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Would YOU enter a spooky house?
Submitted by adamgryu (@adamgryu) — 9 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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Jam HostSubmitted

Congratulations on ranking third place in GBJAM9! Please pick your prize and provide an address to send it to, or you can defer your prize to the next person down the list.

Prizes are listed here:

You can contact me privately via the contact form on my website ( ), through Twitter DMs (@polyducks) or Discord (@polyducks#3597).

There is one prize per entry.

Congratulations once more!



This game is great! Everything worked really well together to create a spooky but cute atmosphere. The gameplay was really unique, I liked the way captured enemies would bounce around. The character designs were cute and I loved all the different ghosts. I was also impressed by how polished everything was! Loved the game, I'd love to see more!


Wow! This is definitely my favorite game in the jam so far! It looks super cute, the music is great, the gameplay concept is unique and interesting, and I had a blast playing it all the way through and finding (all?) 4 heart pieces! I'm amazed you got out something this complete and polished in the timespan!
I don't even have any suggestions for improvements, this game is severely underrated!


The gameplay is very good and the graphics are so very cute! My absolute favourite parts about the game are the soundtrack and the lighting effects. Really would like to see if this is updated in the future!


Nice! Very nice, wow. I did a game similar to this, I like this a lot this kind of game, how can we call them? Open world/Zelda a-like/Rogue-like? Well, I just think you nailed really good the style.

Congratulations, now I will subscribe to your itch io.


Really loved pretty much everything about this - extremely polished and fun, really solid visuals and music. Had a great time exploring the map and collecting heart pieces, and the game is the perfect length.


Beautiful aesthetic, solid gameplay, and the perfect length for a jam. I loved the cute characters and their interactions. Excellent game, congrats!!


I thought my audio wasn't working at first, I didn't realize that the sound kicks in only once you go inside. Anyways, the art is super crisp. Restricted palette + Dynamic lighting is a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned. The twist on the zelda dungeon felt really good in here and added some good entertainment value. A solid game all around! The atmosphere in this game is excellent.

Really solid game!  Super good art and really nice palette choices.  Really captured the Zelda vibe perfectly, which I am assuming is what you were going for based on the art level design and sound effects.  I found the game to be pretty challenging, but having the rooms cleared stay cleared after deaths kept it from being frustratingly difficult. Also I was really impressed with the amount of mechanics you were able to fit into the game within the ten day limit.  Overall really fun experience!

P.S. A short hike brought me here.  Just found it last week and became obsessed quickly. Awesome to see that after launching such a polished complete game that you still participate in game jams. Really cool to see that you collaborated with Sparling again on this as well.  His music was perfect in both games.


Very cute and fun! Loved the ghost cleaner mechanic and how each of the regular ghosts had their own expressions!


What an adorable cast of characters and a fun dungeon crawling concept. This game really nails the sense of discovery and exploration of a Zelda. The graveyard transported me to Link's Awakening. Lots of secrets, very cleverly hidden.

The concept of bubbling the ghosts in each room is fun, something like a Luigi's Mansion meets top-down Zelda dungeon crawling. It feels a bit like a shmup once many ghosts are bouncing around. The controls were tight and my shooting felt accurate throughout.

The visuals are excellent, the lighting effect makes these rooms really pop with vibrancy. A really slick palette for every area and pixel art that is so charming. Very nice work!


Loved the aesthetic and the SFX. The main mechanic of having to bubble every enemy was cool since you had to also dodge them afterwards. Loved the variety in enemy design. Pretty much don't have any qualms other than that the spinning fire traps can be a little annoying tbh. Great entry and a great game none the less


This game is really awesome :) I love the graphics and the use of the color palette. it's a nice touch to change the colors for the boss fight.

Overall it feels very polished and authentic to the gameboy. Great job!