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Lucy and the Gem DungeonView game page

Help Lucy find the magical gems!
Submitted by isocosa (@isocosa) — 3 days, 10 hours before the deadline
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One of my favorite games from this jam and a fellow cute witch game! 

The graphics are stellar, the music is amazing it just keeps me going, and the gameplay is challenging due to the 1 hit deaths, the game could be vastly improved if you got 2 or 3 hit points while making stuff like spikes kill you instantly, some jumps are kinda hard to nail down but i am pretty sure this is by design, great job!


That wonderful 'try again' screen just kept me going back for more :) Really good looking, well designed, sounds great. Good job! <3


Great game! the sound, the music, the graphics!! i love it :D great job!


I like this! It feels and play like an early GB game for sure with the floaty jumps, the graphics and the simple quests.

I find the enemy hitbox a bit wide (or the character one), it seemed like sometimes, my sprite wasn't touching an enemy and I died. I assume the hitbox is wider than the sprite. Other than that, maybe the game could have hit points like hearts. 1 hit kill is pretty rough!

Great one! I think the art and the music are great. 

Good job on your submission!


It looks so cute, and the 1 hit KO is really punishing! Any items that give you more hitpoints would make this game a lot more approachable. Very solid game nevertheless, congrats!


Well made, excellent game. My only problem is the jumping controls. Perhaps pressing W to jump or SPACE to jump instead of Z would make the control less awkward. 


Very well made with a plethora of music and great varied level design. Those two things alone made each level stand out and bring new and interesting challenges to each battle. The only improvement is maybe adding another life so Lucy could take 2 hits instead of one, but apart from that this is a great submission that has a surprising amount of polish and music for it only being made in less than 2 weeks. Well done!


Good graphics and sound. Jumps took a little getting used to. Enemy hitboxes are a bit too wide. Fun game overall.


All in all i liked the game, music is wonderfull, i absolutely loved that you put a Jukebox in it. The jumps are a bit weird though, kind of like a low gravity thing, but it was nice to be able to just jump over everything when i dont felt like fighting. Having just one life is a bit of a downer, but all in all i had fun!


The best music I've heard yet! I love that there is a jukebox section, all games need that! The title screen and background art is really impressive! I found the controls don't feel very natural, not much control of jump height and movement in the air is slippery, gravity is also very low while falling. The enemies kill you in one hit, and it seems like there is even a gap between the player and the enemy when I die which is frustrating. But I still enjoyed it! The music tempo and the huge jump height make it feel like a very fast paced game, but the lack of contrast in the artwork makes playing it on a Game Boy DMG very frustrating, the ghosting pixels blur and hide the spikes and the diamonds.
But this is all very high level critiques, the game runs buttery smooth and is a lot of fun, awesome game!


Really cute! Just a thing, jump gravity is a little low, feel like I'm in the moon xD