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Yeah, I've paid for Soundtrap for a few years now. Frankly, it's probably a better deal to use Logic Pro or FL Studio than to subscribe to Soundtrap, since the only real advantages it has are cloud storage, no memory requirements, and a non-audio-technician-oriented workflow, and I'll probably switch over to FL Studio at some point in the future bcuz of that, but I've been very happy with Soundtrap so far.

And thanks for the complements on the project page! My day job is a graphic designer, so I'm perhaps more aware of the effect presentation can have on the success of a project than others. It's not too much effort, mind you, but every little bit helps!

Thank you so much! Yeah, the repetitiveness is imo the biggest drawback when just listening to it. None of the tracks actually loop, however...they generally follow an A-B-A' pattern, with some differences between the final section and the first section just to keep it a little interesting, though I did have them repeat a couple measures from the opening in order to be able to properly loop them in-game.

I'm glad to hear that! I wasn't so sure that the chiptune portion of that would be well-received, so I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you so much! I remember listening to one of your submissions in the previous jams and really enjoying the overall tone.

Thanks so much! Yeah it's a lot, I had a bit of free time over the weekend and decided to just run with it.

I know it sounds like that, and I kinda like's actually a riff on the second section from Bach's Toccata and Fugue in Dm, just cut off after the first bar. I then added the three repeating notes afterwards because it sounded cool, then realized why it sounded cool...

I was surprised to hear the similarities to Separate Ways (one of my favorite Journey songs), when I was actually including the Bach reference as a very, very subtle DragonForce reference...the opening acoustic guitar arpeggios in Through the Fire and Flames are also an abbreviated version of Toccata and Fugue.

That's fine! I realize I didn't really say anything that positive about it, but that doesn't mean I thought your game was bad. I really did like the movement, and in platformers/metroidvanias getting movement right is a really big deal.

No, thanks, that's really helpful! I was aware of some of those, and thought that they'd be so hard to trigger that I could leave them in and spend time patching other bugs. I'll put those on the to-do list!

Thanks! Here's a spoiler-free guide for how you get the access code if you feel like continuing:

  1. Interact with the door
  2. Ask the receptionist about the access code
  3. Follow her instructions

Yeah, clarity of interactable items + fg/bg is gonna be one of the first improvements post-jam. Thanks for the bug report, I'll do what I can to patch those!

Oh, thanks! I like retro systems, plus it's an easy program to prototype and build games in, so it's great for game jams.

Uggggghhhhhh not another bug with the stairs! Putting those in was the worst decision I made, they are literally the most bugged-out area of the game. Yeah, the characters can blend in a little, and that's why I tried to add the colored highlights on their mostly-black heads. 

I'll pass along your compliments to the musicians! I agree, I think the score complements the game perfectly--or maybe even the other way around!

I do like how smooth it is, and apparently a lot of people in the comments liked it (so maybe I'm alone lol), I just had a lot of trouble predicting where the drill was going to go, if that made sense. Smooth animations tho!

Hey, it's definitely a good start! We've all been there

Huh. Are you testing a web build or a desktop build? If desktop, then it could be a web-only issue like the shatter slowdown?

Oh, yes, that at least was great! A welcome change from many games in this jam not having in-game control information.

Sorry, it's a hardware problem, since it's intended to play on an actual GBA (where the music would be at appropriate levels coming out of speakers). I can try to fix it in the post-jam updates?

And actually I did some further testing and discovered it's a problem when facing right at all, not just over spikes. I just noticed it over the spikes because you're going right in the level.

It's in the very large room at the bottom, right after you've broken the first wall.

Oooooh let's see. One was Speleomorph (here) -- that's the one where changing shapes is the main puzzle-solving mechanic -- and then Shapeshift Shatter (here) -- that's the one with the triangle dash.

Props to you for doing what's necessary to improve! And, again, sorry that I came off so strongly at first :/ my bad lol

Yeah, I'm gonna redo some of the rooms to increase the clarity. Thanks for playing tho!

I'll do that when I get back to my computer, sure. It'll be a couple hours tho.

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Nothing's truly bad, it just isn't as creative as other submissions have been with the theme of "shape-shifting", in the context of switching between geometric shapes. There's one that's very similar to this--switching shapes to escape a cave--in which the different shapes are the main approach to solving puzzles themselves, where in yours the shapes hardly matter...platforms, gates, and walls only appear or disappear based on what shape you're playing as. In your game, you could replace the shapes with any other graphic--like playing Super Mario 64 as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, etc., whereas in the other one the shapes themselves are an integral part of the game.

As I said--your concept isn't bad. Super Mario 64 is obviously a very good game, and that's why I used that comparison--this game could be successful if it weren't being compared to a different one.

Another game sees you switching shapes in order to attack enemies: you can move and jump as a square, but you take damage. You can only dash forward as a triangle, but you deal damage to enemies and walls. You have to alternate between them in order to complete levels.

That game is roughly the same as yours except for one key aspect: the logic for how different shapes alter the game. In yours, the different shapes themselves act as "keys" to various "locks", except you only have to switch to a different shape in order to "unlock" that shape's gameplay. There's another step of interactivity in the other one: if you just switch to a triangle at a random part in the level, nothing happens--you dash forward, and then turn back into a square. You need to target your dashes at breakable walls and enemies in order for them to be effective. It's not an automatic change, it's one that the player has to do themselves.

So that's why I said that other games have done better with this theme (granted, I was also exhausted from a long day at work at the time, and in hindsight I probably shouldn't have been as harsh with it). Does that explanation make sense?

Also be aware that these are my own personal evaluations of the games in this jam. Anyone here can disagree with me, and that's okay.

I tested it multiple times in one of the middle rooms--one of the first where dashing over spikes is a main part of the layout. I could jump and dash normally when there were no spikes underneath, but if I jumped, moved over spikes mid-air, and then tried to dash across them, the dash input would be eaten and I'd fall on the spikes.

Noted! I'm going to try to improve the amount of interactive elements and clear room transitions (as well as fix any bugs) in the post-jam updates.

I'm truly sorry it couldn't have been more positive, I really mean it.

It's not that big of deal! Gameplay is what counts

Yes, that's true!

Wish it had some music, but the art and animations are good! First boss is a little easy though

I couldn't get a handle on the drill movement--it doesn't make any sense to me. Is it supposed to have a buoyant force that makes it rise? Because, I hate to break it to you, but that's not how drills work--

1. I guarantee that the massive framerate drops on web are because you're using a physics-based shatter effect, which isn't necessary--you could create shatter sprites that have the same effect, or use a more efficient algorithm.

2. It's hard to tell which direction the cube is facing.

3. Even though you said it's "forgiving," it's really not--there's more than a few puzzles which will auto-kill you if you miss a jump. Examples would be hitting a spike and being launched into a row of spikes, falling into a pit with walls too high, not being able to dash when over spikes--honestly, that last one is a big deal. Not being able to dash when over spikes? Think of all the 'saving throws' that could be made if you could dash when you're about to hit a spike. But no.

That being said, the music was great and the puzzles were, on the whole, pretty good!

Wow, BRUTAL platforming, but fun game! Had a few collision errors tho, probably because you're building this on a TIC. I don't envy you lol.

Dude I couldn't see ANYTHING in that first room, and my brightness is at the heck were you able to see what you were building?!

Thanks! Those were (obviously) main focuses of development

Nice art, platforming is brutal!

Amazing atmosphere! Only problem is that I got softlocked during the jump/dash tutorial...maybe have an upwards-facing dash that will let you escape the pit?

I like the movement, but I also see a lot of issues with this game. 

  • Typos in dialogue
  • No visual feedback for hitting things with your blades/darts
  • No distinction between blades and darts (I have no idea what they do)
  • Darts and blades use the same sprite when going different directions, meaning you'll get backwards blades and darts when shooting while facing left
  • The movement is nice, but giving your player that much freedom can often lead to game-breaking sequence skips, so I'd be careful

I like it, but the base movement speed is frustratingly slow :/

+1 to Michael Grieshofer's comment. Couldn't figure out half the control scheme--just because there's 104 keys on a keyboard doesn't mean you have to use all of them! But excellent presentation, both on graphics and audio.

Not. enough. time! Yeah, I get that. Basically the only reason I use GB Studio is cause I don't have to get back up to speed on it lol...and because I like a challenge!