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GBJAM 9 Entry
Submitted by GDeavid — 1 day, 21 hours before the deadline
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  • I played this game with friends. The art and effects were really well polished, and you made the most of your four colour limitation. In places the inputs became unresponsive and the joypad input wasn't working - dpad would always double-press and the A/B button wasn't picking up. Meanwhile, on keyboard sometimes the keys wouldn't respond at all which lead to us dying a lot in the room with many pigs and arrow traps in the waystation level. Sometimes during combat the character would freeze entirely. We appreciate the tutorial and the puzzle with the switches was fun to play as a group. Thanks for your well-polished submission!

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very cool!  i love the dash ability and the enemy attack telegraphing and patterns.  the graphics, palette, and music are all solid and it has a nice Zelda adventure feel to it.  this is definitely a favorite kind of game for me.  i wanted to get a rating in before the deadline, so i haven't finished it yet, but i'll for sure play it some more!


finished it!  the ending was a little underwhelming, but totally understandable for a jam.  that last room was pretty intense!  really solid little game.  i enjoyed the puzzles and combat was fun.  i'd love to see more done with this .
i did find a way to cheese the enemies though.  you can just run up to them and spam attack and hit them 3 times before they can barely start moving.  you probably want to add a little bit of a cooldown on the player's attack, and maybe a longer cooldown on the enemy invincibility after being hit (if they even have that at all). 


Congratulations, great atmosphere, very playable. I did have a problem with the rendering of my character, it slowed down when it overlayed with other sprites. Other than that I really enjoyed it and will return for another play.


A really solid action puzzler. Sound and visuals work really well together. Proper good <3


Super cool game, very atmospheric :D I also found the northwest arrow room pretty hard, but I really enjoyed the combat + puzzles. Awesome work :3


I think I am missing something with how you're supposed to get through those arrows before the first green collectable thing. I literally died there like 10 times because the dash distance doesn't line up well the spacing of the arrows. I would also request that the menu defaults to "Continue" instead of "Main menu". I accidentally started over multiple times by double-tapping A.

That said, I really like the atmosphere here. The color choice is excellently cold feeling. The art fits well, and the little weather effects are subtle, but effective. The audio is also a good compliment.


Hey there, thanks for the suggestion on the menu! It's obvious now that you said it, that if there is a save game, it should focus on the continue option by default.

On the subject of arrows, you need to get the shield first so you can block the arrows. When you press and hold the shield button, your facing is locked, so you can strafe through the arrow safely, though it's not explained or hinted anywhere... sorry about that!


I see... I missed the shield for sure. I'll give it another go today to try and do it the right way! 


The combat feels great! The hits sound crunchy and dodging has a nice range. Nice presentation too!
I'm not gonna repeat the glitches you saw in other comments, but if you decide to polish and expand this further, this is a game I'll want to keep an eye on.


I really enjoyed this game!! I loved the control prompts at getting weapons and dodging I love the music, and the visual art style too.

Sometimes the 2nd slash is exxxtra long - glitch helped me die, then i worked around it to finish the game, so not so game breaking.

Definitely felt like a gameboy game I'd pick up and play <3

I love that we can save. I could definitely keep playing this game!! No boss? <3


I like the dodge animation, wasn't expecting dodge with double movement but it can be used. sometimes the attack becomes stuck and can't control the character for a while but then it starts working again. I also like the camera movement + shake and the "slowmo" when attacking.  It is not so clear graphically when you kill an enemy, would've been better maybe to make them disappear or fall.  It is a great entry.


This game is amazing! The color palette is really lovely, the soundtrack is relaxing, and the gameplay reminds me way too much of "bit dungeon 2".


One of my favorites so far! Core gameplay is really solid, aesthetic and atmosphere really strong, great choice of setting and color palette.


Really cool game, The gameplay was really fun and the world fit together well. I had some weird input problems that would sometimes cause the player to jitter walk. 


That was such a joy to play.
Your color palette was really decent and I like that you chose green for emphasis. 
I can't believe how many good games I played in this jam and yours is definitely one of them!

I struggle at the end with the last room but after 3 or 4 tries, I finally beat it :)
Good job on the submission!


This one got rather difficult towards the end lol. That last set piece was cool, loved the design of it with every enemy coming at you and the arrow traps strewn around the arena. The light arrow puzzles with your shield were cool too, specifically the one where you had to block arrows from those eye-balls. For what the game does and is trying to do, I think it's great tbh. My only gripe is that the damage state of the player is way too long and once you get hit you more or less get stun locked to death. Never the less, the SFX and sounds were cool and the game looked awesome as well. Great entry


This was really cool! Dodge feels really good, and I like how swinging the sword feels! (Also still love the logo, it looks so good!)


A good action adventure experience. The core mechanics work great, and the sound effects are spot-on. There are a few issues with graphics, as background objects sometimes rendered over the player, and the corpses sometimes could be mistaken as alive or slumbering enemies, but I still liked the game


Loved the style of this game, good job :)


Loved the atmosphere created by the music and the art style!