, to be on the left or right window anchor? Because it's a bit crowded when you got 5 layers you can only see one at all times.Or at least drag-and-drop option to rearrange Editor, Layers, ColorPicker, Tools :D Good luck with your further development team :D 

in a good way, very nostalgic :D :D :D 

Charming little game ! :D

nice game ! :D cute

This is so cute ! a little bonsai tree !

Hello... That was about it, the only thing I could do is to restart and quit game...
None of the keys worked, it just got stuck .. Tell me, do you have to pick things in predefined order or is it random? Maybe that is the issue here ...

Makes me cry

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So i had some bugs in the game, collected all the stuff for bonfire but I couldn't drop them ... the cursor was stuck and none of the keys helped change anything

i dont really remember :P

I see

Cool concept ! interesting twist !

Cute game !