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Oh Lol!

I thought there will be a secondary theme for the jam when it starts but there isn't any theme here.


Ok cool :D

Wow thanks :D I will check them out!!

Lol! Btw is there another clash game I can play for free? I tried the zone one and it was a great short story. There was another game but it was NSFW so I couldn't play it. But anyways great games and even greater stories!!

Thanks for the great feedback!! I am happy that you liked the game and the theme implementation! I really should've had reduced the wave break time but it was a bit long to allow the players to relax but now it does seem too long.

Wow. I played your game for the coffee jam and then came here from a comment. I would say... I love this! I was a bit disappointed when the game was a text based game and not the kind of game for the jam. But the game was so darn good and the story is so well-written I loved it! I think I might try out the other games in the series (only the free ones since I don't have money as I am a teen).

Wow. I love the game. I like the fact that clash is such a great guy. I mean, the dude helped so many people on the street! I love the different art style and the story is so fricking great! I would've loved if it was longer! I saw in another comment that there is another game you made for this story! I would love to check it out!

Fun game! I would've loved if there were keyboard controls since it was extremely hard to use the joystick on screen with the mouse! I loved the music and it was so fricking great!

The game is epic and fantastic. I loved the art and music! It took me a while to figure out how to make the coffee and after a long time later I discovered the tips button (I am dumb) but I had already understood how to make coffee! I found the drag and drop controls a bit weird like someone else also mentioned but the game was great! Btw I had got score of 343 but after a wrong serving, my score went down to 216. Shouldn't it be high score? It's a great game and it's really fun to just relax and vibe with this game and it's music!

Thanks mate!!! Thanks for playing and giving feedback!! I am so happy that you found the game mechanics good and that I did the theme well!!

I will try later since it is very early here.

Hwlo! I loved the game and it's a great game considering it was made in a jam! Btw the Beginner's Guide is a walking sim game made by the creator of The Stanley Parable.

Great! I have a question btw, do we have to kill all the ninjas or dash past them?

Great game with great art and sound design!

Fun game! I loved the art and the mini games were cool! I liked how all the games were so great with different systems in all of them! I make a bad coffee though

Great game with epic visuals! As others have said, it is extremely hard! I couldn't even kill one ninja! I guess the koala shouldn't be damaged by the ninjas when he dashes through them. Anyways, great game with great art and music! I am sad that the game was so hard for me since I can see in the screenshots that there is a lot more content in the game!

Wow.. I loved the game. The music was great. I loved that you had to take coffee to be able to work properly. The biggest issue for me was that it took me a while to understand what was going on. I thought that I had to serve the people then understood that I can buy it for myself. I thought that I would have to work or something but once I got to the door, I understood that the player had already worked and was now resting. I would love if the game becomes a full game and it gives me the vibes of games like "The Beginner's Guide" in artstyle and it can be a great game!

Thanks :D I am so happy that my game could help you to remember the happy times for you :D Thanks for the feedback and playing my game!

Thanks for playing and the feedback!!

I really should've added a timer for the waves! It was in my scope but I forgot it :p

Oh the game is endless!! Thanks for playing my game and thanks for giving the feedback!!

Great game! I loved the artstyle! The music was EPIC! I loved rolling around as an armadillo but the only prob as the others said, was that you couldn't understand what the rabbits wanted. I liked how fast you could get with the coffee!

Fun game! I loved the art and the music and the concept was cool!

I would have loved if I could zoom in on the tasks since it was a bit hard to figure out what was required for what. Anyways, great game!!!

Rip!!! I am sorry for that! 

Congrats on reaching the 6th wave! I have to say I suck at the game and have reached wave 5 at max! Thanks for playing the game and for your feedback!!

It doesn't loop?  I thought it did!!! Rip sorry!! But wow! Even I never reached wave 8!!

Fun lil game with great sound effects, music and epic art! I loved the concept of the game but I had a few problems. Sometimes, my character used to get stuck in a place and I couldn't move and had to embrace death.  In the first level, after collecting all the items, I had used up a few of them to save myself but I couldn't complete the level. I had to go to the menu and get to the second level. I couldn't complete the second level because I suck.... 

Anyways, a great game with great graphics and fun gameplay. It was juicy and fun!

Great game! I loved the atmosphere, vibe, the art, the music and pretty much everything! I suck at the game so...

Btw I would love if the game music started at the beginning of the round since it's so soothing and great that I want to keep listening to it!

True. Thanks for playing the game and providing the feedback!! I had thought of implementing it but forgot..

Hwlo I am in need of music and SFX for my game as well!! I use Godot and do both the pixel art and the programming for the game.

My Discord is Cybear_Tron#2351

Great update!! I love it!


Thanks for the constructive feedback!! I will look into it and really thanks for pointing it out! If I had more time, I would have added more features, a good gameplay loop and use for the money. I might add a button that appears when you get close to a pen so that you don't have use e.

Nice game!! I loved the movement honestly and it was satisfying to beat the bugs!! Great game loved the art!

True. That's a big prob with the game and I might make a postjam version to make it better and add more features. The time was the main limitation.

True. If I had more time, I would have added some more features. I usually don't make postjam versions of my jam games but I think I will work more on the game!

Thanks :D It's a great review honestly!!

Great Game!! The graphics are mind-blowing! 

There were a few probs but considering it was made in only one day, it's easy to overlook them. The dust particles from the boost and the dust particles that you had to consume looked a bit alike and sometimes I had a hard time trying to differentiate between the two but it was fine taking the fact that this cute and fun game was made in only one day!!

Great work both of you! I have to say this again but the art is epic!

Thanks mate!! Congrats for being able to complete a game and submit!!

Congrats on finishing your game!! It's been the same for most of us, including me!! The small time restriction helps our creative juices flow!!