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awesome!! I’ll do my best ☺️💯

haha thank you! I will!

Divine Wings: Rainbow Rain

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thank you!

yay! Thank you :)

I listened to 'Run for Your Life'; somehow making it sound so chill and so intense at the same time; I love the heartbeat bass and the anxious, somewhat alarming tuba patterning. I can really visualize somebody moving quickly and very quietly - or else.

Thanks for the listen!

I listened to 'Run Away'; I really feel the cool vibes of a neo-metropolis at night :) I enjoy the midi synth instrumentation and the gentle rocking groove!

Groovy and Action-Packed indeed! :)

I really enjoy the simplicity and chill nature of 'a new journey' and 'i think i have gone a bit too far'; 'forgotten' is eerie and chill, I really dig the use of Garageband here to make really quality music.

'do you regret anything' - I can visualize the game unfolding, and I appreciate the vibe here. Along with 'june', I can really feel this psychedelic breakdown that reminds me of the Gorillaz in style, specifically the album 'The Fall', which was written only using IPad apps haha ! 

I enjoyed the ride. <3

Thank you kindly! The playability of 'The Land Of OverJoy' is a wonder of mine as well - Otherwise for OverKill, I'll have to give a listen, then :)

of course - I suppose the dissonance might be classified as 'overkill' ^.^ I thank you for your comment!

I appreciate the comment!

Thank you kindly! <3

Thanks for adding some fun little moments into my life !

Cool game!! I had some good fun, thanks! <3

I loved the artwork and character concepts! The ambiance was groovy too, and the UI was sleek! You had an OWL steampunk companion!! Super rad.

I played a little 'ring-a-round' with the enemy ships after running out of ammo - Thanks for a bit of fun!

This is Mom

I appreciate that!!

So fun!!! I love the art, music, level design, and concept!

Scary!! Very fun - I think I finished it?

Beautiful art, and very creative musical direction! The mechanics were unique as well!

Implementation of mechanics seems rushed (lol), otherwise super neat!

I dig the music, it's very calming. The graphics have much work put into them I see! Also, I love the concept, and it's quite creative and fun to play, sort of like a puzzle.

Swinging the sword?? How?? I was cornered by a blob lol!

i got that far!! :) I really appreciate! There’s probably a way through it, but I’d beaten the puzzle too many times to try again right now! Maybe later. It really was a unique design that I enjoyed playing in any case!

I really love the style of the game!! I'm playing on a laptop and I'm still feeling like it's fun to keep playing.

I rage quit game because of a nearly game breaking bug at the levers for the arcade lmao. I succeeded twice, just to be thrown back to the beginning of the puzzle on the way out, too impatient without music to keep playing.

Where's the music?? Beside the painful bug, Otherwise it's very charming!

Thank You!! :)

Yay!! I mean BOO! thanks!!

I hear you - these things happen, especially during a game jam! :)

rad! I haven't, will see about checking that out! :)

Hi there ! Very cute trick or treating simulator! I liked that the child had many costumes and some friends to go along with. I also enjoyed the leaves falling from the trees - My fav costume was the witch :)

I would've loved to hear some music :o I couldn't hear any. Otherwise, cute little game.

Really unique art style and play style, I appreciated it! I would have loved to hear some music! Otherwise playing it on a laptop was a bit difficult at first, as the mouse pointer rolling over an object triggers an interaction !

I enjoyed cute pop culture references and the storyline, though I saw nothing specific about tricks or treats. Thanks for the unique playstyle!

Very beautiful game!! Very simple and fun :) such trick, much treat

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Much appreciated! :)<3

I love the different coin levels and the music is bumpin. The music variety is where it's at.

The concept of the game is meta, I dig it. It's a really cool dungeon crawler, simple yet fun - there's a  bunch of level variety as well!

I had to finish it - I freed them then started a new game, maybe they wouldn't be there?? Now I kinda feel like a monster lmao.

I really enjoyed this game!! I loved the control prompts at getting weapons and dodging I love the music, and the visual art style too.

Sometimes the 2nd slash is exxxtra long - glitch helped me die, then i worked around it to finish the game, so not so game breaking.

Definitely felt like a gameboy game I'd pick up and play <3

I love that we can save. I could definitely keep playing this game!! No boss? <3

I loved this game! Music is sweet, and the upgrades are great. I love the random things that the miner can mine! Very fun gameboy game indeed.

I wish there was an ending! :) Some people like the infinity train, though. lovely game :)

Aww!! I am glad I replayed this game after I knew the controls :) Very cute levels, the artwork is charming. The music's melody is unique. I love how high you can jump lol!!

Although the game is rather challenging, it didn't keep me from finishing the game :) it was a welcome challenge. Very charming little gameboy game!

oh I missed the running mechanic! Will give this another go :)

I really enjoyed this game! :) It's very lovely, creepy and charming all at the same time!

I love the art style and music! Tunes and ambiance, and the fading effect, really neat! Little effects of characters like chatting sounds are charming! Enemies and friends are varied, and the lighting and darkness effect are great. I love the blood, too.

There are a few sprite layering glitches, and the camera focus stays on after the first use even when changing out items. I also am not sure these graphics are exactly gameboy exclusive, though I loved them just the same.

I played just a bit of the game, got about 6 open objectives, I love the little hat and Johnson quests - I wish there was a save button! I've played an hour or 2, I would keep playing if I could :) thanks for the experience.

beautiful artwork!!! What system software did you use to create this?? <3

Black Dreams: The Lighthouse (alpha)