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Yay! 33 deaths! Short but fun <3

So good! More and more depth as you play it, far from as simple as it first appears, lots of nice touches. Great job!

Really really great soundtrack, really nice beat game and it really feels good and is atmospheric. The map was a bit confusing at first, but I did find the big bad... and got splatted :D   Great job!

I do like that cover mechanic. It could maybe do with variable height jumping, but it's a solid platformer nonetheless <3

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I had fun collecting new spells and killing tougher baddies and escaping the maze. The maze generation is nice. Well done <3 (Oh, and the music is great!)

What a beautiful game! I love swapping shells to get different skills, such a great idea. Well done <3

The dithered artwork and the falling into the hole animation are really great, as is the sinister sense I get from the moving rock.

Very stylish, atmospheric and intriguing with a great deal of character and story. Technically impressive too. The Z bug definitely affects the fun, but I'll be back after the jam. Great stuff! <3

What a gorgeous looking and sounding, focussed and well executed game! Really excellent. Thank you for the difficulty levels <3

A really solid action puzzler. Sound and visuals work really well together. Proper good <3

The overall presentation is really great, but the character graphics are a real highlight. I like the different mix of ship abilities. Good game, good work! <3

I really want to play this as I love 2d tennis games and this looks gorgeous - but sadly I have no access to Windows. Is there a Mac or Web build anywhere?

A nice arcadey mix of Asteroids and Thrust/LunarLander <3

It's a tough and frantic game with a great concept and a really effective wormhole effect.  Well done! <3

Nice arena shooter, I enjoyed it <3 

That wonderful 'try again' screen just kept me going back for more :) Really good looking, well designed, sounds great. Good job! <3

Fantastic game! At first I thought it was way too hard, but with a bit of practice I managed to get all the way through. Very well thought out and designed <3

Absolutely daft fun! The graphics are really good, especially those lovely rocks, and I love the boppy music and sounds. Really well done <3

So gloriously silly! Looks great, sounds great, feels great. Haha, well done.

Love the theme and execution. A really good game, everything feels right. Very well done <3

While it doesn't feel as gameboy as it could... what a great game! I love the mechanics of it <3 Well done!

It's not easy to make something 3d look and feel like it's a gameboy game, but, wow, this does a really excellent job. The game is great too, with a nice mix of dodging and shooting and the heavy controls give it a good feeling of weight <3

Oh, this is excellent! The style, graphics, sound, music, palette, weapons and wave design all work together and enhance one another. I'm impressed by such a coherent and polished game. Well done!

Great style, great art, great sound, great polish. Very impressive <3 That palette is superb.

It tells me I don't have permission, even if I sudo it from the command line. I cannot exempt it in Security settings either, which is the usual workaround.

Confusing, but I still had fun and it looks and sounds great! :) 

This looks gorgeous and feels like a well rounded game. Very well done <3

Infuriating! Well done :D 

Wow, this is difficult! I really like the look and sound of it, but it is tough.

I know it's silly gun toting fun, but I like it! 

I like the story, but my reactions were not up to the first jumping section and I fell every time.

Great art and sound, so love the chicken <3 

Great idea, well executed <3 

Has a nice Elevator Action / Impossible Mission feel to it.

Too hard for me - but I love the concept, look and feel. Flashing the lights to scare ghosts is great <3

Very nice looking ships, good balance of weapon types - especially the healing shot.

Very nicely put together, good look and feel.  Good level design - which is not easy in a jam! Well done :D

Very nice single bullet mechanic.

Beautiful and inventive!