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This looks awesome! Super cool tool to have as a solo dev!

Do you plan on having a free demo available for people to test before buying?

Neat game, I liked it.
Minor issue: it would be nice to have controller options for keyboard. When using ASWD to move, it feels awkward to have Z to attack. It works fine with arrows though!

Very clever game!
Great twist with 2048 and I loved all the extra mechanics being introduced throughout the gameplay.
In the extra levels, I had to scratch my head a lot to find the solutions, it's a very well-thought game,
I'd love to see a longer version of this on Steam someday ;)
Great job on the jam submission!

Hey ! I'm usually streaming twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday morning 9am est) during the month at

Feel free to hang out. I'm using the Godot Engine and I'm building an early 80's arcade-inspired game. Not sure how I'm using the theme yet, but I'm focusing on the gameplay right now!

I did a 2-player run of this with my cousin and I had an amazing time. Everything was smooth and fun, we were very impressed by this game!
I wish there was a mini map to help know where we've been as we were lost a few times (but not for a long time and it wasn't frustrating. It's simply for helping backtracking since a lot of the environments look alike). It took close to an hour to beat it the first time !

I would gladly pay for a DX version on Steam/Itch with more levels, more enemies and bosses, more map designs and a randomize map mode :)

I'm a big fan of your games! Quest of Graal was insanly fun too, keep it up!

So nice!
Good job, this was fun to play Insane polish and quality for a 48 hours game

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Neat concept, I love this. It wasn't too hard and it wasn't too easy (I struggle with a few puzzles). Congrats on the submission for GTMK!

Thanks a lot for playing!! :D

Merci beaucoup! :)
J'ai hâte de montrer une version plus proche de ce que j'ai en tête pour la version commerciale. J'ai comme but d'avoir un démo jouable cet été! Stay tuned :)

Thanks for playing!
I'm currently working on a bigger version of this with a store that is not only 1 screen and you can walk around fighting waves of sales people!

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Hey thanks for playing!
Sorry for the late reply, I missed it somehow.

Yeah, it could be quite overwhelming especially near the end ! I'm glad you liked it
I'd love to revisit this small game and make it bigger with more levels :)

Thanks for playing!
The level design could use some tweaks for sure to make it less annoying, but for a jam game, I'm happy with it!

and yeah, I chose this music to make it less frustrating for the player haha

Good use of the rewind feature in your playthrough :D

Solid game, I really enjoyed playing!

That's a neat idea! I'm currently brainstorming on ideas to scale the game to multiple levels and different modes. I like this, it gives me ideas :)

Thanks for sharing!! Thanks for playing!!

I tried to do speedruns of the game and I had a blast. My goal was to break the 10 minute mark and I finally finish with a 9m02 when I started to memorize all puzzles and 1-shot all of them!

It was a lot of fun!

I challenge anyone to try to beat it, it's a cool way to support indie games and share that to the world :)

I enjoy this! Cool art (I especially like how the platforms were designed with no bottom line!)
Short and simple, and with a timer so I might try to speedrun it just for fun and see how fast I can get up there.

+1 for the use of Godot :D!

Really cool game! There were some tough puzzles! 

Oh my bad, I missed the information on the page!
Pretty cool! Good job again

Thanks a lot! Happy you liked it :)

Thanks for the in-depth feedbacks, it's very appreciated !

We learned from the previous jams that the difficulty needs to be right, since, like you said, we have so much games to play. When we hit a wall, we simply play something else!  But at the same time, it's fun for the more hardcore gamers.

Thanks again! I'm glad you liked it :)

Thank you! haha
I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

Thank you! I appreciate

Thanks man! I appreciate. Super happy you liked it :)

Haha! Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed :D

Thank you for playing!
Indeed, I didn't want to make it too powerful but I could rework what it does during the boss fights. I'll brainstorm on this. Thanks for the feedback!

I love the artstyle, it was super charming!

The character sprite and animation is super well done! I love the concept of Sofia spinning as she shoots bullets around her.

Adding a feedback when you hit an enemy could improve the feeling of impact (a few tricks like scaling/downscaling the sprite quickly, flashing white on impact or changing color quickly, screen shake, etc). That would help! The same apply to when the player gets hit.

Like others said, a health bar would help too!

Also, for bullet-hells, you want the hitbox of the player to be very clear since the screen fills with bullets. I wasn't sure which part of my character was the hitbox (the torso I think? because the head wasn't getting hit). Many incorporate the hitbox visually in the sprite for their characters to let the player know where it is! Just to keep in mind for this kind of game :) Food for thoughts!

Good submission overall, great job!

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Oh also, I had another feedback. It would be cool to be able to play full screen. I clicked outside of the game a few time and it's pausing the game. Especially when you go fast. On your itch game page, I think you can click a checkbox to allow for full screen for HTML builds.

That was an awesome experience! Port that to mobile, I'd play like crazy!

My only feedback is that Level 13 was a bit frustrating because of the narrow corridors, I kept sticking to walls trying to go fast. Other than that I had a blast playing. Nice little animation at the end after you beat Level 15 :D

Nice and juicy game. This game shows that you don't need crazy graphics to be fun! GG on your game!

This is quite challenging! I was able to get to the 5th stage but somehow, I can't see the solution.
I'm a sucker for those kind of games, congrats, so far the demo is very attractive ;) The design is really charming despite its simplicity.

Gameplay-wise, the fact that once you grow, you can't go back makes every move important and I love that. Good thing we have an undo button. I know it's just a demo, but in the final game, I'd suggest to have a slower difficulty curve for the first few levels to ease the player in and make sure he understand everything he can do. For instance, I wasn't sure how properly to grow in different shape and already in the 3rd level, there was a big puzzle about it. Food for thoughts!

Otherwise, it's a very cool game. I'll try to beat it soon!

Congrats on a very interesting concept and I'll follow the development on Twitter for the full release!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it :)

This is so unique and so cool, I love your concept. The visual effects are incredibly well done, it gives me a vibe of the game Rez with the music!
Also, the bassline in the tutorial song reminded me of the flash game Cat Mario haha!

Great job!

I got 1946! This was cool, I didn't understand what was going on most of the time but my points were increasing, so I was happy!!
Juicy game, nice effects and I love the colors!

Good job!

Like many others said, I played 1 player and had trouble controlling both. So yeah a 1-player mode could be cool, but it was fun regardless. It was a different kind of challenge!

Good job on your submission!

Haha! thanks for playing, thanks for the feedbacks :)

It was a button. It was satisfying to press. After 50-something "one more press" my arm decided to give up...
Simple but fun take on the clicker genre. The effects were decent. Good job!

Good question. The game is 8-axis, the directions of movement and shooting are locked to 8 different positions (the 4 directions + the 4 diagonals). I made it this way to be more like those 80s arcade games I used to play (Robotron and Smash TV being my inspirations). This design feels more at home with buttons in my opinion but I could definitely try to do a few tests to see if it would work well with the mouse!

Thanks for the feedback ! :) I'm glad you enjoyed

Haha. Indeed, that would have been cool!
I recently played The Messenger and that gave me ideas for some video game comedy (if you never played it, it's quite an experience!)
Thank you for playing :) I appreciate

Thank you for playing :)

My first idea was to only make an endless mode with a high score leaderboard, but I had this idea for a storyline so I reworked it to make it beatable instead. I'm glad I did it honestly, but I'm definitely thinking of making a high-score mode after the jam!

I'm glad you enjoyed, thank you for your feedbacks! :)