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Wài pó's CookbookView game page

Casual adventure game, Zoe helps her Wài pó (Grandma) combine ingredients for recipes from the farm.
Submitted by SporkTank (@TankSpork) — 15 minutes, 20 seconds before the deadline
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Wài pó's Cookbook's page


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Game Description
Casual adventure game, Zoe helps her Wài pó (Grandma) combine ingredients for recipes from the farm.

How does your game tie into the theme?
Combining the tools and ingredients for recipes.

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Wonderful graphics and mood. 


Thank you!


Neat little game, had fun running around. Impressive work, I would suggest increasing the speed of the sheep 10x haha.


Haha good idea, that should have been a "Click Me" hidden feature!

Thanks for playing!


Cute game! I like the laid back atmosphere! The controls were a little rough in some places but didn't get in the way too much. Great work! :)


Thanks for downloading and playing!


Quite a quiet game and fun to play. I like the low poly graphics and the sound ambiance.

I think I could spend hours on it just collecting ingredients to make food. Some things made me laugh, like the milk bricks in the sheep pen, the vegetable garden that only has one vegetable of each kind (although I think it's for the challenge of having to look for a particular vegetable) or the chicken stuck in the maze.

On the other hand, the HTML5 version is not displayed on the page and I felt some slowdowns at startup of the binary version.


Thanks for you kind words. :)

Hilarious that a chicken made it all the way to the maze.. I've never had that happen to me!

I tried a HTML5 build but the results were terrible. Something caused rendering to just completely not work, and I didn't have time to investigate. So decided not to upload that version. As for the loading time, I think I'll add a loading screen or something to reassure the player that nothing has crashed. Cheers.


I loved the art style and enjoyed the playground (even if I couldn’t play on the swing 😔).

The recipe in the corner was a nice touch but I did struggle to ride the sheep.

Well done!


Thanks for playing. :) 

Yes I agree, the sheep riding was a last minute addition and definitely needs to be easier to do.. along with the swing being usable and more "Click me" Easter eggs if there was time!

(2 edits)

Good game, enjoyed the atmostphere a lot.

Controls were a bit awkward (I had to press W for a long time each time I pressed it to start advancing, as if Zoe took a second to get in a running position, yet A and D made me go full speed instantaneously).

After getting lost in the maze for 15 mins due to the awkward controls (and finding grandpa, lol, poor grandpa) and getting out, I completed the first dish and stopped the game at the start of the second quest. 

Still a good experience thanks to the wholesome dialogues and nice atmosphere



Thanks for playing and for your comments/feedback!

Sorry to hear about the controls being an issue, I'm not sure what it going on there. The code definitely applies the same velocity independent of direction. All I can think is at the very start of the day all movement is blocked (for about 1 second) to allow the animation to play and the audio to begin.

Regarding the maze, I get lost as well, so I left these reminders to follow. :) I should have had one of the characters tell the player about this.



Great graphics and sound.  Well done game.


Thank you very much!

Submitted (1 edit)

Well done! Nice graphics and good controls. Very cute and pleasant idea.


Thanks for playing, and for your comments!


Fun lil game! It was a bit laggy 


Thanks for downloading and playing. Hopefully some of the menu options like "god rays" and "half resolution" helped!


beautiful! slightly repetitive but very wholesome! but then, at what i suppose would be the end, is it normal that i just stand there, by the fire, i can look around but not interact with anything anymore?

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for downloading, and playing to the very end! Yes that is the end, I accidentally hid a label just before submission (always manage to make mistakes like that!).. this is all you missed out on.


awesome! great job!


Great work! This is a really charming and fun idea with some really polished execution. Everything was fun and easy to use, and the sprint option was super helpful too. Thanks for uploading!

My ONLY complaint is that the game opens on darkness for too long, I thought it crashed!


Thank you for downloading and playing!

Yes I know what you mean, I considered a loading screen or something like that. Glad you stuck out the darkness to play the game. :)