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Love it. 

That is all, it is perfect.

Seems like it should be a frustrating game but the mixture of the music and the effect of the forming platform makes it more relaxing. Then the vertical platforms happened :( those were challenging.

 Was thinking about a timer instead of bonus but did not get time to implement and test against each other.

Thanks for the detailed feed back it is much appreciated.

The numbers are sliding down from the left. I needed more time to work on game feel and UX stuff, wanted to have the buttons/cards slide left, the two right most doing and add animation etc.

Thanks for the feed back  it is helpful in letting me what is confusing. 

Apologies, seems to be the engine I used. I also sometimes get the issue with HTML5 games(not just my own) with this engine not starting but a refresh fixes it. 

Loved it. However be honest did you change a (common)bug into a feature (holding left and right stops moving)? I thought I was clever discovering that, then it pops up two stages later as a tip.

Cool boss fight. But would nice if the controls were more responsive after shooting.

well done, this is a great entry.

Very creative puzzle game

Enjoyed it thoroughly.But sad it ended so soon.

I passed.

1D array?Creative use of the theme. How do things like this come into people's head? Would not have thought of it in a million years even as a programmer.

Fun game. Like the little detail of the player's torso an legs turning separately.

Great mechanics and great taste of the different possibilities of level layouts.

Nice concept, snake as a puzzle game. I like how the snake slides into the 'grid' when turning and the no instant death when touching the walls.

Yep difficult. Solid feel to the game. I felt the moving platforms and enemies would have some indication where they will change directions. Like a rail for the platforms.  

So it feels like a modern shooter game loop where you get into combat then hide to regenerate your health.  

Question story wise: does the dude take the bullets out of his body to reload his own gun with it?He looks like the kind of person to do that.

Thanks for the review.

 Yea the blue/ red bullets feature came from a debugging session to see what was happening. I liked it so I kept it in.

Fun game the mechanics reminds me of 'The Legend of Zelda' with how attacking lowers your shield, your shield protects from projectiles but not from enemies. 

Has potential to become an interesting dungeon crawler. Pressing  move to move was tedious though especially for real-time combat . It was fun.

Solid game, a but difficult but fun. Love that you do not need to click directly on the anchor it is very forgiving and feels great.

Reminds me of Geist on the GameCube only this more open about the puzzle solving than that game (Good thing). Wish there were more stages but i understand the time constraint .

Great puzzle game. Simple mechanics yet diverse puzzles from it. Loved the levels with multiple vehicles.

I plan to, I had listed some nice to have features that I did not get around to in the Jam.

Fun game. Feels good to play. A bit too many planes in the sky for the lack of direct controls, maybe less planes or camera further back.  Would be cool to see expanded like being able to adjust lift(flaps) or momentum/speed as suggested below. Music is relaxing.

Great mechanics,some clever level design.Could be a full release.

Difficult game but I found myself trying to get another line. Some pieces are easy to figure out how they move(block,line and 'T') while the others are tricky especially the squiggly. Maybe some visual feedback to show how it would rotate around a pivot. Good work