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I'd like tabbing also (even if only between the x, y & z of the position/rotation/scale input fields).

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I'd like to be able to loop over a list of all the currently selected objects so that I can modify each one individually. This would allow me to write a tool that would adjust the spacing between the selected multiple objects.

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Thank you RodrigoCard for the 'Open in low resolution' tip! <3

I too found the app (2.1.0 release) extremely sluggish in fullscreen on an MBP with retina screen even with all the extra rendering settings off. Opening in low res means I can have it full screen and it still be responsive with all settings on \o/

I like this a lot <3


I can't test the Windows build, so if you run it and it's fine (or not) could you let me know?


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Thanks :)

You're totally right.  And it's something I hope to separate out in future playtests, to see where the fun in quick scrawling is vs a longer and more detail oriented approach is. Whether both focusses can be in one game,  I'm not sure. But I do need to find out where the most fun is - and if it's in both then I'll just make two games ;)

Inspired by your comment I've formalised this into my prototype plan: Have 2 dungeons in the prototype (selectable from titles), one using quick draws with a suitable scoring algorithm,  and one focussing on slower but more accurate draws and suitable scoring algorithm.

This way I can get players to try out both without needing two builds, they can just explore and decide.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to feedback. I really appreciate it :)