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Could you please play


Thanks for the review and feedback!

Yes, there's an alternate (true) ending only if you collect all the seeds. :) I will be publishing a "DX" version (GBC version, per se) with colors and more content, stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback, you know it means a lot to me.

We might want to start considering teaming up for Jam11! :P 

I'm happy you got the true ending, that means you went through the map!

Yes, there are some bugs there but I think nothing as a show stopper. I will fix them in the DX version though! Thanks for the review.


You already knew about the crouch missing feature, che mamersote.

Thanks! Yes, I did put a lot of time, my week turned into 3~4 hours of sleep every day haha.


This was addictive. Not sure what it was, but it was addictive.

I think though, the difficulty raises very fast. The third circle was full of bats. I was not able to get the 4th circle! 

This is a great mechanic, to be honest, I can see this game being expanded easily. It was nice to see the progress in the Discord server.

Nice to meet you, too! (Although I remember you from Jam9... hopefully I see you in Jam11)

Hey, thanks for the detailed feedback. It's sad you got the bad ending, you should try again for a good ending!

Thanks brother!

Hey man, thanks for the kind words! 

I did it myself, no team.

This game has good pixel art, I really like it.

Sadly, I was not able to pass through level 1! I tried everything and just couldn't make the plant grow. If you could tell me how to do it, I will give it a try!

Interesting game. At times the slowness was frustrating, BUT! that's something very common in GB games, so I could say you really captured the feeling there. The SFX are totally gameboy. The music at times was a little bit boring, but the gameplay was fun so that was more important.

The main character sprites are just great, and I think this game could be improved in a DX version. 

Overall good submission, I was having fun! Congrats :)

I gave this game the first try a few days ago and it was good. I think it has a lot of Gameboy soul in it. Nice palette switching, good music.

I also loved the mechanic of combining items. 

Really polished game :) 

I played this game on stream, it was just great. 

Killing enemies felt so nice. The satisfaction of finishing a complicated level was just great. I would definitely download an expanded version.

Top quality, my friend. Please! Thanks

I love the art on this one. I think you are a pixel art skilled person! 

Hey, I want to try this game but I can't pass through the press start screen, any tips?

It is too difficult for me after a lot of screen shaking. I can't win! Hahaha.

The music is good but I don't think it has the Gameboyness that we were trying to create.

Nice job. It obviously has the Gameboy soul in it.

Good challenges overall, and I really liked the manual!

I think this game can be good if it is balanced enough. 

At some point, I had too many power-ups that it was too easy to play. 

Also, I think you didn't stick to the Gameboy control scheme.

Did you try the Win version? That should work as well... 

Yes, the enter button should work, please try again. I will ask if I can make a quick fix and allow users to press X or C.

I mean, it is nice how it is right now! ;)

Nice. You need the skill to keep concentrated on the enemies while looking at the effect you are within. 

I made it to Level 4. I wish there was a way to get more life, but I understand that would make the game easier. Interesting concept. The funny part is, it is so easy and nice to recognize your style, James. 3D Games have always this cartoonish style, and the menus are, well, James' menus :) 

It's kind of addictive. I thought the ingredients were hurting my player but that was the opposite! Once I understood, it was very fun.

Nice idea. I'm wondering what's your algorithm to measure entropy, very interesting. 

If you would have added sound, this game would feel more satisfying, but I get it, I get it, 48 hrs is not enough! I completely understand bro :) 

I can consider this as a good prototype. If you continue with it, it might become a very solid game. At first glance, it seems fun, but it can be potentially addictive. 

I also recommend adding some text to the instructions.

Good idea. I can find however 2 people playing it so defensively so they are not close to the edge, then before the clock hits the swap time, they would jump into a cliff.

This is a very cool concept - being a drummer makes it more enjoyable. Nice job!

I'm so dumb I can't even make it walk! It's a nice concept, but I just couldn't make a single step hahaha.

Nice idea. The concept is nice, maybe you can implement this idea into a full game, like a game where you design your own enemies and dungeons are generated randomly. 

I really loved the concept, it was so fun. Maybe the bar on the ping pong side could've been larger so it is not too hard (or maybe I just suck XD). 

Good game.

After 15 tries I was able to pass the first level! But I was not able to pass the second. I think it is too hard! :(

I liked the music.

I saw this game on the front itch page and I instantly knew it was something you did (same style as Follow the blackbird). I will give it a try!

Nice!! :) 

I'm glad you finished it! And yeah, the game includes some easter eggs in reference to my other games and personal jokes.

Thanks Mike!