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This is definitely a GameBoy game! The chiptune, the graphics, the control. Really liked it.

The inertia is something I totally liked as well. If I could add something, I'd say gamepad support and color palette swap, but they are just "nice to have"s, the game doesn't need them. It's great!

I just played your game. Big fan of Zelda but also a big fan of Binding of Isaac, so I really liked this game. There are some things I would have changed, for example, the velocity of the player (although it was nice to have the power-up that allows the player to do the "link" movement and move fast). Also, it's really hard! (something that my game has, too). But I guess that's where the GB soul comes from.

Nice entry! Hopefully, you play mine, I'd like to hear about your feedback!

I'm a fan of platform games so this one felt nice. Of course, some things could be improved but overall it's a pretty good game for 10 days of development!

I think you would like my submission, it's also a platformer :) 

I mean I'm a BIG fan of Megaman, so obviously I loved this game. I like the different color palettes that it has and I think it's a good tribute to one of the best games ever (MM).

Congrats! =)

Hey, thanks for playing! =) 
It's a linear level, so, in the end, you will find a rocket and complete the level. I'm glad you captured all the creatures :D 

Haha, you are right!, I can move if I keep pressing the arrows. Not sure why I didn't notice.

Ok, so this was pure fun! I'm not a fan of tower defense games, but this one got me. I was able to complete it and I felt like I needed more things to defend, haha. I can see how this game can be expanded, like different ships, power-ups, and obviously levels. One thing I would want to change is the speed at which the ship moves, maybe it would be better if you could move by just pressing the key instead of smashing the button.

Very solid entry.

I love the graphics on this game. The song from level 2 has Kirby vibes, I really liked it. 

I picked the fastest character and I was able to reach a lot of stars, it's a pretty good touch the fact that you can select different characters.

Cool game!

This looks like a real gameboy game. I liked the song and the main mechanic. This can be expanded easily!

Well I believe there's a problem with the build, because the level is not finished. But the graphics are very cool and the box art too. I really, really like the art. 

If you happen to upload the correct build, please let me know, I'd definitely love to test this.

It reminded me of Crazy Taxi haha. But I was not able to deliver any pizza :(

Good story =) this can easily be a Gameboy game for sure.

I think the concept is good. I really liked the art and the color palette. It was kind of confusing at the beginning because I thought the player was able to jump but no, it was just gravity switching.

Nice screen transitions, very GB likely =) 

At first, I was kind of confused, but it was a good game overall. I like the color palette and the FX are just great, I really liked what you did for attacks.

You had my interest when I read the word 'Evangelion' =)

That's a cool mechanic, it reminds me of Gravity Man stage in MM. BTW I got stuck in level 4 I think (the first level that has enemies). I defeated them but couldn't get to the goal and couldn't reset the level haha.

Sometimes I had issues with being stuck but overall good game. I wish the player had more speed, though! :P 

It was too hard for me even in easy mode, haha.

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Got into Level5! Cool game, good mechanics.

Very cool cutscene pixel art. The main room reminds me of Pokemon Blue first room =')

Aww poor cows! I felt bad for doing that hahaha. 

Relaxing game.

Hi, I just played your game. The concept is nice but there's room for improvement in the physics. Also, I think you can add a life system because it's too hard! Haha. 

Yes! Android would be perfect. I will follow you both on itch and wait for an update :P 

Thanks for creating this :)

Excellent game, it is a different concept and the art is really cute! uwu

The concept is really great. It looks like a very polished game for being a 48 hrs game! 

Mechanics wise is good, also the difficulty is well measured. I guess the only thing I would improve is the music, but I totally understand the struggle with it for a jam that has a short amount of time.


This is the first time I play as a boss, it's nice to see how the hero jumps right into the room and fight against it. I remember my childhood when I used to play Megaman and always wondered "what would the boss be doing right now while I'm struggling with the level?". Hahaha.

I liked it, of course, I understand the time constraints and the fact that the boss has very limited skills, but hopefully, we can see another version of this concept.

BTW thanks for the interview!

Very cute game, and it was very fun to play (I can see my kids playing a full version of this game,  all day long!). 

Definitely looking for a full game, even for smartphones would work. Nice job!

Invincibility frames for hearts are intended, some puzzles were designed around it! =) 

To delete objects from the level... well, that's a bug :(

Hahaha I really had a laugh when the plot twist happened. Interesting concept, maybe if you plan to expand it, you could also make them hurt themselves when they are trying to hit you. For example, move the cursor in front of another NPC and once it shoots the arrow, move away so they hurt themselves instead of you.

Very short game, but I really liked the sprites and cover art. Although I never saw the shark! 

Pretty fun game, I love how you implemented the damage in the flame (water, winter). Nice concept!

Mouse is definitely a better approach! For me it was easier to implement the keyboard system, that's why I did it haha. If I expand the game, I will consider implementing the mouse controls. Thanks for the feedback!

Hey this was fun, although I never beat it. Wow the menu is well designed, I really get this arcade-y feeling.

There's a level that can't be solved if you don't take advantage of invincibility frames - it is definitely an intended resource!

I hope you liked the game and thanks a lot for playing!

I beat it! This game is pretty similar to mine haha, please take a look! Same concept.

Good game btw ;) ;) 

PS. I'm not sure why I can't post pictures but I completed the game, I wanted to add the ending screen haha.

Fun game, watched it on kuviman but also gave it a try. Pretty cool game for 48 hrs of development!

I like the minimal style and good pixel art. I had some trouble understanding the game, maybe you should add some instructions on the page?

I think you should add instructions at least in the page, I didn't know I was moving the enemies. Fun concept btw

Hahaha I think this is the first time that I play as a zombie.

Gravity haha, if you place them from above of a block/box/whatever, it will explode as soon as it collides with it.