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Oh okk thanks!

Thanks Mate! Great suggestion! Didn't know such a great web fps existed! I am a noob in the game but might rank up soon. Really thanks!

Why is the game not working lol! I wanted to play a few matches before going back to study ;-;. Any other game you have other than krunker like this?

Yeah no probs lol most people don't even use win32 anymore so not worth it honestly.

Sounds really cool! Pls tell me if it works! Sorry for the late reply! 

It's fine! I was just sharing the weird idea that I had. By the tabs I mean like, on the about page, maybe add a little button that launches the game. Something like that

okk np! Ok one crazy idea. Add a random idle game in the ide. Nothing fancy. Just a little counter that goes up. Maybe hide it in the tabs. Kinda like, 100 bugs killed. 200 bugs killed. This number will increase automatically. You can use those bugs for "buying" different themes. No real money just some fun stuff. Maybe add new themes or features that need to be unlocked by how much time you spend on the IDE. It's a bad idea ik.

It's ok. You can maybe try it out later. The idea sounds cool!

The idea is really fricking cool! I would have loved it more if I could understand everything properly. I got stuck on the 2nd level as it feels like I can't possess anything, not even the robot. The first level gave me a little aha moment tho.

oh ok that's cool! I actually don't have other ideas. Maybe a little preview tab that allows you to host a local server for your html? 

Lol ok. Maybe add some basic features for JS or CSS. Like options to change UI and stuff. Mostly basic but that help.

It's fine! the demographic of 4:3 is already very less so not a real problem. Keep up the good work!

It's been a really long while since I tried hypertext out and damn, has it improved! The UI is looking a lot cleaner and more beautiful. My biggest criticism would be that the IDE does not stretch. I mean, my monitor is a bad one (4:3) ratio so the right side of the screen is cut off. I mean it's only a problem for me tho.


Lol what! Didn't know that :P Also, I don't think the game is that fun.. The main gameplay is dodging the balls and maybe reflecting them for a time period lol...

Wow Really? I would love to know more about it! Gonna check it out now!

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Thanks :D! My game is honestly very bad but the graphics only put up. Btw, don't believe that you can't do that! You can! And my art is not that good tbh.

ohhhhh munaaa! It's been a while! How are you?

Thanks mate! I try my best to be but life has been a bitch and I have to study a lot and am on trips. I will join soon bro.

Yay! That's great!

Hey it's ok! It's already pretty impressive! Keep up the good work!

I am really grateful for honesty!

Basically my game lol

Thanks for the really useful feedback! I thought that the popup menu should be there but then after not being able to get a satisfactory result, skill issue on my part, removed it altogether. I should've added some story cutscenes to make things clearer.. I'm sorry that the game experience was not as good.

Great work for a first solo game! The idea was cool! I think the pixel art was a bit blurry which made the experience a little bad. If that would've been fixed, it would've been really much better! Really good job mate! I found the idea to be slowed down with each bullet shot to be interesting af!

Wow. Great epic game! Loved the simple art style and the simple-ass gameplay. Great work on the game and I found stealing some moos real fun! I suck at the game so the highest I got after 2 rounds was 10... Kudos to you for making it work so damn good and flawlessly without an engine!

Oh lol no I created a mobile game!

Thanks :D

Thanks for the feedback! I, being the dumbass I am, removed the feature as I thought it was unnecessary.....

Oh didn't notice it :P damn. Thanks for listening to my feedback :D

Thanks :D I try to do my best!

Interesting idea and realisation! It was a great way to spice up the old shmup bullet hells with the mouse controls!

Cool game with cool effects! Loved the concept. I totally skipped the tutorial as I didn't know how to move ahead in the text box as it was lagging a bit.  Although that happened, I figured out the game in one round. Great upgrade system. It was a bit hard to earn money and would have been more fun if there were more ways to earn money. I found the simple artstyle cool. It would have been a bit better if the game had some ui like timers or progress bars to show when the bullets were ready. Still, great frickin game!

Thanks for the feedback! I know that it was a bit different.. I wanted to make it a little different and actually made it worse :P

Thanks for the useful feedback! I thought the fast movement and the shaky camera would make the game more fun. A big derp on my behalf. I also removed the ability to be able to stop the paddle on the last few days as I thought it was unnecessary. Another huge derp on my behalf. My fault :p

Great idea and great realization! The simple visuals make it really more appealing. The devs are great as well! My feedback was worked on quickly! Love the idea for the ammos! Found it a wee bit difficult but that's just my skill issue talking.

HI TACO! I know, the paddle's crazy fast haha! It's your choice whether you want to hit the balls or evade them honestly. As hitting them gives you score (Giving you powerups) while it might also make you prone to getting hit more! Thanks for the feedback mate and the compliment!

Oh damn thanks. I might delve a few hours into this game someday lol!

Wow. Just wow. Great game! Really cool being a naked man with a gun honestly. 10/10. 

Now seriously, the concept of the gun changing felt real nice! I found it really fun to play around with different guns and apparently, I by mistake switched them with the drops :P The idea of a limited moveset also felt cool and great utilising of one button for 2 tasks!

Proud #1 on the leaderboard.

Real great game! Loved the art, music and the gameplay. The game feel was epic, and it made me want to play it over and over again although, my fingers started paining after 1 normal and 1 lunatic mode. The art style gave me nostalgia as it reminded me of the old japanese yokai-based shows I used to watch as a child. (We didn't know they were called anime and we called them cartoons. Lol yeah. ) Kinda like Yokai watch and this other thing I forgot. 

A quick word to those on the leaderboard, get a life.